Thursday, February 4, 2010

MMR Counter-Scare: The GMC vs. Lollipoping MDs

The fact that the drug companies initiated a falsely portrayed complaint and funded attendance for tabloid writer Brian Deer to indirectly apply legal pressure to have the Wakefield barred from medicine and his paper removed from publication means different things to different people.

To smart people it raises questions about why a brilliant medical ace like Andrew Wakefield perceived he needed to circumvent policies to conduct important research.

Most intelligent people in the scientific community believe the reason Wakefield had to conduct non-allopathic "off-label" laboratory research is due to the fact that the British empire is a fascist police state full of spineless weaklings far too timid from brain-washing to even comprehend telling the drug companies where to stick their quash idea.

To the British General Medical Council life without Andrew Wakefield makes their own worthless medical licenses even worthlesser.

It also means the GMC is actually stupid enough to believe non-medical licensed Brian Deer's perception that there is some sort of ethical way to scoop a spoonful of vaccine strain Measles from colonies infesting the guts of regressively autistic children.

Not only does it mean it is unethical to pay subjects in drug company clinical studies for which they have absolutely no clue about what's going on, it slaps handcuffs on every hospital in the world that sells blood and vital organs for profit. The GMC sez shut 'em all down!

It also raises grave concerns about the integrity of practically every physician in the entire history of medicine who ever had their palm greased by drug companies looking to pay for ideal research data.

It means the GMC is now tainted by a problem called issuing serious veiled threats to any pediatrician with the very low ethics of offering treats to children in exchange for compliant behavior.

This isn't that surprising as in fascism, the separation between the state and the corporation is barely enough for a glint of light betwixt the two to shine through.

To the rest of the real world it simply means the GMC considers itself a bunch of chicken shits who caved in to unfair and inappropriate pressure from the pharmaceutical giants lusting for a way to legally quash scientific research and not get their hand caught in the cookie jar.

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Mark said...

a very good post on excatly what this case is all about

take a look at this film featuring Deer.