Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pro-Vaccine People Ignore Measles Facts

So you really are convinced that the MMR vaccine has absolutely nothing to do with cases of Autism?

To understand why the MMR has always been in question, even before the manifestation of what is labeled Autism or the emergence of Dr. Andrew Wakefield as the whipping boy of global drug companies, I suggest you first determine why there are those who argue for MMR.

Please eliminate the foolish notion that the Measles vaccine is for superficial concerns such as marred complexion from your mind first.

Frankly, Measles love to munch on brains and love to hide in all sorts of places inside the human body. Places like stringy nerve tissue where they lie dormant for an untold period of time.

To see whether or not the vaccine-strain Measles colonies he found hiding in the guts of children diagnosed as Autistic might have a direct connection to problems they were having in their brains, Dr. Andrew Wakefield called for spinal taps.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all by any standard of medicine. Wakefield's concern was completely normal for a doctor.

Guess what? Genetic analysis determined vaccine-strain Measles virus had, indeed, infected the brains of the kids. Not the wild one.

When you closely examine what a case of Measles exposure, for example, is remotely capable of doing to individuals over a very long term or even a relatively short latency period the work of Andrew Wakefield makes lots of sense.

The fact is Measles vaccine is fully capable of doing exactly what MMR zealots feel is a problem with natural Measles infection. The track record for Measles exposures is extremely well documented over several centuries and it isn't pretty. It's deadly.

Each and every day lab strains of viruses inserted into vials do kill children and permanently harm others. To suggest otherwise is being merely foolish.

There's about two hundred year's worth of medical history concerning what Measles can do, but please note mortality associated with Measles virus was reduced by 97% before a Measles vaccine was ever brought to market. In other words, doctors know how to treat Measles and the vaccine isn't a good idea.

If I were you or anyone else seemingly convinced by the pathological smear work of British tabloid writer Brian Deer I'd google disseminated Measles infection, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, Subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis (SSPE).

When the scientific facts are indelibly seared into your brain you will then see how unethical, immoral, and frankly evil it is to inject MMR into any human being.

If you are reasonably minded what you may be capable of comprehending is something like this...if you decline Polio vaccine and then get Polio, it's called Polio. If you elect to receive Polio vaccine then get Polio it's called Meningitis.

What the vaccine manufacturers don't seem to understand anymore or at least hope that you don't rediscover is old sawbones physicians had methods of determining the origins of viral infections; whether the infection was caused naturally or caused by the vaccine.

So in reality, Dr. Andrew Wakefield is completely right. His problem is/was tunnel vision. He and others for some strange reason only want to evaluate the colonies of Measles infesting the gut. This is surprising because we already know from hundreds and hundreds of documents that Measles from the vaccine or from the wild, attack broadly once inside the human body.

Beyond that door, we already know that MMR is a death sentence to a variety of children.

The MMR has no business being inside infants and toddlers for sure.

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