Monday, March 1, 2010

100% Of Honest America Agrees Vaccines Can Cause Autism

"Thimerosal...that's the stuff in the vaccines poisoning all the babies," said a stranger on the city bus. "They said they took it out, but it's still in," said the other passenger on a ride across town.

Both loving grandmothers looked off each other and shook their heads sadly. "We didn't have to have any vaccines and we turned out alright," said the first.

The two began to cross talk. "Those poor babies didn't have a chance." "You see those poor parents..." "They're all broke...." "And the Autism charities are run by the same drug companies that make the vaccines."

A third women joined in the discussion and said, "They should sue, but because the vaccine industry paid off Congress the families can't go to court. I can't remember the name, but the same department that pushes vaccines runs the claims process."

"One man I talked to said it was called vaccine court, but the bureaucrats in Washington refer to it as 'the house that Merck built'."

"My ex-wife works in research and the Ph.Ds are called in and threatened if they even think about doing anything to help prove the vaccines cause Autism," said a gentleman in a suit. "They pull strings and take away grant money."

Across America this conversation is repeating itself. Honest Americans know that despite negative publicity parents are getting the vaccine industry has itself to blame.

Clearly honest Americans know all about the vaccine producing drug companies.

"The vaccine industry is angry at America for rejecting that ridiculous Swine Flu vaccine campaign," said a shopper finshing lunch at the food concourse at the mall. She continued, "Now they want to expose American babies to more and more mercury, while at the same time, the networks have been claiming the mercury was taken out in 1999. That's a load of crap if I've ever seen one."

"I've done my research and discovered that these non-elected people don't even see patients except for the ones they step over on the way to their drug company sponsored chairs at advisory meetings. Yet they've voted time and time again to approve injecting unnecessary garbage because there's a less than three percent chance some virus is on the loose," she relayed as she wiped a few bread crumbs into her opened hand.

"It's probably just another lab mistake to go with all the other ones they've made," she said snappishly walking away to visit a store.

A man at the same mall sat resting his tired legs at the fountain. As another shopper took a seat next to him the two exchanged glances. Soon they were engaged in quiet conversion about Autism. As it turned out both of the elderly folks shared a nervous laugh as they discovered they both had Autistic grandchildren.

"There's just too many kids," said the first, "you can't sling a cat by the tail without hitting and Autistic kid at this very mall."

The other asked, "Why did they tell these young mothers and fathers that if they didn't vaccinate their children they were going to be thrown in jail? What on earth are these doctors doing with all these shots?"

While sitting in a cart in a fairway at the local municipal golf course a pediatrician was over-heard discussing his own young child's vaccine schedule.

"Honey, no shots", he said loudly while looking back over his shoulder toward the tee box. "Tell her", he started then paused listening to the voice of his wife. He continued calmly, "Put her on the phone."

As the phone has handed to their family's pediatrician he said, "Hi Doctor, as my wife told you I am a pediatrician too and I'm certainly not vaccinating my own child." He said in a firm, but reassuringly calm tone, "Just fill in the paperwork, and if there's any problems I'll take care of it."

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