Friday, March 19, 2010

Mustang Sali Peals Out!

Admittedly everybody in America is talking about these disastrously timed adult ADHD drug ads on TV with a mind on Thimerosal poisoning.

Reading that federal authorities have once again faked another population kill-off act of God flu swindle in order to directly target America's pregnant mommies, infants, and toddlers for several doses of Thimerosal-laced vaccines does make sense of the claim that they keep finding excuses to jab to keep Autism rates steady.

Experts agree American pediatric health systems have never hit zero Thimerosal exposures. Documents seized by the media and legislative action prove very easy that the CDC and other vaccine industry franchisees continue to mercury poison American kids. They're just telling the country they aren't.

America might know that mercury is a neuro-toxic agent, but might not be well aware that mercury is still used in. Insiders state it's still there in the back room of vaccine manufacturing foreign drug company germ labs.

Perhaps there is hope for America. With public sanitation high, except in hospitals and health clinics, folks are learning to naturally avoid these places were post-visit mystery illness is quite plain and fairly frequent.

Hope for America is fostered in disease-mongering defeating dialogue.

Former Idaho Congressman Bill Sali recently popped up as a voice of reason testifying before a state house committee in Boise.

“I grew up in a time when childhood diseases were something you had as a child, and I had mumps and I had chicken pox and I had measles. I don’t spend any time worrying about whether I’m going to have those diseases. If a parent decides they want to have their child exposed and have that natural immunity that should never be held against them in any way.” - Former Idaho Congressman Bil Sali, in Idaho state testimony

Others candid as stringer Michael Fumento have for years been highly critical of the American media's role in spreading these fabricated "illnesses". Take, for example, the Georgia lawyer who converted his honeymoon into a $200,000,000.00 per year entitlement bill. His father in law works at CDC-Atlanta in the TB area.

Fumento says, "If you keep telling people over and over again 'you should be sick'...'there should be something wrong with you'...guess what's going to happen?", he asks. He adds with a sly smile, " Suddenly, oh! My throat is tightening up...I feel fatigued...I have insomnia. In other words, it's being spread by the media."

Naturally Mr. Sali will be exposed to lots and lots of unfair and inappropriate smearing from health officials, who are typically foreign drug company shills in disguise. The truth is a mighty shield anyway.

Aside from another stupid "accidental" release of drug company sponsored live viruses and other totally creepy things like low and slow Air Force One fly-overs to induce immune system compromising fear the foreign drug companies producing the germs and the vaccines to combat the germs are in serious trouble.

They fear the greatest fear of all. Nothing.

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