Sunday, March 7, 2010


DREXEL UNIVERSITY - PHILADELPHIA, PA - You don't suppose Autism fraudster Poul "Fast Fingers" Thorsen actually shows up in person at his ghost job twice a month to pick up his sizable government check, do you? Well, maybe.

We all have doubts Thorsen actually pops into the lofty office on the 11th floor of Drexel University's ivory Bellet tower at 1505 Race Street in downtown Philadelphia, right?

Even thought tax payer funded Emory University is just across the street from the tax payer funded US Centers For Disease Control and Invention chances are very high with international criminal authorities attempting to pin down an address for Thorsen government vaccine zealots are calling their lawyers instead of notifying Danish authorities.

Why CDC officials tightly nestled into Druid Hills, Georgia continue to harbor this international Autism fraudster may very well directly relate to the fact it implicates some sort of multi-billion dollar government-funded money-laundering scheme where CDC and other government agency officials will finally be spotlighted for soliciting anti-litigation materiel for their vaccine manufacturing drug company partners using US tax dollars as their fourteen karat payola research carrots.

It is said, based on payment transactions, CDC officials know Thorsen's current whereabouts, but may be refusing to cooperate in the nearly year-old Danish police fraud investigation.

According to two sources, "US CDC 'dumbed up' when Aarhus University officials began investigating Thorsen last year, and, based on that, everything was turned over to the Danish police."

"You notice that Aarhus has washed their hands of everything about Thorsen. Included in that bundle is the fact they've removed the university completely from the CDC anti-litigation bloc of research. That's international headlines that Aarhus quit the CDC-funded vaccine exoneration project. That's a sure sign the university is trying to come clean with the interested public ahead of a big collapse for the anti-litigation movement. Esssentially, Aarhus has vacated all of dubious Thorsen's work."

So, even for the passive mainstream media something *is* rotten in Denmark after all.

Said one monitor familiar with the latest CDC tax payer fleecing, "we certainly know CDC officials are not happy with the fact that their Autism research fraud has been exposed internationally. To CDC officials and vaccine manufacturing drug companies Thorsen figures to be a significant role player in the CDC's scheme to manipulate Autism Spectrum Disorder criteria by moving ass burgers to Autism in the next DSM update."

According to a certain document, "Fast Fingers" Thorsen, international Autism fraudster, despite being wanted for fraud has been hired to manipulate the DSM-V.

Before moms and dads of vaccine-induced autistic children, or apparently now, even vaccine-induced autistic dog owners, get the wrong idea, it's certainly likely that a guy named Poul Thorsen does actually exist.

Following the gravy train, we see he's been to all the vaccine manufacturing junkets and Autism feasts, but we might re-double our efforts and press contacts a little harder to find his current location.

"The big baby needs a little "free candy", said one very brutish private investigator. "He'll surface. If it's in Israel or Iran, he'll pop up."

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