Saturday, March 13, 2010

CDC Pseudo Science: Combination In Restraint Of Justice

COWPENS, SOUTH CAROLINA - Forget about so called government funded theory v. actual medical records, it's the combination in restraint of trade part of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act which makes the contractual business alliance between combinations of mutual interests, the US Department of Health and Human Services, US Centers For Disease Control and Invention, those who work secretly, and those producing customized favorable research for them, which raise natural doubts about the recent arbitrary opinions popularly distributed to mass media.

Sorry legal wizards, but a contract signed and agreed to is subject to contractual law. The first problem isn't how low quality the accepted working theory provided to exonerate vaccines is, the Sherman Anti-trust violation exists in the combination between CDC and the entities who agreed to forcibly deny no fault compensation to families of vaccine-injured children by ignoring textbook science, and instead sought vengeance and retribution upon 5,000 families by manufacturing something else.

To cover ones hinder parts with poor papers designed to show that these things are pretty safe after children have been discovered to have been harmed is the same combination in restraint of trade devise used to toast former employees so that they can't find a new job somewhere else. Restraint of trade lawyers fight against combinations all the time. So how did Don Imus get his job back?

Congress has never given vaccines Anti-Trust exemption before mercury poisoning was revealed publicly. Even though Bill Frist and company tried repetitively to vote liability immunity into existence after Thimerosal damage was exposed to the public Anti-trust combination in restraint of trade activities are not exempt by law.

First, I found this "a combination defined legally as an alliance of people or corporations or countries for a special purpose (formerly to achieve some antisocial end but now for general political or economic purposes)".

For example, despite efforts to remain secret, the combination in restraint of trade could be, but not limit itself to Autism Speaks, Rick Santorum, Bill Frist, Hillary Clinton, Harry Waxman, Aarhus University, Brian Deer, American Enterprise Institute, Kathleen Siedel, Paul Offit, Allison Singer, Amy Pisani, Maggie Foxx, Lancet, GSK, and CDC. Every single individual or in any combination of people with fairly well documented evidence proving they have endeavored to forcibly deny compensation to families of vaccine-injured children is certainly guilty of restraint of trade not the other way around.

After the fact that a new vaccine injury is medically described and this fact was only disclosed in part publicly by, of all things, private investigation, to set about to hire people to redact, expunge, and erase all traces of harm is certainly a combination in restraint of trade especially considering that initially the vaccine manufacturing drug companies agreed to terms that "no fault" compensation for even what law considers close shaves.

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