Sunday, March 14, 2010

CDC Terror Team Continues To Baffle

Don't suppose many will be able to explain the twisted logic behind vaccine manufacturing drug company spokesperson Paul Offit.

At the exchange rate of three more human shields, he feels he has successfully restored public confidence in mass vaccination policies which for too long have relied upon driving home a preposterous doomsday offense and herd mentality defense.

Hard core maneuvers including disease-mongering hoaxes, imprisonment for non-compliance, a toy court, and a dashing political style directly associated with the Third Reich pulp are as bandied about in the minds and hearts of the American people as the official presentation of a noose delivered to the house of the freshly hanged is.

Man's destiny is freedom and despite the perpetual smoke screen men are not blinded to ignorance without first the removal of freedom. By law or by book, by whatever devices the despot chooses, he shall, himself, learn it inevitably by heart, that man shall never be subject to tyranny.

Only by force is slave taken and made subject to obedience just as sure as ignoble man can not nail himself to a cross. One hand is left hanging.

Politics is the business of exchanging favors, justice isn't.

At this hour, you fear your greatest fear of all. Nothing.

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