Thursday, March 11, 2010

FEMA Camps Could House CDC Internees

Experts agree some camps featuring gang housing can be made ready within three day's time

The revelation that the US Centers For Disease Control and Invention has neglected to first review uncensored chemistry textbooks for current un-redacted information about mercury's widely-known neuro-toxicity in favor of frivolously wasting multi-millions of US tax payer dollars to buy custom designed scamdemically-linked vaccine manufacturing drug company anti-litigation bloc research during their bizarre, Quixotic quest to utterly destroy the lives of 5,000 families as they were waiting unsuspectingly for compensation to take place raises the national question is it possible to start moving paper on this many people at once?

Some authorities confide it is possible that FEMA camps, which were originally concepted and designed under a national security plan called Rex 84 to detain US citizens unwilling to cooperate with martial law and Thimerosal-containing pandemic flu shots, could be converted rapidly to receive CDC officials, their fetuses, and their offspring.

"We're talking an impressive ability to move paper fairly quickly," one person said. "In the past mounds of paper moved slowly relative to the inability to cull hard information often coded with eccentric dialogue used deliberately to occult clear information processing."

"Advances in information technology will allow 'on the fly' categorization so processing the main culpable herd will take less than the time of a typically cowboy round-up of the old west," an individual familiar in planning.

CDC internees are slated for a battery of base line mental health evaluations. Their fetuses and offspring will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of heavy metal toxicity evaluations, experimental evaluations of nearly two hundred and fifty promising new vaccines, and all have been pre-selected to demonstrate the effectiveness of a new anti-obesity diet.

"In American society we believe the punishment fits the crime, not the person," said one legal expert.

With US tax payer fraud mounting into at least fifty billion dollar's worth of CDC scamdemic fraud in just the past seven years, and the number of so called scientific researchers who have accounted for an untold number of cases where law violations such as providing false alibis in conjunction with scamdemic activities, representatives from several states have suggested a work schedule on the scale of producing a second Grand Canyon is now possible.

Authorities familiar with law do admit it may be difficult to work out some details such as extraditing Julie Gerberding, who, after many successful years as a set up person, was promoted from her junior grade pharmaceutical company position as CDC director to president of the vaccine division of German drug giant Merck.

Bird Flu rang in at a tax payer cost of $7.1 billion dollars for a Thimerosal-containing Flu vaccine.

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