Wednesday, March 3, 2010

International Vaccine Rescue Takes The Cue

As typical, with the vaccine manufacturing drug companies pumping money into the mass media market creating a flood of useless vaccine propaganda, the Autism carpetbaggers have caught enough of a whiff of the money to take the cue and produce another round of sore loser rants featuring their undying emotional attachment not to their own child and the thousands like him or her, but to the very poison which cost them their child's developing mind and body.

Unfortunately, parents concerned about the truth hear these double-minded people state "we're against Autism, but aren't against vaccines" and understandably become confused. It helps to know these people are nothing more than self-promoting capricious windbags who myopically negotiated financial arrangements as part of the Combating Autistics Act.

"I hope our consortium will purchase, or at least threaten to purchase ads in USA Today an elsewhere saying "Defeat the (Pretend to) Combat Autism Act". We should insist that significant resources be directed at exploiting the treatments that we know work, such as special diets, food supplements and chelation. We have a great deal to gain and nothing to lose by speaking out loudly against this sham legislation which would, in the long run, be harmful rather than beneficial to our children." - Bernard Rimland, Ph.D

For observant Americans it's pretty clear. Your empathy is correctly working when you consider if it were you having eye-witnessed your child's neurological regression into Autism there's no way on earth you will ever advocate mass vaccinations for anybody's child again.

Maybe you saw the Polings on CNN?

The Polings are the doctor and lawyer-nurse couple the US Centers For Disease Control and Invention awarded compensation to for their red-headed daughter's Autistic-regression after vaccinations.

If you did see those two on CNN, with their vaccine-injured child sitting right between them hearing every single word, telling everybody in America with a smile they'd vaccinate the hell out of her all over again you began to cringe and realize something's wrong.

You most likely thought aloud, "these clowns are seriously messed up people."

You may have even wondered why in the world the red-headed kid didn't reach around and smack the taste out of their mouths for showing all the love in the world for mercury-laced shot which fried her brain wires. Well, maybe she can't work that out right now as she's autistic.

The lingo today, for example the term counter-intuitive, might seem a clever and high brow, meaning you can actually trust the vaccine manufacturing drug companies and the inventors of the Swine Flu fiasco, but who needs intuition when reality is smacking you across the face repetitively?

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