Saturday, March 6, 2010

NEWS FLASH! CDC Harboring International Autism Science Fraudster

DRUID HILLS, GEORGIA - According to a newsletter from European Network of Surveillance on risk factors for Autism and Cerebral Palsy, the so called "missing" Danish Aarhus University guy who many figure the CDC indirectly bribed with US tax payer dollars to produce the now infamous, completely bogus Danish Autism propaganda isn't missing at all.

We have recently learned one of many crooked CDC data-fudging partners, a man operating under the name of Dr. Poul Thorsen, became an individual of interest for international crime fighting authorities as Danish police were called in to investigate shortly after Aarhus University found a 10-million crown hole in their budget.

In a statement dated January 22, 2010 Aarhus Univesity declares that Thorsen resigned in March, 2009. While it is unclear why Aarhus waited nearly a year to blow the whistle they make many things clear...

"...a considerable shortfall in funding at Aarhus University associated with the CDC grant was discovered. In investigating the shortfalls associated with the grant, DASTI and Aarhus University became aware of two alleged CDC funding documents as well as a letter regarding funding commitments allegedly written by Randolph B. Williams of CDC's Procurement Grants Office which was used to secure advances from Aarhus University."

Aarhus University threw up another red flag concerning "Fast Fingers" Thorsen by candidly pointing out that during the police investigation they discovered that Thorsen was indirectly on the payroll of the US Centers for Disease Control and Invention via Emory University, a purported higher learning establishment which sits sort of catty-cornered from the multi-million dollar CDC headquarters in Atlanta.

"Furthermore, it has come to the attention of Aarhus University that Dr Poul Thorsen has held full-time positions at both Emory University and Aarhus University simultaneously. Dr Thorsen's double Full-time employment was unauthorised by Aarhus University, and he engaged in this employment situation despite the express prohibition of Aarhus University."

While many claim to have no knowledge of the whereabouts of "Fast Fingers" Thorsen, after an exhausting three minute international search, the so called vaccine industry vanishing man was uncovered when a copy of the ENSACP newsletter dated June, 2009 was found.

Thorsen failed to gain media attention initially for his secret role in the CDC's diabolical plot to fudge Autism rate levels. For example, while America was in the midst of the Autism epidemic in the late 1990s and early 2000s, CDC officials in panicked desperation turned to foreign agents who willingly supplied bogus Autism rates.

In 2001, Denmark researchers found fudging rates easily done by adding previously uncounted out-patient Autism cases to Denmark's existing Autism inventory. According to several follow up investigators, Denmark's net result was so bombastically crude and painfully obtuse it suggested that when Thimerosal was taken out of Denmark's infant and toddler vaccines Autism rates went up.

Life after epidemiological fraud leading to reputation self-annihilation apparently is pretty good? Thorsen is now found to be conducting his monkey business as usual despite the total shame and dishonor he has heaped upon himself, and amazingly for the same unethical Autism research cabal.

From the June, 2009 newsletter:

A change of leadership has taken place since the publication of our first newsletter. Initially, the leadership of the project was jointly held by Dr. Poul Thorsen of Aarhus University, Denmark, and Dr. Alvaro Ramirez of Chiren Therapy Centre, Ireland. Dr. Thorsen has since resigned from Aarhus University. Following this, the project partners agreed unanimously that the leadership of the project should pass to Dr. Ramirez who has accepted the lead role. Aarhus University has since withdrawn from the project. The partners acknowledge the support given by Aarhus University to the project in the early stages.

Chiren Therapy Centre is delighted to announce that since his resignation from Aarhus University Dr. Poul Thorsen has agreed to join the Chiren Therapy Centre team. In his new role as part of the Centre team Dr. Thorsen will act as technical coordinator of three main actions of the final phase of the project. The first activity is to prepare a summary report of all technical reports on perinatal risk factors and biomarkers for ASD and CP. The second activity is to facilitate the review of database availability with the collaboration of all partners, and the third activity is related to his role as leader of work package 6 (proposals for further research studies). The partners at the recent ENSACP project meeting in the Netherlands, during a discussion on further action to be taken in the ENSACP project, agreed to designate Dr. Thorsen to take responsibility for these activities.

According to a few "translated" reports concerning his fraudulent activities while at Aarhus, Thorsen is now living large, maybe even Atlanta. He has not been talked to by Danish police.

Meanwhile, families of vaccine-induced autistic children continue to languish at the hands of the CDC's artful media manipulators.

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WhistleblowerMOM said...

I've been praying for this fraud to be exposed once and for all.
Gee I wonder why it's not making national!
The science is all in what us as Parents are dealing with after our children receive the MMR and it's aftermath. Life long Autism....unless we administer biomed to remove the toxin!