Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poul Thorsen: CDC Knowingly Fueled Fraud

Congress better have a look at this. Parents of vaccine-injured children said years ago that the vaccine manufacturing drug companies working combination with US CDC anti-litigation bloc researchers were rubbing noses and fabricating figures.

Families investigating the facts of the Thimerosal issue, not lawyers, said that government agencies were stone-walling chemistry and relative sciences in favor of the least harmful way to look busy while doing nothing, epidemiology.

Socrates said, "Beware the bareness of a busy life." So true today that CDC is always looking, but never really looking.

FACT: When Autism advocates filed a citizen's petition,
one that by law requires the agency to prove the safety of Thimerosal or ban it nationally, the US Food and Drug Administration stone-walled them by telling the concerned group they lost the petition?

FACT: Parents of vaccine-injured children very early in their anti-mercury march found out that in the 1970s Autism was a 1 in 10,000 happening, and in 2004, forced the US CDC to disclose rates were 1 in 166.

FACT: Parents fought CDC officials to confess there was a long-standing epidemic of Autism going on.

FACT: Under Congressional investigation the CDC dropped 3,000 pages of paperwork on two appointed researchers before they were allowed to briefly access Vaccine Safety Datalink data.

FACT: The US CDC paid $300,000,000.00 in tax payer dollars to whisk the Vaccine Safety Datalink out of public data access requests and into the hands of private interests.

While most of their fellow Americans had no idea the US CDC was reputed around the world to be big easy slush money, the parents of mercury-poisoned kids learned to pick off conflicts of interests, clusters of crab-like researchers pinching US tax dollars across the globe.

For Thimerosal, agencies forked out all kinds of money. CDC officials ignored science and searched around the world to make deals pretty much the same way contractors found the federal government was willing to pay anything to combat weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

In Saturday's information could be read, Poul Thorsen almost had built a cult around himself. He was the leader who got money back. A lot of money. The other researchers were his disciples who lived in the belief that it was completely natural to ride in limousines and stay in castles, when they were on tours and research seminars. - Kristian Villesen,

"Autism parents actually pinned Poul Thorsen years ago by simply looking at the research paperwork," said one parent, adding "Thorsen's people can say anything they want. One doesn't have to prove forgery and theft to discredit because the studies have always been flawed by Institute of Medicine standards."

"Keep in mind that an immunization is really just a way to expose a child to a specific protein or antigen that causes it to develop an immune response, and that happens to children all of the time, naturally." Julie Gerberding, In Congress April, 2007

Then you don't need vaccines. End of program.

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