Monday, March 8, 2010

US Media Creamed Again

CDC HEADQUARTERS -Druid Hills, GEORGIA - As the dozen or so Soviet-styled CDC propaganda specialists scramble to make contact with major US news outlets attempting to dampen the Copenhagen Post's revelation of former Aarhus University researcher Dr. Poul Thorsen's fraud charges, the reality that the mass media has been totally creamed is bringing shrieking laughter to the hearts of tens of thousands of American moms and dads.

"We tried to tell them about the CDC fudge factory over there," said one proud papa. "Two million in American tax payer cash being laundered? It's stuck in Thorsen's washing machine, and the CDC can't get it out."

Said a mother of a vaccine-injured child, "With half of the US Department of Justice on loan to vaccine manufacturing drug companies seeking to screw over families in vaccine court, and the honest half investigating CDC money-laundering, I suppose we'll read D.C. FBI agents are raiding each other's desks? Film at eleven."

"ABC, NBC, Fox News, are totally creamed," said a media analyst. "The fact that Aarhus University took the additional step to withdraw completely from the US tax payer funded drug company anti-litigation efforts can certainly mean Thorsen squealed. Imagine the total humiliation major US networks face if they continue to stand back at the request of the very people they should be gum-shoeing."

Stay tuned. CDC's "Piltdown Man" is still on the lam over at Emory.

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