Friday, March 12, 2010

Vaccine Court Ruling Must Mean We're There

The vaccine manufacturing drug companies scored yet another completely hollow win over at the House That Merck Built today as American families of vaccine-injured children ponder the necessity, if not surety, of Divine intervention in the near future.

Broke, lacking friendships and impartial justice for an untold period of time, 5,000 families effectively are marooned off the coast in English Navy prison ships by poor quality theories including those fabricated by Poul Thorsen, have found that staring down the Thimerosal-pushing devils in Washington D.C. isn't the same as Daniel Boone grinning a mean and nasty bear to death.

Righteous indignation on their part is quite expected.

"It's not working because they're not doing it right," said one confused mother. "A parent puts in a claim and the lazy government expects mommy and daddy [who are] trying to raise an Autism baby to do all the homework. It's not mommy and daddy's fault that Paul Offit and Neal Halsey have [expletive] up math skills and neither one knows [expletive] about Thimerosal. [expletive]these CDC people. Who the [expletive]are they? And why do these cowards always hide the truth using little helpless babies with Measles as human shields."

"Coupling a tyrannical vaccine decision with death tolls associated US government recommended Toyotas on the rise and the dystopian press certainly has their hands full trying to spin this stuff," said one political science monitor. "The fact the Toyota problem is only in America makes it clear there's a stone cold marxist movement afoot to kill Americans mercilessly in order to stampede the ignorant factions into believing murder leads to good social change. I've even heard some pretty suggestive things such as 'you've got a government satellite connected to your car. If they don't like you or like what you do they push a button and kill you and possibly others on the highway'. If this isn't a terror campaign what is? Call it the 'Steak Knife' Rebellion, I guess."

"It's a big mess. I'd say the perception for all Americans is the single thing Obama has been able to unite is everybody against you, Joe Six Pack, the tax paying American citizen," said a geo-political observer. "The families, obviously with vaccine-injured children in need of money to care for their children, have one German spy from Merck and and an English spy from GSK decrying anybody who points out the unsafe characteristics of vaccine manufacturing drug company products as bad people. They use the power of the media to demonize honest moms and dads, and in one click of the mouse, government-abused media tortured families fighting for their fully vaccinated children are terrorized at the hands of a guy with the computer skills and the split personalities of Dark Helmet and Dr. Stranglove."

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