Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PBS Frontline: The Televangelists Of Secular Sacrifice

This evening PBS Frontline was supposed to present a program about the vaccine-induced Autism issue. As most Americans already know, it's doubtless that a state-run propaganda machine neck-deep in censorship and 100% dependent on corporation funding could possibly present a fair, truthful program about the issue.

In short, Frontline is the essential televangelistic source of secular blather. What resulted was one hour of state-sponsored brain-washing using the most up to date reinforcing imagery tactics available. Not only was their farce devoid of facts it unloaded a completely unbalanced perspective certainly way out there on the fringe of total dementia.

Essentially, no one in America buys PBS' accepted fascist perspective of Thimerosal. Americans reject Frontline as nothing more than propaganda for the grant-seeking tin-foil hat crowd of secular wing nuts.

Vaccines are just another of the high-guarded state secrets. Vaccine zealots obviously lacking in personal health and calm facial muscles as seen this night en mass are ruthless in their self-depreciating ignorance. Frontline not only gave these people enough rope to hang themselves they inexplicably exposed a lot of their blatant ignorance.

As a rule of thumb Americans now know that if the government tells you to do something your survival likely depends upon you doing just the opposite.

America has never accepted the suggestion that vaccines don't cause massive amounts of Autism. Who needs a CDC study when everybody in the country has an Autistic tyke in their neighborhood?

The studies endorsed by the program have been debunked. Many of the authors of the studies in Denmark are under investigation for out-right fraud. Yet, Frontline ignorantly allowed the anti-litigation bloc of Autism research to make their out of touch with reality pitch.

The program proffered the usual line of mental inducements in hopes of suckering in the viewing audience to the sanitized view of a simple issue resolved in college textbooks many years ago.

According to scientific literature mercury is a neuro-toxin. Kids are still getting Thimerosal in their shots. Government agencies invent reasons to target American pregnant women, infants, and toddlers with Thimerosal-laced vaccines. States banning Thimerosal from vaccines routinely discover ways to circumvent mercury-ban laws.

As for Frontline, this program amounts to nothing more than a crime against humanity. At least they unwittingly revealed as a secular voice they are rooted deeply in obfuscating the Autism issue. This program makes it crystal clear they obviously care more about the engineering of consent than the genocidal carnage caused by vaccine zealotry.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ego RotaTeq No Mo

Pious Diarrhea Now Blessed and Sanctified or Just A Sick Drug Company Initiation Prank?

There's no proof that Paul Offit extracted Rotavirus germs from his own kazoo, but based on vaccine manufacturing drug company safety track records there's no proof he didn't.

Oh, the sick humor inside the vanity vaccine marketplace. "Let's just squat over the baby's mouth and fire Hershey squirts down their throats." Just make sure you wear your white lab coat, eh?

People trust the white lab coat just like sheep are known to trust the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Imagine what might happen in the future if Offit did donate his DNA along with isolated diarrhea bugs? Things can happen when people meet face to face.

To parents, new parents especially, the idea of trickling diarrhea down the throats of babies seems contrary to everything humanity has instinctively developed over the several thousand years of intelligently recorded history.

It's a time-proven scientific fact you can't get infected if you don't make contact.

That's why parents keep their hands clean. That's why parents select throwaway diapers. Typically, over the centuries the most important warning for new parents has been not to throw the baby out with used bathwater, but doesn't that remind us that billions of dollars change hands each year to purchase best available safe sanitation products infants and toddlers might have?

Sanitation, we are told, keeps babies and illness germs separated. It doesn't make any sense.

Look at it this way. If a curious baby grabs a handful of poo-poo out of their diaper and begins munching by all reasonable standards of wholesome living this is an unseemly, yucky no-no. Yet any Rotavirus vaccine, even in the hands of a white lab coat, does exactly the same thing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Merck's Ari'an Man-child Is Born

The contrary warriors attempting to create a win for the vaccine manufacturing drug companies have a new experimental drug to run past America. The name is Ari Ne'eman, a really flaky guy reportedly diagnosed with Aspberger Syndrome at age twelve.

Using the old PR trick of indirection they have neatly packaged yet another of those zany self-advocate guys as an Autism "insider" hoping somehow his obstinate "voice" will shame families advocating for and treating vaccine-induced autistic children.

This sort of pharmaceutical company proxy fight nonsense is patented dangerous to ASD children.
Ne'eman's horn-blowing is meant to condition the minds of mainstream doctors encouraging them to push the easy button instead of establishing custom protocols designed to improve the lives of tens of thousands of Thimerosal kids.

Of course, parents of ASD kids relish the opportunity to expose the glaring problem; which is, the guy simply isn't Autistic and clearly his vitriol does not represent the best interests of any child with Autism disorder.

In fact, none of the so called Autistic Self-Advocacy Network people are diagnosed with a Autistic disorder. They are diagnosed at some point in life with Aspberger Syndrome or are self-diagnosed Asperger Syndrome.

The reason this Ari guy is being brought to the fore-front relates to the "no show" agenda of the vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies and their government partners. This network of self-advocacy is simply attempting to put the wrong face on Autism Spectrum Disorder to create public perceptions which marginalize the condition severity of vaccine-injured children.

Please recall Poul Thorsen, the CDC anti-litigation research bloc fraudster wanted by Danish Police. In the man-hunt for him it has recently been discovered that apart from the fact he worked across the street from the CDC-Atlanta at Emory University, owns a home close to the CDC, Thorsen was employed at Philadelphia's Drexel University, and a member of the DSM-V working group. Until Aarhus University pulled out of the CDC anti-litigation research bloc and called Danish Police on Thorsen, he was poised to cram as much Asperger Syndrome in the Autism Spectrum as he could.

Those keen will note that's pretty much the same modus operandi as when Thorsen fraudulently fudged ASD out-patient numbers to create the appearance that with the removal of Thimerosal Autism rates in Denmark went up.

Ari Ne'eman is serving as a poster boy for Thorsen and others in the CDC anti-litigation bloc. Not only is Ne'eman nominated for the President's National Council on Disability he is suddenly famous to help back vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies' efforts throw Asperger Syndrome onto the DSM-V Autism Spectrum.

Most astute observers note this is to make up for sagging U.S. ASD rates, which haven't been publicly disclosed in over half a decade.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Swine Flu Vaccines Now Become Toxic Waste Nightmare

Everyone in America knows the vaccine manufacturing drug companies and their sock puppets are unethical and immoral. We all know these so called world health authorities invented the Swine Flu II scamdemic to deliberately target American pregnant women, infants and toddlers with Thimerosal-laced vaccines.

Americans know that each Thimerosal-laced pediatric dose of flu vaccine carries enough neurotoxic ethylmercury to make for a heavy metal exposure unsafe for anything less than a two hundred and seventy-five pound baby.

Now the second most toxic substance pushers are faced with dumping 138,000,000 totally unwanted and totally neurotoxic Thimerosal-containing vaccines left over from their latest debacle of terror.

While the bureaucratic vaccine shills brush off the suggestion that this was just another in a long line of drug company boondoggles designed to extort billions and billions of US tax dollars from the Treasury, others strongly suggest this compares to something more.

A little over twenty three years ago Americans lightheartedly amused themselves nightly at news of the Break of Dawn tugging Mobro 4000, a barge of Long Island's finest refuse, making its' epic spotlighted oceanic voyage.

What was supposed to be a quiet southern dumping run from Long Island City to Morehead City, North Carolina became a sad saga that ended several months later with 3,100 tons of decayed trash being unloaded right back in Long Island City for disposal.

The Break of Dawn logged over six thousand miles during this boomerang jaunt. Skipper Duffy St. Pierre faced eight outright refusals to unload from Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, New Jersey, the Bahamas, Mexico and Belize before returning home to roost in New York harbor.

It's highly unlikely the American media will put an eye on the flu shots scows the same way they put an eye on the disease with no known causalities.

The question in these laughable fiascoes that never gets asked is why are we laughing when we are paying the bill for all of this?

Americans know one thing for sure. The mainstream media in this country is either corrupt or stupid. Regardless of how little or how much the media wants to disclose; Swine Flu shots are now toxic waste.

Every American senses the media is crooked. US government standards regard each dose of mercury-loaded flu shots to be above normal disposal. That's how toxic the same Thimerosal-laced vaccines the drug company shills tell everybody to inject are.

The media is loaded with in-house legal aid. This legal shielding allows them to take no personal responsibility nor do they feel any sense of liability for telling Americans to suck it up and inject toxic waste into pregnant women, infants and toddlers.

As usual the media tries to paint blame for a lack of vaccine uptake on rinky-dink parents of Thimerosal-poisoned children. How on earth is it even possible that this is true when the media adheres to the HHS director decree to obfuscate our children?

The majority of Americans fully know the media is saturated with billions of dollar's worth of drug marketing blood money.

These boondoggling combinations shoot themselves in the foot each and every year. SARS, Ebola, Bird Flu, West Nile, Lyme Disease, Serratia-contaminated Flu shots, and now Swine Flu II show every American the vaccine manufacturing drug companies and their media partners can't not possibly blame Thimerosal moms and dads for low vaccination uptake.

That's why over half of the vaccines the parrots in the American press told us we needed to avoid pandemic flu death are now designated toxic waste or destined to be "completely necessary, urgent, life-saving, totally safe, non-Autism causing" third world biologics donations.

The American media including newspapers, television, and the internet have proven themselves to be more than willing to play dumb to the fact each toxic health scare is following the same successful business model of media manipulation. Then they expect us to laugh as they play comedians when American citizens are forced to pay up when the vaccine injury toll and the disposal of toxic waste bill becomes due.

To be clear, while the combination of players involved in pulling off this latest influenza scamdemic walk away with $1.6 billion dollars of federal revenue the American media smiles because they figure Americans have now forgotten about the $7.1 billion dollar Avian Flu boondoggle just a couple years ago.