Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ego RotaTeq No Mo

Pious Diarrhea Now Blessed and Sanctified or Just A Sick Drug Company Initiation Prank?

There's no proof that Paul Offit extracted Rotavirus germs from his own kazoo, but based on vaccine manufacturing drug company safety track records there's no proof he didn't.

Oh, the sick humor inside the vanity vaccine marketplace. "Let's just squat over the baby's mouth and fire Hershey squirts down their throats." Just make sure you wear your white lab coat, eh?

People trust the white lab coat just like sheep are known to trust the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Imagine what might happen in the future if Offit did donate his DNA along with isolated diarrhea bugs? Things can happen when people meet face to face.

To parents, new parents especially, the idea of trickling diarrhea down the throats of babies seems contrary to everything humanity has instinctively developed over the several thousand years of intelligently recorded history.

It's a time-proven scientific fact you can't get infected if you don't make contact.

That's why parents keep their hands clean. That's why parents select throwaway diapers. Typically, over the centuries the most important warning for new parents has been not to throw the baby out with used bathwater, but doesn't that remind us that billions of dollars change hands each year to purchase best available safe sanitation products infants and toddlers might have?

Sanitation, we are told, keeps babies and illness germs separated. It doesn't make any sense.

Look at it this way. If a curious baby grabs a handful of poo-poo out of their diaper and begins munching by all reasonable standards of wholesome living this is an unseemly, yucky no-no. Yet any Rotavirus vaccine, even in the hands of a white lab coat, does exactly the same thing.

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