Monday, April 5, 2010

Merck's Ari'an Man-child Is Born

The contrary warriors attempting to create a win for the vaccine manufacturing drug companies have a new experimental drug to run past America. The name is Ari Ne'eman, a really flaky guy reportedly diagnosed with Aspberger Syndrome at age twelve.

Using the old PR trick of indirection they have neatly packaged yet another of those zany self-advocate guys as an Autism "insider" hoping somehow his obstinate "voice" will shame families advocating for and treating vaccine-induced autistic children.

This sort of pharmaceutical company proxy fight nonsense is patented dangerous to ASD children.
Ne'eman's horn-blowing is meant to condition the minds of mainstream doctors encouraging them to push the easy button instead of establishing custom protocols designed to improve the lives of tens of thousands of Thimerosal kids.

Of course, parents of ASD kids relish the opportunity to expose the glaring problem; which is, the guy simply isn't Autistic and clearly his vitriol does not represent the best interests of any child with Autism disorder.

In fact, none of the so called Autistic Self-Advocacy Network people are diagnosed with a Autistic disorder. They are diagnosed at some point in life with Aspberger Syndrome or are self-diagnosed Asperger Syndrome.

The reason this Ari guy is being brought to the fore-front relates to the "no show" agenda of the vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies and their government partners. This network of self-advocacy is simply attempting to put the wrong face on Autism Spectrum Disorder to create public perceptions which marginalize the condition severity of vaccine-injured children.

Please recall Poul Thorsen, the CDC anti-litigation research bloc fraudster wanted by Danish Police. In the man-hunt for him it has recently been discovered that apart from the fact he worked across the street from the CDC-Atlanta at Emory University, owns a home close to the CDC, Thorsen was employed at Philadelphia's Drexel University, and a member of the DSM-V working group. Until Aarhus University pulled out of the CDC anti-litigation research bloc and called Danish Police on Thorsen, he was poised to cram as much Asperger Syndrome in the Autism Spectrum as he could.

Those keen will note that's pretty much the same modus operandi as when Thorsen fraudulently fudged ASD out-patient numbers to create the appearance that with the removal of Thimerosal Autism rates in Denmark went up.

Ari Ne'eman is serving as a poster boy for Thorsen and others in the CDC anti-litigation bloc. Not only is Ne'eman nominated for the President's National Council on Disability he is suddenly famous to help back vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies' efforts throw Asperger Syndrome onto the DSM-V Autism Spectrum.

Most astute observers note this is to make up for sagging U.S. ASD rates, which haven't been publicly disclosed in over half a decade.

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