Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PBS Frontline: The Televangelists Of Secular Sacrifice

This evening PBS Frontline was supposed to present a program about the vaccine-induced Autism issue. As most Americans already know, it's doubtless that a state-run propaganda machine neck-deep in censorship and 100% dependent on corporation funding could possibly present a fair, truthful program about the issue.

In short, Frontline is the essential televangelistic source of secular blather. What resulted was one hour of state-sponsored brain-washing using the most up to date reinforcing imagery tactics available. Not only was their farce devoid of facts it unloaded a completely unbalanced perspective certainly way out there on the fringe of total dementia.

Essentially, no one in America buys PBS' accepted fascist perspective of Thimerosal. Americans reject Frontline as nothing more than propaganda for the grant-seeking tin-foil hat crowd of secular wing nuts.

Vaccines are just another of the high-guarded state secrets. Vaccine zealots obviously lacking in personal health and calm facial muscles as seen this night en mass are ruthless in their self-depreciating ignorance. Frontline not only gave these people enough rope to hang themselves they inexplicably exposed a lot of their blatant ignorance.

As a rule of thumb Americans now know that if the government tells you to do something your survival likely depends upon you doing just the opposite.

America has never accepted the suggestion that vaccines don't cause massive amounts of Autism. Who needs a CDC study when everybody in the country has an Autistic tyke in their neighborhood?

The studies endorsed by the program have been debunked. Many of the authors of the studies in Denmark are under investigation for out-right fraud. Yet, Frontline ignorantly allowed the anti-litigation bloc of Autism research to make their out of touch with reality pitch.

The program proffered the usual line of mental inducements in hopes of suckering in the viewing audience to the sanitized view of a simple issue resolved in college textbooks many years ago.

According to scientific literature mercury is a neuro-toxin. Kids are still getting Thimerosal in their shots. Government agencies invent reasons to target American pregnant women, infants, and toddlers with Thimerosal-laced vaccines. States banning Thimerosal from vaccines routinely discover ways to circumvent mercury-ban laws.

As for Frontline, this program amounts to nothing more than a crime against humanity. At least they unwittingly revealed as a secular voice they are rooted deeply in obfuscating the Autism issue. This program makes it crystal clear they obviously care more about the engineering of consent than the genocidal carnage caused by vaccine zealotry.

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