Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Americans Already Know MMR Causes Autism

Anybody in America with an eye on the Autism issue can tell the vaccine manufacturing drug companies don't like Dr. Andrew Wakefield. His bold work at evaluating the propensity of the MMR vaccine at causing Autism cases confirmed what scientific literature has known for nearly half a century.

If you inject live Measles virus into the bodies of infants and toddlers it is shown in the literature that it can and does permanently disable them neurologically just like wild cases of Measles do.

Despite unfair and inappropriate pressure on the medical profession to keep their mouths shut the days of mass vaccinations are as revolutions of a flushed toilet.

If it leads to repeals all the vaccine manufacturing drug company political crap we all can support this personal choice rally movement.

Adults have a voice for themselves already. The recent Swine Flu II fiasco confirms Americans are no longer fooled by so called world health authorities. Most know that vaccine manufacturing drug companies control international vaccine panorama making it clear why at least 138,000,000 Thimerosal-containing Swine Flu vaccines are headed to toxic waste disposal.

Parents should be at liberty to tell a pediatrician where they can stick their vaccines and not the other way around. Essentially nobody decried the latest targeting operation of vaccine injury defendants. The Swine Flu II shot directly targeted American pregnant women, infants and toddlers with the mercury-laced shot.

Across the country, the vaccine industrial complex has laid landmine after landmine of what essentially amounts to Jim Crow Laws.

It is insane to require a child to have swim classes to enter public school. Yet coupled with such discriminatory laws as a prohibition of unvaccinated children from even sticking a toe in a tax payer funded pool drug companies have turned society upside down.

Is there any doubt that vaccination is the single most ineffective health marketing scheme since the invention of snake oil?

You sit and think why the heck is the media giving vaccine injury defendants and their tortuous Thorsen-esque prop matter all the free time and publicity?

You sit and think why are the PR minions mercilessly instigating and snickering at the public humiliation of Andrew Wakefield? They're co-defendants.

To the average American what the anti-litigation tag team is doing stinks just like McCarthyism is supposed to stink.

We all know that MMR vaccine causes Autism a.k.a. the underlying vaccine-induced medical condition which features Autistic-like characteristics. Yes, MMR vaccine causes Autism. (Unless you are an anti-social, so called pedosexual, blithering idiot ostler pompous ass requiring a foolish level of semantics)

So personal choice is good, but parents should be at liberty to reject vaccine industrial complex claims and the Jim Crow laws now in full blossom across the country need to be repealed.

The health care costs involved in vaccine backfire let alone the cost in precious human beings makes any vaccine offered not worth the risk.

That's based on the propensity of the compensation system to act in the best interests of the vaccine industrial complex. Two thirds of all claims are systematically attacked by a network of anti-litigation specialists and rejected.

The secret meeting between federal government vaccine fanatics and vaccine manufacturing drug company fanatics at Simpsonwood, Georgia in 2000 included all the government agencies which would later shift millions and millions of tax dollars to fund stacks of dubious non-contemporaneous research. Also along was the chief medical officer of vaccine court, who attempted to coerce his comrades into avoiding a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study.

Some of that money was shifted by CDC officials to buy research from anti-litigation bloc Autism research fraudster Poul Thorsen, M.D. He's now wanted by Danish police for the theft of over two million dollar's worth that same CDC money and income tax evasion in Denmark.

The Danish university where Thorsen conducted his fraud hijinx investigated the loss of money and filed charges with Danish Police. But Aarhus also swiftly resigned from the CDC's anti-litigation bloc of Autism research network sending a clear invalidating signal that any research associated with the name Poul Thorsen, M.D. is considered fraud.

Laws need to be passed prohibiting exclusionary practices such computer tracking vaccine injured individuals resulting in the denial of medical services, denials and obfuscations in medical testing, medical records obfuscation and medical records redaction practices.

Only once laws for vaccine injuring a person are of the highest of criminal penalties will the vaccine manufacturing drug companies think twice about introducing another syringe based on their lucky hunches.

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