Sunday, May 30, 2010

Autism Speaks: Anti-Litigation Money Pit

The problem with failure is failing to understand failure is failing to do stuff that prevents failure.

Essentially, Bob and Suzanne Wright, the co-inventors of Autism Speaks, are finky liars. They told group after group that their new Autism charity would conduct Thimerosal and vaccine research.

Instead, hard-working families fully expecting the very wealthy Wright's to cover their backs discovered Autism Speaks was a bunch of white collar welfare recipients who say anything to get their hands on government cash.

"What a bunch of low class thieves," said one dad. "A bunch of rats jumping on the SS Autism bogarting everything the government dishes out. Pathological liars. Back-stabbing our families for filthy lucre."

Instead of capitalizing on years of hard work lobbying for Thimerosal and vaccine research, the Wright's ignored parents and directed Autism Speaks to further the aims of the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research. Funding all sorts of sinister creeps including CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen, M.D., wanted by Danish Police for stealing Autism research money, and sucking up to side-winding political snakes, the not so dynamic duo of Bob and Sue pretty much alienated the very families they claimed to be representing.

Just when vaccine court finally began to hear the very first Omnibus Autism case, the Wright's hit every PR outlet in America stealing the national spotlight away from the family of Michelle Cedillo and what her doctors have to say about her medical condition caused by vaccines. In just a matter of a day or two national media attention was off the first testimony of Thimerosal families and onto the Wright's stupid family rift fake-a-roo.

Today, the Autism award-winning Wright's can have all the satisfaction this mean old world can bestow upon them, but they can never live down the lies they propagated for their anti-litigation agenda and doubtless they will never be able to contribute anything to make up for the numerous years and dollars they've wasted in the name of our children.

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