Monday, June 7, 2010

Autism's Anti-Vaccine Duo On Quite A Spree

How shotgun-ing science robs the innocent victims most.

Whatever pleasure a certain kind of unstable individual can have knowing the sky's the limit if you are willing to deny something you've done is completely wrong there's a point in time where others come to recognize you are full of prunes.

Families of affected children are frankly tired of these shameless "in your face" Autism gangsters defying the laws of science, pathology, chemistry, biochemistry, and a dozen or so relative disciplines. Folks across the country have seen enough racketeering in drug company sponsored epidemiological massage parlors to make them puke.

Fortunately, there are responsible members of the media beginning to comprehend it's not a good idea to aid and abet these thugs. The Swine Flu fiasco II has helped the press understand finally that the world health syndicate is a front for drug company bunko.

The fact that CDC anti-litigation bloc Autism researcher Poul Throsen, M.D. is wanted by Danish Police for theft of university funds and income tax evasion while essentially running a CDC numbers racket is something further to address.

Since, the effort to smother the story led to vaccine court hastily sacrificing three more human shields it should be a priority to bring Thorsen into greater focus. Apparently, his leadership towards coaxing others to actually commit income tax evasion should be evaluated in terms of his role as the foot soldier manipulating the studies the CDC PR firms are using in the public arena.

Given the studies have to some degree come in under the wire, closer examination of the entire Thorsen network relating to conflicts of interests and direct ties to a vaccine producing entity in Denmark are appropriate. Several opposing experts declared the Thorsen work is discredited by federal standards years ago. This was largely ignored in a rush to exonerate the vaccine manufacturing drug companies.

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