Sunday, June 13, 2010

MMR: What Else Does It Eat?

The vaccine manufacturing drug company PR firms attempting to glorify the dangerous live virus Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (German Measles) shot have given the public more evidence the thing causes Autism and perhaps clues as to where the so called killer Measles outbreaks are actually coming from.

According to research currently taking place, vaccine-strain Measles are being touted as deadly weapons of mass destruction against brain tumors. Human subjects are being loaded up with heroic levels of live vaccine-strain Measles virus in the hope that the public will somehow perceive this as a modern miracle of germ warfare experimentation gone good.

According to one PR tidbit, "In the 1970s, measles infections were observed to cause regression of pre-existing cancerous tumors in children." Regression is, of course, not eradication so the likelihood that the vaccine industry has explored and found something isn't novel or of any surety. The mortality of test subjects is very high.

The large problem for this ethically questionable research is immune competent people are typically immune to Measles infestations. Their bodies attack and kill the virus before it is able to damage much during the attack. Researchers say that they found immune compromised individuals muster some level of counter-attack.

To slip the vaccine-stain Measles past immune system detection, researchers claim they are now inserting the deadly vaccine-strain Measles into fake cells to carry it to the brain. They offer no explanation why the immune system does not attack and kill off the fake cells, nor does it appear they are candidly observing what else the vaccine-strain Measles are attacking once they arrive in the brain at significant levels.

To protect such research, we undoubtedly guess that RNA illnesses associated with repetitively injecting humans with vaccine-strain Measles virus are being characterized as what?

Not only does the research strongly suggest that a shot of MMR in the leg can find its' way to the brains of small children, the bulk message is any immune-compromised child may be subject to brain infection due to the vaccine-strain Measles.

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