Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swine Flu II Fiasco: Media Now Scrambling For Ethics, Credibility

While long-time observers of the vaccine manufacturing drug companies immediately described the recent Swine Flu II fiasco in terms similar to that of a pre-fab scamdemic designed to hit targeted American pregnant women, infants and toddlers with more Thimerosal-laced vaccines, the CDC-infested American mass media rolled their eyes and brushed the truth aside.

By the time the glaringly obvious Air Force One was freaking just about everybody in lower Manhattan, the American mass media had launched their CDC scamdemic support strategy, including those huge, floor to ceiling red maps speckled with what US-CDC authorities were arbitrarily calling Swine Flu death.

With most American public health agencies already irrelevant due to their active participation in CDC anti-litigation bloc Autism affairs just a handful of the American mass media decided to defect to the truth of what was actually happening.

Thanks to US public health authorities who routinely seek to censor reporting, no American mass media outlets broke ranks to pummel the wall of propaganda being stacked up thick and tall by American scientists and American public health officials. So over the course of the last year aside from sparse reports Americans had to rely on foreign journalism accounts to stay in touch with reality.

Amazingly, the American mass media now seeking to stone so called global authorities for creating a scamdemic to increase Thimerosal exposures, fully know so called American scientists and American public health officials have the exact same ties to vaccine manufacturing drug companies as the so called world health officials now in trouble.

A year later, the American mass media is now trying really hard to undo lots of credibility damage that was caused by their own infatuation with drug companies.

The case in point? Poul Thorsen, M.D., the CDC anti-litigation bloc Autism research fraudster currently avoiding capture by Danish Police somewhere in America. The American mass media knows if Thorsen is truly exposed their massive amount of derogatory vaccine-induced Autism reporting faces retraction.

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