Friday, June 11, 2010

Tide Changing In Vaccine War?

Autism Families Fighting Vaccine Manufacturing Drug Companies on Land, Sea, and Air Fight For American Civil Rights

GULF OF MEXICO - Most Americans know all about the constant battle parents of vaccine injured children face. If a vaccine kills an infant or toddling child or even an adult the vaccine manufacturing drug companies do not agree.

Most Americans agree the rise in Autism has been caused by the proliferation of Thimerosal-laced vaccines first proffered in the early 1990s, and the only politically accepted part of Hillarycare still around.

Americans now understand that a witless, politically motivated decision was made to the medical detriment of American infants and toddlers. As the number of doses of vaccine that had Thimerosal in them went up so did negative neurological outcomes. Doses of Thimerosal were now being injected eleven hours into the new lives of babies.

The figures were kept quietly. Databases were run weekly to examine the level of Autism being created by the new mass vaccination program. In short order, giant, drug company sponsored Autism research facilities opened up across the country. As the vaccination rates were climbing so was Autism.

With a steely resolve similar to the shower keepers at Auschwitz, there would be no evident panic involved in removing ethylmercury from infant and toddler vaccines.

Nevertheless, government research analysis showed the causal relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and Autistic outcomes was extraordinary and in 1999 a public distress call went out to remove Thimerosal from all vaccines as quick as possible.

No matter how hard the vaccine manufacturing drug companies try, the only so called research they are able to produce to defend mercury-poisoning American kids is non-contemporaneous.

At close examination, none of this so called research amounts to much more than conspiracy to obstruct the judicial process. The organization Autism Speaks was created to aid the efforts of anti-litigation bloc kooks, who feel nobody has a right to be compensated for what's been lost. (keep and eye on Toyotas gone wild and British Petroleum's Gulf Oil Spill)

That's a lot in terms of powerful stumbling stones to walk over.

Still, the Michelle Cedillo case, one representative of thousands more, has finally reached a position in which actual judges are hearing it. Eye-witnesses of the Cedillo Appeals hearing are claiming for the first time there's hope that families fighting against merchants of death industry and government authorities may one day be compensated for the neurological damages vaccines have done to their children.

To others it's a momentary lapse of overwhelming force.

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