Sunday, August 15, 2010

If Only Peggy Noonan Knew...

Gee, apparently Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan has a (beef about rudeness)? Somehow attempting to capitalize on the Jet Blue dude in the news, Noonan claims she knows the reason why America has turned rude.

She says all the brick-walling lately is due to a shift in the social-economic foundations of the nation.

She mentions that Americans no longer make machines, and Steel! In that, she cleverly cloaks the idea that it is brutish occupational cross-over types treating people like American Tourister luggage, ignoring the fact that the Jet Blue dude was a second-generation flight attendant.

She uses a term service economy as a simple explanation.

Old Peg thinks she has the answer to the indignation plaguing society.

She claims that we are paying people to be rude to us.

"Her instructions are that if anyone accepts her ministrations with anything but passive surrender, she is to show she is impervious and keep the line moving. She is probably taught this in a class given by government contractors who are paid by taxpayers to handle taxpayers. Meaning I pay her to be rude to me."

And what exactly is Noonan's Wall Street Journal being paid to do to thousands and thousands of families and their "Thimerosal" children victimized by the indecency of the federal vaccine program?

To call Peggy Noonan and her Wall Street Journal collective "scoffers" is to be far too polite. The Wall Street Journal and their partnership with the vaccine industry has quite a nasty track record for rudeness and belittling the American people when it comes to Thimerosal-poisoned children.

As crazy as it gets, the Wall Street Journal is particularly flamingly rude to Thimerosal moms and dads when, in fact, vaccine injury compensation isn't paid for by the drug industry at all, but from a federal tax designed to help vaccine-injury victims and their care-takers out in life.

The Wall Street Journal not only has very rude ties to the vaccine manufacturing drug companies they rudely pretend that we can't clearly see the puppeteer's strings manipulating everything the Wall Street Journal does to aid the un-American CDC anti-litigation bloc.

Rude Wall Street Journal editorials like Immune to Reason (October 23, 2001) aren't caused by a lack of Spacely Space Sprocket, Inc. factory expansionism. That's crazy.

In the February 11th, 2002 article CDC Warns Vaccine Supply Is in Jeopardy, a half-cocked Wall Street Journal claimed that removing Thimerosal-containing vaccines wasn't worth the hassle. Even overtly claimed an outbreak of Whooping Cough was related to so called shortages.

If tabling the lives of children, exposing them to neuro-toxic mercury beginning at birth against any odds conceivable, instead of immediately removing all ethyl-mercury vaccines from the American vaccine market doesn't have the pugnacious smell of corporatism it's possible you might actually believe that democracy is under attack somehow if the vaccine industry's dirty little secrets are revealed.

The Wall Street Journal rudely endorsed circumventing democracy - celebrating the now infamous Eli Lilly rider, then attempted to cream three U.S. Senators apparently for having the audacity and rudeness to insist that it be removed from the tail-end of the Homeland Security Act. In January 20, 2003 the Wall Street Journal attempted to shame "Those Immoderate `Moderates', but it did little to change that fact that not only was slapping the rider onto the Homeland Security Act at 10:10 PM on the eve of the floor vote in the first place disgracefully rude, but to have the Wall Street Journal attacking American children by proxy was sick and disgustingly well beyond thirty-nine and a half foot pole perverse.

No marvel that NOW the Swine Flu fiasco II has passed we are seeing countless articles of interest involving neurological degeneration in adults in the media.

The Wall Street Journal is part of the vaccine industry combination in restraint of justice. Since they are working with the federal government instead of being subjected to the full force of Sherman Anti-Trust law it appears that they are granted immunity to commit any and all acts of social disgrace.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

O'll 'Ave A Twist

In this sorry little novel called history, some time in the future, the reader will know all we've known since the beginning, but were afraid to tell.

Vaccines cause Autism. Vaccines kill babies. Vaccines are unacceptable and completely unnecessary. The medical profession knew this from the beginning. The so called experts know this now, and knew it then.

For example, if you are convicted of jabbing an infant 33 to 40 times with a needle hopefully you are going to jail, but not if you wear a white coat and include squirting in pathogenic material.

Even methodically mercury poisoning babies is A-OK provided you are medically licensed and use a formulation created within the wall of a major drug company.

Wakefield, Andrew J. Man. Branded. Binary. Tarnishing. Clandestine. Train depot platform. Red carnation. Tunnel vision. Spleen. Pancreas. Nerves.

For one to say "I can't say that" isn't to suggest "I do not know". There are those who say "I can't say that" not unknowingly, but rather if it is widely known the vaccine manufacturing drug companies will have to pay the pauper.

Pediatric. Iatrogenic. Deleterious. Ruin. Damaging. Injustice. Disfavor. Deference. Misplaced. Substitution. Unnatural. Beastly. Willful.

Fry the brains of infants with Thimerosal then pretend it didn't happen. Act surprised. Astonished. Arrogant. Stooping. Bare. Defiant. Disgrace. Harm. Falsehood. Vaccine court.

Since when is the proof of harm reliant upon reversing brain damage? Is that fair? "If the law supposes that, then the law is a ass, a idiot!"