Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tainting Terrorists Trying To Turn Tables To Truth

In the past ten years America has become the scene of one fanatical shooting spree after another as vaccine manufacturing drug companies have had a free license to terrorize Americans.

Chiefly among their weapons is this terrific notion that we are all going to die of flu unless we allow them to inject us with Thimerosal-containing flu shots.

Statistically speaking, this unethical and immoral tactic preys on the ignorance of our general populous, and blind trust of the pharmaceutical companies and their stooges inside the U.S. government.

Amazingly, the same company that killed more Americans with a single pill, Vioxx, than the entire Vietnam War, wants to give you a mercury-laced flu shot perhaps to make up for killing so many innocent people.

"But vaccines save lives"...

Of course, actual flu statistics prove the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are lying through their teeth. Flu shots do no save any lives at all. It's almost like saying Rotateq vaccine doesn't associate with Offit's Disease, vaccine-induced Intussusception.

In fact, bet you didn't know the contaminate which stopped the 2004 American flu shot shipment from leaving Liverpool, England was Serratia, a pneumonia-causing lung bacteria also medically connected to renal (kidney) infections?

The U.S. FDA sent authorities over to Liverpool to spank the UK Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency inspectors for stopping the profitable shipment, but just to make sure Americans knew what kind of bullying the U.S. FDA was up to the MHRA pulled the Liverpool plant's license to produce any more flu shots until the long-standing contamination problems within the plant were cleaned up.

What's terrorizing is while the U.S. FDA was telling America you can't trust cheaper drugs imported from Canada strings were pulled at high levels to get the American media to discourage reports the U.S. FDA was guilty of ignoring flu shots produced in contaminated conditions prior to 2004.

"But that was then; we know so much more now."

You can believe this if you want, but you should ask yourself do I really want to start a vaccine-induced flu outbreak? Do I want to put other people at risk of getting sick?

Contraindications within flu vaccine package inserts are required to warn people freshly vaccinated to stay away from immune-compromised individuals up to a month after doctors inject them. While the vaccine manufacturing drug companies demonize unvaccinated children as dirty, disease-loaded time bombs, realistically they already know that vaccinated people are the ones that carry and shed disease.

If you get a flu shot you pretty much become a sort of heroin mule carrying two or three different laboratory-created strains of flu inside your body. You should know your health plan doctor, besides injecting you with brain-damaging ethylmercury, has turned you in walking-talking dirty fluicide bomber.