Friday, October 7, 2011

Across America: Liability-Free Vaccines Becoming Tough To Sell

As the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are pointing their crooked finger at vaccine-injury victims for causing what is being described by their media partners as a dramatic down-surge in vaccine uptake, America is finally getting a true sense of just how wide-spread and problematic the vaccine industry is.

In the world of vaccine injury, victims are always falsely portrayed by vaccine industry trial lawyers as public enemy number one. If claims that can't be painted as something else arise things like wire taps, splining computer communications, hacking are run in order to sift vaccine injury victims for anything usable against them. You can imagine all the tools at the disposal of unoffical vaccine court minions like British government spy Brian Deer and drug company cyber villian Kathleen Siedel.

Vaccine Industry Hostile Take-Overs

Americans are smart enough to know that Merck and Glaxo-SmithKline have swallowed up the vaccine marketplace. Americans are also smart enough to know that's why the US Constitution has been axed at its' root. Justices of the Supreme Court ignored facts and invented a thousand ingratiating reasons to bar vaccine injury lawsuits. State courts simply can't be trusted to maintain the federal government's poker bluff.

Any American can see for themselves now that, just as parents of vaccine-injured children have been claiming all along, the civil rights of American children don't exist any more. Kids hurt permanently with developmental disabilities, crippling conditions, and a host of other not yet revealed vaccine-side effects have no course of action because the federal legal system has a agreed to ban compensation justice. American children have become cattle in the eyes of the federal government who care more about disease invention and marketing than the very citizens of this land.

Americans fully know that the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are not much more than scammers. Americans are keen-eyed enough to understand the vaccine manufacturing drug company lawsuit shield is not much more than a cloak of maliciousness.

While the rest of the world is free to investigate drug company hatched "scamdemics" like Bird Flu and Swine Flu II and decry them at out-right fraud, US government health authorities are all boxed up by mass vaccination policy, and American media keeps their heads in the sand fearing contradiction of their mass media efforts to appease drug company advertisers.

The average American is now seeing millions and millions of dollars, a lot of which is US tax dollars, being spent frivolously in a slithering public relations campaign designed to demon-ize anybody who opposes mass vaccination. Yet Americans, despite the best efforts to filter out voices of reason, aren't buying any of it.

Americans find it increasingly evil that the vaccine manufacturing drug companies have too much power. Billionaires like Bill Gates and Ruppert Murdoch are all over vaccines. They believe in the full-scale usage of vaccines primarily for their ability to de-populate the United States.

A generation ago, Americans could easily identify Gates and Murdoch as maniacal mad men bent on taking over the world for themselves. Stuff straight out of comic book lore, but with drug companies having money to burn, they've infested every aspect of American media. Leaning on the know-how of social engineering planners, somehow super-rich maniacal mad men have all gone away.

What About The Children?

Launching a counter-act through the usual PR outlets, vaccine gurus are claiming all sorts of things in their futile effort to propagandize vaccines are worthy of human rights. They want Americans to blindly trust the industry has only the best interests at heart when this country can plainly see for themselves that kids across America, once harmed by vaccines, are screwed for their entire lives.

Using a host of cyber-marxist rock-breakers from all sorts of different places, including foreign spy organizations such as the British Council, the goal is to repair the great wall of silence. That means brain-wash Americans to forget what they see is real. Swaying them into their way of thinking, namely characterize victims of vaccine injury as some sort of enemy, the industry will be right back vaccinating.

Wrong. Liability-free vaccines are the kiss of death for the vaccine industry. Since the federal government has played mickey mouse with American rights, vaccines are increasingly tougher to sell. Legal loopholes created for vaccine makers by corrupt political officials makes mass vaccination an unacceptable risk. Americans know that as long as the federal government has their thumb on the scales preventing the sheer weight of vaccine injury victims from tipping things, the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are licensed to kill.

"When ye proffer the pigge, open the poke". Many a market faire person thought the wiggly item in their poke sack was a squiggly piglet. But when they got home and opened the sack, they let the cat out of the bag.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Katie Wright: You Think Rick Perry Is Bad?

It would be remiss to not include in Rick Perry saga the outlandish position of the media and how drug lobbyists are a throbbing, festering cancer to democracy and the democratic process.

Here is a video from a Texas "pharma partner" who decided to "expose" legisators who vote by proxy.

What the "story" doesn't tell is legislators were "caught" voting to over-ride Texas governor Rick Perry's forced HPV vaccine order.

What the "story" doesn't tell is how many Texas legislators voting by proxy did so because they were "tied up" by pharma lobbyists working hand in hand with those who control and manipulate the legislative scheduling process in our land.

Was the vote scheduled to take place figuring not enough legislators would be present vote? Americans credit the Texans for defying big pharma puppet decrees, yet the media got it wrong and decried the legislators by writing, editing, producing, and airing this and other media assassination pieces.

In another masterpiece of self-incrimination, Autism Speaks owner Bob Wright's daughter Katie Wright filed another whopper on Age of Autism:

"In China the government freely and fully decides when and how many children a woman may have. China also decides when and what type of birth control young women should take. If women and girls do not comply the will likely lose their job or access to education. You know what? If I wanted to live in China I would, but I don’t and neither do 99.99% of Americans. So I would like to see these “big government out of our lives” all American Republicans butt out of our families. Let’s get crony capitalism out of children’s health care and trust American families to make appropriate vaccination decisions for their daughters."

It's one thing to harp on and on about pharma bad guy Rick Perry, but the same can be said about any of the Autism Speaks celebrities who stampeded parents into believing that the the Combating Autism Act was anything other than in part a huge entitlement for white collar welfare recipients, who abuse power and trust just as badly as Rick Perry. All to create personal wealth by robbing the poor and needy.

By creaming Texas Rep Joe Barton, who knew the CAA bill was a CDC money-laundering plan to pay the likes of CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen for the best non-contemporaneous anti-litigation Autism research money could buy, this large, well-heeled mutual admiration society deliberately has inflicted unnecessary pain and suffering on our children, our families, and funds those who attack the very essence of the problem.

‘My husband has been persecuted by extremely powerful forces for asking questions that his research findings made it morally and ethically essential for him to ask,’.......... ‘I used to believe that this country was a bastion of academic integrity and intellectual freedom. So this whole sad process of attrition, isolation and vilification, on a very personal level, has sickened and disillusioned me. - Carmel Wakefield

Wait until she finds out it was Katie Wright and Autism Speaks behind it all.

Vaccines cause Autism

Autism Speaks was founded in part as the US Centers for Disease Control vaccine injury anti-litigation non-government agency. It is known to be developing the gene database that will be used by those who inject needles into the womb to suck out DNA of unborn children. If the unborn child has DNA that will conflict with government-mandated vaccinations the child will be aborted rather than eventually become a vaccine injury victim.

"Free Flu Shots"

To understand the true purpose of Autism Speaks you really need to dig deep into things prior to when GE industrialist and anti-litigationist "Sponge" Bob Wright was forced to bring clandestine autism research to an emergency surface after his own grandson was diagnosed.

Autism was introduced as a "soft kill" method of population control. The key ingredient is vaccines, which kill instantly, disable permanently, and sterilize without detection. Because global planners are behind the American Autism epidemic, the president, the high courts, and Congress have conspired to look the other way.

America is generally inexperienced with the legislative process. Hitler is alive and well in the heart of America. America is totally defenseless against foreign drug companies. They terrorize us all the time and Congress asks no questions at all. They simply sign the blank check which appropriates billions and billions of dollars to produce toxic vaccines that don't work, nobody wants, get stockpiled until expiration date, and then face environmental regulations which prohibit disposal in public landfills.

$300,000,000.00 US tax dollars where spent to lock Vaccine Safety Datalink data into a private vault. Vaccine court records are sealed, and the media is paid heavy money to seduce the general public.

As vice-chairman of General Electric, Wright was involved in eighty percent of the world vaccine marketplace long before anybody ever noticed his involvement with handling the Autism issue. Wright and fellow vaccine zealot Bill Gates make machines that replace people.

So it all goes back to the discussions we had thirty years ago in our social studies classrooms across the country. Remember when we were asked what we thought about the idea that one day man would create machines capable of doing all the work for us?

In my class there were only two of us that ever asked back what happens to all the people?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Age of Polio-olio: A Vaccine Strategist Angles Are Off The Mark?

The Age of Autism is currently involved in presenting a new series called 'The Age of Polio' in which two authors endeavor to clarify the origins of modern myth that Polio vaccine wiped out Polio, destroying the tall tale vaccine industry shills inside government and outside in "non-profits" use to propagate mass vaccine campaigns.

Oddly this series kicked off with the following:

" probably solves, for the first time, the enduring riddle of why Franklin D. Roosevelt was afflicted 90 years ago this summer on Campobello Island..."

The claim that something more is known about FDR and the connection to Polio isn't odd or new, but with Mark Blaxill, a vaccine industry strategist by trade, involved in writing the articles, it's hardly a wonder that the aim is going to be off target.

Let's first be mindful of what the other Roosevelt had said in 1906.

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day". Theodore Roosevelt 1906

TR dealt with lobbyists every day. He dealt with the various merchants of death, such as vaccine makers, every day. TR saw it coming.

Yet, if we avoid the false notion that TR was a John the Baptist voice of one that crieth into the wilderness, a lone wolf howling at the sad moon, or even a last beacon of restraint against money-grubbing corporations looking to free ride their way to success by capitalizing US tax dollars, we do well in understanding that TR was a politician.

And what do we all know about the politicians? They say what they say to scratch the 'itching ears' of citizens. No better way to get elected than to say what you think people want to hear.

In that speech, in order to appeal to lots of like-minded Americans, TR affirmed the generally accepted belief that corporations drain the US of tax dollars and screw Americans individually as well as by and large.

What TR referred to was, that while you and I, as Americans, have our heads down to the grindstone working to make everything in our nation work, behind our backs, there is a bunch of free-loading lobbyists from rich-rich corporations bandying about the nation's courtyard in D.C., representatives of those inventing new ways to rip off our federal treasury.

It's crazy to see the white collars sowing seeds against the poor and needy. Yet it is common in our nation's history for them to trash people in need. Through books, mass media PR campaigns, PACs, think tanks, lobbyists, powerful law firms, and political bribes white collar America can easily be described as the most un-American people there are in our day.

This kind of stuff is nothing new. In the 1870s, President U.S. Grant used to slip out of the White House secretly to the Willard Hotel in order to avoid the creepy people pushing their corporate agendas. Grant used to refer those who approached him in the lobby of the hotel as “those damn lobbyists.”

After the Great War (WWI) ended, with the Paris Peace Conference, a new intergovernmental organization resulted in the founding of the League of Nations in 1919.

According to Wikipedia:

"...The League's health organization had three bodies: the Health Bureau, containing permanent officials of the League; an executive section, the General Advisory Council or Conference, consisting of medical experts; and the Health Committee. The Committee's purpose was to conduct inquiries, oversee the operation of the League's health work, and prepare work to be presented to the Council. ..."

From this first so called "world health organization" came clear agenda of goal-oriented criteria for global mass vaccination policy. To the surprise of some history students, the United States was never a member of the League of Nations.

What does this have to do with Franklin D. Roosevelt you ask?

Dan and Mark are certainly right about Campobello Island. The island was a Roosevelt family vacation spot, not in the US of A, but rather across the border in Canada. Roosevelt was walking when he took the family up there, but he never walked again when he finally left.

Let's make a point to state that what's known about disease spread isn't new. Dating back in history, disease avoidance has been the scientifically-proven method of disease prevention.

Mentioning cruise ships may still send shivers up the spine years after there was a illness trend among ocean liners, yet positive changes made in the last century such as running water and sanitary sewer systems have done more to knock out diseases than injecting the disease into the body in hopes of preventing the disease could hold claim to.

Travel advisories and restrictions are not new either. Health officials have been issuing them for a very long time.

Neither are vaccines mandates. In fact, the League of Nations' League Health Organization promoted vaccination campaigns almost from its start. In the past, travels outside the United States required vaccinations. Certainly the military requires shots for the very reason of travel to different parts of the world.

While the industry may have changed the composition of vaccines slightly from bad experiences in the past, the probability here is there were numerous ones available to use around the time FDR decided to head north from the US to Campobello Island in Canada.

While the shot requirements to travel from the United States to Canada at that date in time may or may not be known to us now without further research, one this is clear.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt did not catch Polio there on Campabello Island.

A team of physicians extensively examined the late president's medical records, and in 2003, revealed the starling discovery that FDR never had Polio, he had Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

"..Summary:In 1921, when he was 39 years of age, Franklin Delano Roosevelt contracted an illness characterized by: fever; protracted symmetric, ascending paralysis; facial paralysis; bladder and bowel dysfunction; numbness; and dysaesthesia. The symptoms gradually resolved except for paralysis of the lower extremities. The diagnosis at the onset of the illness and thereafter was paralytic poliomyelitis. Yet his age and many features of the illness are more consistent with a diagnosis of Guillain–Barre´ syndrome, an autoimmune polyneuritis. The likelihoods (posterior probabilities) of poliomyelitis and Guillain–Barre´ syndrome were investigated by Bayesian analysis. Posterior probabilities were calculated by multiplying the prior probability (disease incidence in Roosevelt’s age group) by the symptom probability (likelihood of a symptom occurring in a disease). Six of eight posterior probabilities strongly favoured Guillain–Barre´ syndrome. ..."

And what triggers Guillain-Barre Syndrome? Vaccines do.

Let's see if the Age of Polio series brings this knowledge out, or not.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Open Letter To Dan Olmsted

The following open letter was written as a response to Age of Autism editor Dan Olmsted, who recently wrote, The Awful Truth About Autism Speaks.

Dear Dan,

A leech? Come on. How about calling Autism Speaks one of those spaceman black holes? The kind that sucks in entire universes?

I recently transferred browser favorites from one program to another. I culled through all the old URL links just to see which ones are still active (worth keeping).

It's amazing how so many Autism activists suddenly vaporized. They're all gone.

Probably the most obvious was The extremely well-produced Thimerosal time line, which has a beginning in the late 1800s, stops like 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' at:

December 11, 2006

* President Bush is presented with the passed Combating Autism Act and it awaits his signature to put the Bill into law.

Take a look at the old Evidence of Harm yahoo list. Now at EOH? All the Autism activists/posters are vaporized. They're all gone.

I was excited, recently, to look at the in-box and once again see that I was part of one of those "undisclosed recipients" E-mails, the kind where fifty Autism parent/activists are sharing their thoughts about the best way to move forward. It was just a computer virus.

The E-mails from fellow parents of vaccine-injured kids have vaporized. They're all gone.

I guess there are two ways to look at this. People are brown-nosers and have a sixth sense for smelling money or Autism Speaks spread like cancer making formerly fearless folks simple little cyber-marxists re-educated into drug company rock-breakers.

Autism Speaks was designed to enable the United States Centers for Disease Control to money launder excessive amounts of tax dollars to CDC anti-litigation bloc Autism researchers.

Autism Speaks chummed millions and millions of dollars looking for the best expert witnesses money could buy to testify against innocent children harmed by vaccines.

Autism Speaks was designed to divide and conquer all opposition to mainstream ideals and encourage lots and lots of covert experimental research by vaccine/drug companies.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

British Medical Journal: Deliberately Obfuscating The Truth

Well? The British Medical Journal is now beginning to admit to their role in the 'shot fired exclusively to be heard by special masters over at vaccine court'.

Thanks to the dogged determination of "not so crazy parents after all" over in England, the editors are slowly revealing they money-laundered payments to Brian Deer from vaccine makers. Just another example of how wired up the media is to screw innocent children harmed by vaccinations the media, once upon a time, helped market in exchange for millions in drug ads.

One commenter made a rather barbed comment in response to an article written by Age of Autism UK editor John Stone.

Someone named media analysis (not to be mistaken for media scholar who would know better to be called media analyst than analysis) asked:

How did the BMJ "clear" the author a freelance journalist to act on it's behalf via 'commission'.[?] Taking into clear account the journalist apparently has no medical or research academic credentials.

Taking such a hard tack isn't exactly well-thought out.

First, the BMJ editors admit they conspired with Brian Deer to plant one on Andrew Wakefield which US Department of Justice trial lawyers and vaccine court special masters then used to throw out Autism test cases.

The corrections popping up at BMJ now provide clear and direct evidence they are just now facing reality. The blow-back against them for their roles as willing partners in the combination of restraint of trade will be monumental.

Secondly, the media analysis person doesn't quite understand science.

For, indeed, anyone can make a scientific observation. However, the fact that Deer found plenty of stuff wrong with the subjects reporting of Wakefield's work, (which isn't exact a crime in the world of science and hardly evidence of fraud)and being a deviant-minded tabloid hacker and wanting to avoid scientific explanation, he fabricated something out of it the same way a tabloid hacker will create UFOs ate my dog stories.

The British Medical Journal shouldn't be confused with the boobs who are abusing it for their other purposes.

For example, a few years ago the British Medical Journal ran the excellent article by Harvard grad student (at the time of publishing), Peter Doshi, which exposed the fraudulent activities of the US Centers For Disease Control and Invention, a place supposedly full of medical doctors, relating to fabricating flatulencing flu statistics.

This iatrogenic fraud was also noted by CBS News during the exact time when the vaccine industry was fully engaged in the second multi-billion dollar fraudulent flu scamdemic within three years.

Back to the BMJ politically-motivated character assassination attempt on Andy Wakefield...

If the stupid conflicts of interests forms were really filled out and on file with the stupid "ethics" web site, why do the boobs over at BMJ and the drug company spy want tight control over who actually views them?

Compare these and note that if you get really fearlessly brave and dare to defy the man by clicking on the icmje pdf link at the British Medical Journal web site you get a blank form:

Competing interests: All authors have completed the Unified Competing Interest form at (available on request from the corresponding author) and declare: no support from any organisation for the submitted work; no financial relationships with any organisations that might have an interest in the submitted work in the previous three years. HM chairs GMC fitness to practise panels. He had no association with the Wakefield hearings and the views expressed in this article are his own and do not represent those of the GMC.

Competing interests: The author has completed the unified competing interest form at (available on request from him) and declares no support from any organisation for the submitted work; no financial relationships with any organisation that might have an interest in the submitted work in the previous three years; BD’s investigation led to the GMC proceedings referred to in this report, including the charges. He made many submissions of information but was not a party or witness in the case, nor involved in its conduct.

The first question is why doesn't the BMJ have Deer's COI form ethically-correct located? You have to ask him? That's not exactly a sound way to provide even the appearances of the avoidance of conflicts of interests. That stupid move proves they are vindictive blood-crazed lynch mobbers ready to attack and destroy whoever doesn't agree with them and certainly not interested in science if it conflicts with their vaccine market buddies.

Tight-fisted control over conflicts of interest material? Come on? It's supposed to be clearly visible at the point of sale. Instead of being up front, the BMJ editors expect the curious invesigator to go to some ridicuolous conflicts of interests forms safe-keeping web site.

Just another change device the new ownership of the British Medical Journal has enacted to keep knowledge out of the hands of scientists and the medical profession.

That's because the media-driven vaccine industry expected to stand behind their products is hiding behind them.

Should "ethics" work in a way to protect those investigating where the allegations of fraud against Andrew Wakefield are actually coming from? Instead of getting the conflicts of interests declarations at the point of sale, the BMJ has devised a nice method of sanistizing inappropriate competitive drug company research interventions and deflecting peer reviewers aside.

A very pretentious trick to fool the reader, oh, by the way, how could Andrew Wakefield have used this form when right-clicking the pdf file reveals it didn't exist until it was created in Sept. of 2009 and interestingly modified in July of 2010. What's even more crude is the fact that the form itself claims an effective date of 2008. What pretense they make.

Monday, August 22, 2011

No Middle Ground For The Media

Well? It seems those too willing to oblige US HHS Secretary Kathleen Silly-bus in her efforts to provide censorship to the savage debauchery taking place presently in 'the House That Merck Built', based primarily on the British Press Spy Award winning tabloid hacker Brian Deer, could use some common sense guidance about how to cover something else up.

It stands to reason those who could not restrain themselves from taking cold hard drug company cheer in exchange for a smear campaign against Andrew Wakefield, a man devoted to unraveling just how vaccines cause Autism precisely (and anybody who dares to speak up about vaccine-induced Autism injury; Don Imus, John McCain, David Kirby, Jenny McCarthy, etc.) have strange hind-sight.

It is insane obvious this is fact. The media has severe problems with addressing powerful individuals with fists full of cash to broker PR deals, much less fight quid ones the ├╝ber boss holding the keys to the front door of these cudzoo media tabloid empires has up his sleeve.

Now that Britain's Parliament is window-dressing British newspaper spy ring habits, complete with the sympathy-raking pie victim trick, we are fortunate enough to now learn some of the facts behind the UK-led media smear campaign of Andrew Wakefield.

In short, Brian Deer spied on everybody. His motives are well spelled out. Through his own words he is exposed as a man who planted one on Andrew Wakefield.

He entered the home of at least one sick kid, providing the unsuspecting mum and dad false credentials. He then drilled them quite mercilessly and relentlessly for up to six hours at a time. Every foggy response was considered a discrepancy. He was wearing a wire without them knowing it. He kept running to the loo. He was communicating with someone. Someone else was secretly recording the mum of an Autistic child.

He kept flipping the same cassette tape over and over to fool the parent into thinking he was alone, but there were others listening, and the poor mother of an Autistic child didn't even have an attorney present.

Brian Deer entrapped them. He used a fake name. Did he also use false statements? Did he lie to her so that he could get his story?

Using false pretense. Preying upon the hospitality of an honest mum seeking to help her poor vaccine-injured child.

None of the Wakefield families would curse the man.

Like Balaam, Deer got angry, threw a hissy fit, and then fabricated a complaint with the UK GMC, something a highway man hired by vaccine manufacturers does to plant one on a good man endeared world-wide by families of Autistic children, victims of vaccine injury.

Brian Deer is a low creature. He is a beast. Though we would that all flesh shall see it, he is the servant of vaccine makers.

And the media is eating a big fat plate of crow.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. The British Medical Journal, which fired the loudest shot parroted around the world, is now in a mess of trouble. BMJ editors claim that it didn't occur to them that they should declare "competing interests" when they publicly accused Wakefield of "Piltdown" science fraud.

Now that the media, which did the dirty dirty deed to the name and reputation of Andrew Wakefield is busy spoon feeding us a steady diet of some gal with a drug giant sized trailing edge, the BMJ has issued a indirectly-linked correction to the BMJ-commissioned Brian Deer pre-fab attack on Andrew Wakefield. It seems BMJ have a little trouble with competing interests. Yes, I have it right. C-O-M-P-E-T-I-N-G interests, and not conflicts of interests.

The British Medical Journal takes millions and millions of dollars in from the monopolizing vaccine manufacturers, one which court records in Australia hold actually distributed a "hit list" of doctors to destroy in place to combat the truth, and editors routinely place drug company favorable studies into medical publication. So while their attempted assassination piece on Andrew Wakefield gained maudlin success in the not-so-perceptive mainstream media, this fact can not be over-looked as it clearly has polluted their credibility.

The British Medical Journal has admitted they are competing against Andrew Wakefield deliberately relating to money. They offered a correction because they are receiving mercenary payments from drug companies.

Why is that? The answer is "that's the media".

What exactly is the media? The media is the entity the general public confuses with the free press.

I decided to figure it out. So I took one of those Latin translator web sites and fed in "media". And guess what? Accordingly the result came back...interventus.

Ordinarily, it's pretty clear this word is an early cousin of intervention and that would mean a third party to separate the two sides and fill in the facts.

In the case of Autism injury relating back to vaccines, the intervention is the vaccine-manufacturing drug companies using black-ops, embedded operatives in government, elected officials, etc. that produce the media such as influenza scamdemic attacks followed by really big butts who are really paid shills.

So from now on when you hear the word media, think ten-in-one Freak Show and not Lou Grant.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: MMR Hack Is Paid By Drug Giants

Hey riddle riddle. The cat in the middle. That deer drives by light of the moon. The dirty dog laughed to see such a tort. And our rights disappeared before noon .

We marvel at the fact that reality conflicts with the political will of government vaccine advisers. That research full of evidence is rejected before it is seen declares prejudice.

And who puts these notions inside the heads of IOM committee members? The US Centers For Disease Control? Hardly.

The peculiar pride that walks hand in hand with those who can not possibly admire themselves as they obfuscate, yet privily they knowingly scheme in doing just that, expresses well a higher order. Government is simply a redoubt clever and implacably placed ahead of those walled up in yonder castle.

Whence cometh thou wave after wave after wave of minions on the march to enforce the political will of those who can not allow the public to think independently, to speak publicly, or to experience redemption? Censorship seconds ulterior defiance of good faith, good intentions, and the unpleasant, less than wholesome goodness of three live, neurologically-active viruses let loose inside immature little bodies; a foolish act somehow attested to as dead wrong, yet inexplicably and vociferously defended as necessary.

To those, we suggest your axe belongs to a dying nation, yea rather, the consolidation of a shrinking, elitist empire ignoble and rawly equipped to comprehend that freedom is no excuse to hide behind. Freedom does not deem anything less than compliance to be ignorance. Oppression is uncanny by way of protecting ignorance and unjustly punishing the wise. Freedom reproves ignorance and cherishes the wise. Freedom breaks down the walls of defense, tears through the holy veil, so that all can admire the truth so important to us all.

For it is impossible to not arrive at the contemplation that this wicked game of twists and turns, mutating rules, blind sight, and evil undertaking was hatched not from innocence, but rather in prejudice against the innocents their premeditated offense would create. And to suggest that they take musing the unfortunate victims of their pretentious wheel of misfortune is itself the unraveling diabolical motives.

The delights of these merry men taking pleasure at their injustices are those of they with no solemn distinction for their hollow and meaningless victories in this wicked, treasonous game of theirs.

Ps 10:13 Wherefore doth the wicked contemn God? he hath said in his heart, Thou wilt not require it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Bad Samaritan's Wild Ride or Things We Don't Get

Maybe you have heard the old saying?

"Three boys at the window, looked out through the bars; two saw dirt and the third saw stars"

Always look on the bright side of life? Always reach for the stars? Always be positive by ignoring your present state of being? (It's always always, ain't it?)

Whatever the moral intended to teach us originally, we always know dirt wins by two-thirds landslide.

"He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future." - George Orwell

There's no lesson to be learned in the fast-acting, yet decade-long Andrew Wakefield massacre except if you find vaccine-strain Measles in the guts and central nervous systems of children, do like the rest, and mind your own business.

Those Measles Wakefield's lab workers found apparently belong to a large vaccine-manufacturing drug company and may not be disseminated. So the secret policeman is sent to enforce the decree from the crown of these modern Medicaleval Times "Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine are, in fact, a very secret Droit du seigneur and not to be thought about intelligently".

It's not supposed to noticed that a little later on billionaire Bill Gates, a vaccine business partner with media mogul Rupert Murdoch, wants vaccines forced on all the little children because he thinks it's a great way to cut population growth by at least 15%.

The relationship between the media and corporate interests has been for long time a shadowy mystery. For years people knew that Reuters Health shared the same CEO as GlaxoSmithKline. Yes, that's messed up, but try to explain why a nation like the UK couldn't find anyone else suitable for one job or the other except Sir Christopher Hogg in both positions at the same time to anybody and dumb-found them with the primary fact that nation is outrageously creepy with conflicts of interests.

Yes it is wrong. No-OK? Come to think of it, how easy it has been for one non-human entity to provoke a stampede to provide financial gratification for the other non-human entity. When you consider the large, very expensive medical hoaxes like the Avian and Swine Flu scamdemics that transpired over the past decade you begin to see the mechanisms for the engineering of consent pose the ultimate danger to civilization. Power is not unreasonable except when corrupt people grasp power for selfish purposes.

Few ever question the honesty and the real intentions of the corporation-media-government relationship without being damaged. This Bermuda-triangle affair as wrong as it and as damaging to human rights as it is fortunately and unfortunately is at toilet-exiting vortex (or apex) right now. These are the best of times. These are the worst of times. These are the dumb-down dumbiest of thimes.

The citizen-spy events in the UK within their elitist socialist system of rule is little more than a disgraceful display of socialist system flaunting by self-flattery. As citizens decry the realization that the UK is essentially a police state they discovered not who polices the policeman, but people are timid and give up too easily.

Many in the UK are fighting the good fight for freedom and for the restoration of good government. They want to know why media mogul Rupert Murdoch's son came from GlaxoSmithKline to a position of authority at Murdoch's Sunday Times also, which then in short time launched a coordinated re-attack on Andrew Wakefield in order to present the low-down, clandestine spy work of corporate henchman Citizen Deer as a noble hero and not as the bad samaritan he really is.

Some in the UK seek to revise history. They claim to have evidence that the nation was once visited the nations of Tarshish by Jesus Christ as a boy. In an effort to justify the Briton's lusts for human sacrifices they are claiming all sorts of things in His name. Rocks, logs, and every chiseled tablet of stone throughout the land is being re-examined to determine if historians failed to recognize something in the past might prove Jesus did once step foot on their land.

But what the rest of Christendom is trying to figure out is what is Jesus Christ telling the people of the United Kingdom today?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dr. Fione Goodlee: Piltdown Smack Down

For those who don't know 'Piltdown man' started out as a two pieces of a medieval skull, a lower simian jaw, an elephant molar, a hippopotamus tooth, and a chimpanzee tooth thrown in. With some finesse (and handy-dandy modeling clay) scientists were able to fabricate an entire caveman.

Manipulation was so easy even a scientist could do it.

"Concerns about conflicts of interest in science hit the headlines earlier this year following publication in the spring of a study by Tufts University in Science and Engineering Ethics. It found that only 16% of 1396 highly ranked scientific and biomedical journals had conflict of interest disclosure policies. And of those, fewer than one percent of articles they published in 1997 contained any disclosures from authors. Nearly 66% of the journals contained no disclosures at all." - Beware A Conflict Of Interest The Scientist, 2001

At the time Piltdown man was a source of nationalistic pride for the UK. They claimed to have found the so called missing link, very important for the UK's evolutionary theory of man's existence to continue.

One problem.

It was a complete fake, but (unless there is evidence that somebody died of aggravation) not the kind of deadly fake you commonly see being perpetrated by world health people, who create mass media scamdemics year after year to steal tax dollars mostly from the US.

"Fiona Godlee, editorial director for medicine at BioMed Central, insists that medical authors are asked what potential conflicts of interest they have. The majority say none, and can be classed as 'none declared' alongside their articles. "I've conducted research into how many authors declare anything and the proportion is very small," says Godlee. "It's something like two per cent." Beware A Conflict of Interests, The Scientist, 2001

The death toll relating to past 'piltdown viruses' stampedes is never examined, but folks over-loaded with media-induced panic do die in each, and many become sick unnecessarily due to unwarranted injection with the complimentary (code for tax dollar supported industry product) experimental Thimerosal-containing vaccine, usually the sole purpose of the panic virus.

"There is certainly more misconduct out there than was thought," says Fiona Godlee, chair of Cope [Committee on Publication Ethics] and editor of the BMJ. "Editors have a responsibility to pursue allegations of fraud, but their resources and remit are limited. The academic establishment in Britain has not taken the problem seriously enough". - Is the spirit of Piltdown man alive and well?, Telegraph, 2005

Sadly, the propensity of doctors is to sulk into a melancholic state relating to their inability to fight the drug giants, who through fear, intimidation, people placement, and cleverly devised exit strategies have the ability to return time and time again to their rainbow pot of gold, your tax dollars.

Open public solicitation, albeit generalized invitation to pharmaceutical companies, is usually something like a bribe bid hiding in plain sight. The astute reader may have a recollection of such a bold, solicitous arrangement most recently.

"Scamdemics are like winning the lottery. Maybe more correctly call them a lootery?", questioned one outside observer. "To the drug companies monopolizing the vaccine marketplace, a vaccine boondoggle is their most successful business model, and it includes the help of billionaires in the media and liability for vaccine injury and death never comes from the drug giant."

Now a decade (2001-2011) after the Tufts University study found "only 16% of 1396 highly ranked scientific and biomedical journals had conflict of interest disclosure policies" do we learn that editors of the British Medical Journal, who gave secret policeman Brian Deer's unproven fraud allegations against vaccine researcher Andrew Wakefield a specious seal of approval, have not only glaring conflicts of interests, but have incriminated themselves as lowly hypocrites dealing in journalistic smut to whatever society it is that reads this poor Kerboblog.

The fact that BMJ and The Lancet-- two of the most prestigious international medical journals would enter into a medical education partnership with the drug manufacturer whose staff drew up a "doctor hit list" to intimidate doctors who dared to discuss the lethal cardiac risks linked to Vioxx--is in itself a betrayal of trust of the worst sort. - Alliance for Human Research Protection, 2011

The disgrace is not only the fact that the issue of drug company influences on medical publication has been completely hi-jacked by Goodlee for the wrong reason of smearing Andrew Wakefield. The editors' zeal to beat the sleeping dog to death in order to appease tyrannical Citizen Deer - and whatever anti-litigation forces remits him his daily bread - has furthered Autism injury research ten years in reverse, only means the continued loss of prestige already severely crippled by drug ad quid gone wild, and effectively condemns the publication inevitably and indefinitely.

"We didn't declare these competing interests because it didn't occur to us to do so." - Fione Goodlee, M.D. BMJ editor, March, 2011

Goodlee, years after pinning herself to the issue of what she indicates are long-standing, long-term habitual patterns of questionable scientific integrity, declaring scientific conflicts of interest as sure telltale of " piltdown science" (she "researched" this) amazingly was said to be "struck by a comparison between researcher Andrew Wakefield's fraud (alleged) and 'Piltdown man'".

"How about that?", said an investigator. "Jesus warned about those who can see a mote caught in thy neighbor's eye, yet can't seem to get the telephone pole out of their own eye."

So why did the hippocriticalpotamus molar decide to bite Andrew Wakefield's bum.

The British Medical Journal's deersay allegations against Wakefield allowed US vaccine court to leap to the wrong conclusion. The medical journal's involvement with Deer had zero to do with "setting the record straight" it has everything to do with cloaking lots of "American babies being shot at dawn" in vaccine court.

Just take a look at how the vaccine manufacturing drug companies live up to their vaccine court promises. The British Medical Journal has just as much innocent blood on their hands as does the rest of the vaccine marketplace.

When one is sacrificed for the safety of all:

"We are in the midst of an international epidemic. Those responsible for investigating and dealing with this epidemic have failed. Among the reasons for this failure is the fact that they are faced with the prospect that they themselves may be responsible for the epidemic. Therefore, in their efforts to exonerate themselves they are an impediment to progress.

I believe that public health officials know there is a problem; they are, however, willing to deny the problem and accept the loss of an unknown number of children on the basis that the success of public health policy - mandatory vaccination - by necessity involves sacrifice.

Neither I, nor my colleagues subscribe to the belief that any child is expendable. History has encountered and dealt with such beliefs. You, the parent's and children, are the source of the inspiration and strength for our endeavours; our quest for truth through science - a science that is compassionate, uncompromising and uncompromised.

I do not mean to stir you to mutiny, but be assured that armed with this science it is in your power to force this issue, in your pediatricians office, in Congress, in the Law Courts. Keep faith with your instincts - they have served you well."
- Andy Wakefield, April 22, 2002

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Fade From Fab To Deersay

Once upon a time he was 'untouchable'. The no apparent strings attached rock-star inquisitor of once numerous Autism researchers. Now, as UK political authorities scrap over who is who in their comical spy v. spy media shoot-out diversionary tactic, Deer is faded from F-A-B to fodder.

Brian Deer - the one trick pony in a UK stable of over-aggressive Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine-defending anti-litigation studs.

Brian Deer - a bloody-back jack boot so cold he backhandedly set Autism research back ten years just for looking at the MMR live virus vaccine.

"Bob Stewart (Beckenham): To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, if she will assess the adequacy of the police investigation into the activities commissioned by The Sunday Times of the freelance journalist Mr Brian Deer in relation to the acquisition of children's medical records and information from (a) the Royal Free Hospital and (b) other sources between 2003 and 2005." - MP Bob Stewart of Beckenham, written request

Say it ain't so, Joe.
What? Brian Deer? A patsy henchman for the quid deal between vaccine manufacturing drug companies and England's mass vaccinating 'commit to genocide' media mogul Rupert Murdoch?

Many are correctly linking James Murdoch (seen left), an influential appointed executive/director of both the Sunday Times and UK drug Giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)up to his eyeballs in spy lies, and the way the Wakefield saga was reported.

But Deer's power was incredibly bombastic for an odd-ball man UK media is hoping to convince was little more than a stringer. Deer's toxic articles ran ahead of Murdoch's son being appointed pivot man in the UK anti-litigation racket.

"Life is too short to get involved in litigation. I do not want to spend the next five years paying lawyers. Instead what I'm going to do is move the MMR debate from the high court to Lambeth court where it will be played out in full." - Brian Deer

"One of the misconceptions of a free-lance or stringer is they are newspaper staff. They are not. Outside. Stringers are mystery men, who might not ever be seen by the staff in the newsroom. All an editor knows is a superior plops down paper on his desk and he is told when he is to run it. It could be social. It could be political. It could be corporate. No questions asked," said a former newspaper veteran. "There are markers on every page the public doesn't necessarily know about that tell the true story. The deal-makers doing the newspaper's actual business are always low key."

In 2000, Deer's web site was registered at an Atlanta, Georgia residential address less than five miles away from US Centers For Disease Control headquarters and the Emory University campus where accused CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen M.D., indicted by Danish authorities for money-laundering CDC tax dollars, used to hang out.

While the domain and other pieces of evidence linking Deer to Atlanta may be a matter for US intelligence officials, the sudden disclosures that UK media are highly trained in spy tactics indicate the elaborate cover up for Brian Deer forming in the UK media is an elaborate cover up forming in the UK media for Brian Deer.

Yet, Deer has become more deranged. Tucked away for safe keeping in a Guardian blog, he is currently lashing out at doctors for not joining him in is his blood lusts for destroying the lives of innocent kids and those tending them based on his deersay approach to medical journal blather against Wakefield, a guy OK with Autism parents and most noted benefactor of his study controls.(Wafefield gave some neuro-typical kids five pounds each once for donating some blood for his study and this made Brian Deer all fussy-wussy)

But not a single word from the self-perceived expert gladiator on medical ethics about an ethics changes proposal that will assure foreign drug company jack corruption will be returning with whopping force. Just another legible proof Citizen Deer is head and shoulders above the UK media crowd in low-low-low undertakings.

But not a single word from the self-perceived expert gladiator on medical ethics about the Boston Globe busting a drug giant caught in the act of political corruption.

He once commanded a whole posse of science bloggers all assigned to attack families of Autism injured kids, but when the US CDC conceded that vaccines caused little red head Hannah Poling to get Autism they rode off respectful of the truth yet he, like Custer at Little Big Horn, wasn't having anything of it.

Now he's hoping that his spy pals can paint him as a champion of public interests and not a tyrannical socialistic totalitarian McCarthyism steam bucket.

Did I leave mud-slinging out? Sorry.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Folly Forecast: The Spaceball Ricochet

While most parents of Autism injured children agree that Jenny McCarthy is the worst possible thing to happen to us since government brains gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict created 'Every Child By Two' it remains cogent that there are those virtues the gal possesses, chiefly, the ability to draw out the enemies of our children and our cause.

Her latest self-promoting scheme involved posting what she claims is a photo of herself, apparently after swallowing something bigger than a bread box. Completely off message now as she is, it did lead to a discovery apparently unknown to her, ignored by her, or one she is incapable of re-dressing.

Useful idiots with adulterous relationships with US Centers for Disease Control and Invention propaganda personnel embedded in the entertainment industry often, unaware or neglecting the fact they are brain-washed, try to find something useful to do with their acquired idiocy.

A person formerly close to the center of the CDC propaganda machine stated, "The CDC recognizes the power of popular entertainment in shaping the perceptions and practices of its viewers."

The level of propaganda saturation isn't limited to TV news.

"Television shows, movies, and music not only command the attention of their audiences, but also reinforce existing behavior, demonstrate new behavior, and affect audience emotions," the expert added. "The CDC often partners with Hollywood executives and academic, public health, and advocacy organizations to share information with writers and producers."

In other words, the CDC propaganda machine is likely to have heavy influence over a person self-described as a post production supervisor/producer of various television programs.

The immediate discrediting of this poor 'body count' effort designed to dramatically convince the public Jenny McCarthy is, under government advisory, a crackpot, or there is a lack of vaccine something or another going on is a piece of cake.

During the Swine Flu II scamdemic popularized by propaganda outlets to scare Americans and thus create polarity against Autism injured children, CBS News attempted to verify the credibility of US Centers for Disease Control statistics. The report that followed their investigation leaves this poor fool with little more than his typical weaponry of mono-filament string, a couple disposable pie pans, and a camera. Not exactly effective tools against the perplexing truth.

The vaccine adverse events reporting system [VAERS], the same data which official authorities use to determine when to pull a particularly deadly vaccine off the market, is known to be under-reported by 90% due to the fact doctors believe they have supernatural powers, x-ray vision, etc. and therefore they don't need to rely upon scientific proof the vaccine they just injected didn't cause their patient to croak.

It's possible there's a misunderstanding. However, Lenin said "a single death is a tragedy and a million deaths statistics", not the other way around.

"A Cochrane Database Systematic Review found only one old trial with data from 35 participants aged 12-28 months"

Using the same dates as the opponent of Autism injured children did, but refraining from use of scientifically unsubstantiated CDC mortality data, were found 909 vaccine related adverse events where the patient died from 06-01-2007 to 07-24-2011. This included all vaccines on the market by drug makers using the severely under-reported VAERS data.

Accounting that another ninety percent of vaccine related adverse events have been systematically obfuscated cleverly by not using science-based approaches vaccine program death mortality over four years could be as high as 9000 to 10,000, with a statistical hitch suggesting over 50% were age of three or less.

But the 'body count' also claims to know how many vaccine preventable illnesses there have been since 2007. But when overwhelming science-based evidence was overwhelmingly implicating officials for their roles in scamdemic fraud the CDC told states to stop dissecting their scamdemic fraud.

But. But. But. But.

"If the federal government tells you you've got Swine Flu lay down and be sick with Swine Flu."

What exactly is a "vaccine preventable illness"? Is it a bird? Is it a piece of toast? A very small rock? A Peter Doshi article in the British Medical Journal? Is it bigger than a bread box? Is it a level of shameful sickness persisting in a highly vaccinated first world nation in which vaccines are used to vaccinate lots and lots of vaccinated people with vaccines?

This extremely maudlin approach clear-basted with ignorance butter does not really deserve attention.

Vaccine rates are pretty high, yet the 'body count' conveniently shoots vaccines in the foot by candidly alleging massive levels of illness which have zero to do with Jenny McCarthy, Basketball Jones, Andrew Wakefield, Korean geese, UFO conspiracy, suspending pie pans fixed together, Orson Welles, or movie-induced sickness for that matter.

One need only to look at the 2006 Iowa Mumps epidemic and the 92-7% vaccine failure rate. 92-7% of the Iowa colleges kids sickened with a strain of Mumps had Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine [MMR] history and it did zero to keep them from getting sick.

Unlike this "informed" entertainment industry executive, Kerboblog readers know only silly rabbits believe in "vaccine preventable illnesses". Illnesses for which there are vaccines are only those which science-based evidence proves are either avoidable or un-avoidable.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kerboblog WEEKEND: Media Myth-Making Magic

Remember what short time ago it was when the media set fire to vaccine injury expert and cutting edge Autism researcher Andrew Wakefield?

That was based solely on a report by a British tabloid writer with the ethical integrity and factual credibility of well,....a British tabloid writer.

Within hours of publishing, US Justice Department attorneys ran around their office space excitedly flapping the fraudulent British Medical Journal accusation by the British tabloid reporter as if it was somehow credible science because it was written and published by people with most distinguished accents.

Now it is learned there is grammatical evidence the same may have expanded his flair for the role of ubiquitous inquisitor to that of sole executioner as insiders recently noted vaccine court special masters suddenly became un-compassionate, yet quite emotional jerks in their writings directly a part of the three Autism test case decisions.

The suggestion is the decisions have the remarkable similarity to style of British tabloid reporter writing, and with thousands of printed copies of the decisions safely in the hands of American citizens it seems hardly possible to revert back to a genre of civility.

"This was a situation where cooperative justice turned into psychotic, alter-ego, redneck, slave ship captain style, idiopathic, smack down", said one observer. "The level of insensitivity and lack of objective honesty carries a whiff something foul and unconscionable for all Americans. These families saw their children melt away into a neurological disability as a result of inflexible government mass vaccination policy and the special masters ignored the fact most fought with a disabled child under one arm. The court called them liars."

Certain logistical figures also strongly suggest a sincere lack of attention was given to the families pleas for justice. "The Omnibus Autism Proceeding featured over 211,000 pages of evidence" another expert stated.

"Do the math and that's close to three years worth of intense, individual scholarly examination based on a consumption rate of 200 pages per day including Saturdays and Sundays."

Now that wiring taps, shady espionage of foreign entities, and the nasty attitudes of those foreign entities fighting against Autism injuries related to vaccines are on the march for another Cowpens visit, it appears the 'house that Merck built' is vociferously attempting to clear the decks ahead of a reversal of fortunes for Autism injured children.

A spark has lit something in Congress. Investigators there following the Poul Thorsen autism research fraud proceedings - implicating the US Centers for Disease Control as a money-laundering front for the drug lobby - also now have a keen eye on vaccine court, aware a mole from a foreign, socialist government vaccine manufacturing drug company no only infiltrated an official US federal court, manipulated the American press with fabricated false information, publicly assassinated expert witnesses minding their own business defending Autism injured children, puppeteer-ed US Justice Department attorneys unfettered, but is likely to have made his own decisions the very decisions offered to the American people.

"The guy must have eight arms like an octopus", said a person.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

From The Editor

Greetings to you Kerboblog readers peering into your liquid crystal displays! I hope your peepers aren't too tired or you're not reading this because you're fighting sleep.

Oooo. I'm sooooooo excited to be .... Oh no! I almost spilled all of my martini onto the keyboard. Martini Syndrome. Somebody help me...there. I use bold to indicate when I yell. It's soooo much more pleasant than yelling in all caps. DON'T YA THINK?

I don't think it's advisable to drink from the keyboard, but it seems possible.

-Please Stand By-

Ah, good to the last drop. Oh, I hope I don't zap myself. I'll avoid that one. It looks like a doo-y. Well aren't they all still a little moist to the touch. My fingers are so sensitive, ya know?

Please stand by. Please stand by. Now where did that come from?

Oh well...As I was say...Now I wonder if anybody actually gets up, walks to the television and stands by the set and waits until the crew at the broadcast facilities fix the technical difficulties? We all know it's just the perfect time for a water break and a fresh bucket of icy rocks.

Just a minute.

Now were did you go you little devil? I see you. There. Now look. You're all fuzzy....zzzzzzzz...well, that's settled....ZZZZZZ...very nice, it was a dry martini, after all...what was I saying...Ahh. You're all fuzzy and what happened to the cute little pimento in your belly button? He's all by himself in the jungle down there. All alone and no firm olive, plump and ripe to tuck into for a nice doze.

Aaaahhh, so I was saying there's nothing like the heat of summer to bring out sizzling flesh. Mmmmmm. Summer winds carry such nice, refreshing. I'm not partial to venison. Too gamey for me.

Today's poem is entitled:..........

What? (I just typed gamy wrong in the last paragraph and the little squiggly red lines that prompt editing is needed have appeared below it. It's hurtful to my eyes to look upon it. Now who can fix it? Oh, sorry. What I meant is this is most perplexing; a situation requiring the...well... just was who edits the editors? )I'll fix it later.

Today's poem for Kerboblog readers....

Well, I am just, just tickled with fuzzy felt the mean people have finally been caught spying on you. Oooo, they make me angry. Don't you agree?

That Brian Deer is a spy. He's such a mean bully. If I was Brian Lawerence, I'd give him a piece of my mind.

And that leads us to today's poem, entitled: Ode To The Sheriff of Knucklehead

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sound Of Silence

In actual life, every great enterprise begins with and takes its first forward step in faith.

As time will certainly shed more light on the social indignities of the wealthy despots toying with the very life of the man on the street, let's not make the mistake of presuming one who pays through the nostrils to pour on the spotlight upon himself is light.

Create a device to kill labor. Just before the plowshares and pruning-hooks are beaten into sword and spear, using 'angels of light', sabotage the future.

Rv 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

Warped minds like Bill Gates have spent years and years toiling in between appointments with Dungeons and Dragons hoping to figure out how they'd be much better off without the world to bother them.

Now what did your mama tell you about dabbling in the occult?

Sure Bill Gates is a believer, but he folded his own deranged tin foil hat. He believes vaccines should be employed to control the world's population. That's his Microsoft code for genocide.

Right now, his 'strength through vaccines at gun-point' terror program is chasing down African villagers and at gun-point vaccinating them against their will. Should make your skin crawl.

One way Bill Gates knows he can do that is through exposure to Thimerosal, the highly volatile mercury compound which one study found de-alkalizes unrelated to the detoxification process depositing up to seventy times the amount of inorganic mercury in the brain that tuna mercury was found to.

Imagine a pair of US Army issue birth-control glasses stapled to your head for life. That's Autism.

Bill Gates also knows all the facts and fatality figures for vaccines. He's happy to think vaccines will knock out fifteen percent of tomorrow's children, but he's no Marxist. Follow the trail of money.

All part of the deal he made with the devil long ago when he voted himself future world ruler. "Ye shall become as gods...."

It's all the morality play.

While you and I were being lectured about the accountability this nation has to others, the moral convictions it takes to be a nation set apart and shining for those yearning for a taste of freedom to see, Bill Gates must have caught only the warning part about how computers would be used to take jobs away, to destroy American values, and to hurt people and said, "groovy".

You can't imagine what a thrill it is to live next door? Look over the hedges and see a genocidal maniac mad man and a germ freak rolled into one? Howard Hughes Disease take two?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UK Spies On All Of US

The US Supreme Court decided that victims of vaccine injury can't sue vaccine manufacturers.

What most Americans missed was the fond pat on the heads given to his American breeds by not-so-bonny Prince Charlie during his official visit just days after they striped courts across the land of their power and handed all decisions into a place referred to as 'the House that Merck built'.

Justice Scalia was hand picked by President Ronald Reagan. Justice Kennedy was also hand-picked by President Ronald Reagan. True the appointment is for life in hopes that would keep the court honest, but true also is the fact vaccine court is un-Constitutional and in need of repeal.

Not just Thimerosal kids, but all Americans were effectively forced to accept British vaccine injury law.

This is the issue:

"Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves."

Those words were spoken by the man who hand-picked two of the justices who forsook the American people in order to get a short glimpse of royalty. Politics is the business of exchanging favors, justice isn't.

The American people are learning quite late our society has been infiltrated and is in the process of being over-thrown by indignant foreign power.

Ronald Reagan was never afraid to speak his mind. In "A Time For Choosing" he also recorded in history his concerns for our future.

He cringed at voices who say "Our traditional system of individual freedom is incapable of solving the complex problems of the 20th century."

Today, we sense that once again the despots have a mind to subtly take back their former colonies. And all we get from our government is strength through vaccines, no questions asked?

Seeing how the US Supreme Court was falling all over themselves to oblige a British offensive against innocent vaccine-injured American children harmed by vaccines made in the UK is just another act of treason.

Reagan made a difference whenever he spoke.

But as a former Democrat, I can tell you Norman Thomas isn't the only man who has drawn this parallel to socialism with the present administration, because back in 1936, Mr. Democrat himself, Al Smith, the great American, came before the American people and charged that the leadership of his Party was taking the Party of Jefferson, Jackson, and Cleveland down the road under the banners of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. And he walked away from his Party, and he never returned til the day he died—because to this day, the leadership of that Party has been taking that Party, that honorable Party, down the road in the image of the labor Socialist Party of England.

Now it doesn't require expropriation or confiscation of private property or business to impose socialism on a people. What does it mean whether you hold the deed to the—or the title to your business or property if the government holds the power of life and death over that business or property? And such machinery already exists. The government can find some charge to bring against any concern it chooses to prosecute. Every businessman has his own tale of harassment. Somewhere a perversion has taken place. Our natural, unalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation of government, and freedom has never been so fragile, so close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment.

The way Britain is today is reminiscent of what so many of our forefathers fought to free this land from...socialistic totalitarianism.

King and dictator aren't on opposite ends of the political perspective they're circumspect right next to each other in the annals of truth.

A king never rules a land. The socialistic circle of which he is center, rules the land. And now we as Americans find ourselves eating whatever crumbs we can as our highest court adds deaf and dumb to their blindness except in the presence of the man who would be king.

Marxist are always broken-hearted when the true Marxists arrive in town. Many end up dead.

Even Ben Franklin was said to have learned the hard way. He went into the 'old Cockpit' a loyal British subject, he came out a disenfranchised American. He would be the first to recognize he'd spent the majority of his life as a useful idiot of the British crown.

He arrived back in America in time to put his wit and all his heart to pen in co-authoring the Declaration of Independence. We all know our Revolution must remain alive.

The US Supreme Court has surrendered without a single thought of upholding the US Constitution. Reports are true that United State Department of Justice lawyers leapt for joy racing around waving an article British operative Brian Deer's

They are yet the latest US government institution to throw Thimerosal-poisoned little boys and girls under the double-decker bus. But are they the American people?

In 'A Time For Choosing' Ronald Reagan quipped, "They've just declared Rice County, Kansas, a depressed area. Rice County, Kansas, has two hundred oil wells, and the 14,000 people there have over 30 million dollars on deposit in personal savings in their banks. And when the government tells you you're depressed, lie down and be depressed."

And when the government tells you you're a crazy parent, lie down and be crazy.

The fact that Ronald Reagan signed a law initially enacting vaccine court means little. History records he did so against his better judgment when faced with unfair and inappropriate pressure upon him.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Neurodiversity: Is Dead

Never trust the guy in a tunic, eh? Er, well...we've found a witch! May we burn her...him...uh. I'd rather be dead than red on the...

Let's just say when a so called independent journalist ends up with the private medical records of children suffering bowel problems tied to their reception of the still infamous and still deadly MMR vaccine ...well... the said records didn't just fall out of a Bible inside a local book store.

One would be foolish and remiss to believe that a media bogart could just out of the blue tender private medical records without them being handed down from government spooks.

According to a 2003 Sunday Times report, Andrew Wakefield has disclosed the phone line to his former London house was tapped in 2000. While there, he routinely conducted "sweeps" to check for bugs.

Speaking of sham government, what exactly is neurodiversity, the combination working with vaccine-manufacturing drug companies to wrongly delineate what's been attacking the brains of so many American youngsters?

Is it an advocacy group dedicated to being a voice for those inflicted with Autism?

No, from all angles, neurodiversity is nothing more than a clandestine pharmaceutical company front going out of the way to screw over the legal claims of vaccine-injured children - attacking little vaccine-injured children by proxy.

Are they Autism advocates?

Ya, sort of advocates, but based on evidence, not for Autistic folks. They are what Sherman Anti-Trust defines as a combination in restraint of trade.

Let's tell the truth.

To be neurodiverse you: a) astroturf on behalf of vaccine-manufacturing drug companies all over the internet: b) attack comments made by parents of vaccine-injured children, c) distribute fabricated falsehoods to specifically defend pharmaceutical companies, d) avoid the "CDC settled the Hannah Poling case because her vaccinations caused her Autism" issue like it's the plague, e) pretend to have scientific backing while ignoring textbook chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, pathology, and f)hide the fact that you take pleasure in knifing vaccine-injured kids in the back.

Let's tell the truth.

Neurodiversity, like a roaring lion, celebrates collectively their hatred of Thimerosal moms and dads for claiming, based on all available medical evidence, vaccines caused their children life-long brain injuries.

Neurodiversity is avowed to have no idea that vaccines cause negative neurological outcomes to happen and vaccines cause Autism specifically.

Neurodiversity believes that doctors and government vaccine industry specialists who kill babies or cause babies to become autistic and/or autistic-like never try to cover up the fact they've killed babies or caused babies to become autistic and/or autistic-like by redacting medical records, quashing information discovery, and by fabricating fraudulent, non-contemporaneous research.

Neurodiversity vociferously desires to conceal the fact that less than ten percent of vaccine injury cases are self-reported to the vaccine program by re-directing attention to false claims that Autism is genetic.

Neurodiversity is avowed to not let the American public know vaccines contain live, neurologically-active viruses that can eat away at brain tissue.

Neurodiversity means business whenever there's a news story relating to a connection between Autism and vaccines - going out of the way to work in combination with numerous vaccine manufacturing drug companies black ops to bury the truth.

Neurodiversity goes out of the way to write what are best described and publicly perceived as coaxing letters to courts, vociferously attempting to interdict the due process of vaccine-injury victims. Once again, blindly defending large vaccine-manufacturing drug companies against all legal claims. Is that respectful of the rights of vaccine-injured children? Going out of their way to vindictively throw themselves at the court? Do the ring-leaders of the neurodiversity front have Hannah Poling voo-doo dolls that we don't know about?

When a member of the US Centers For Disease Control anti-litigation bloc of Autism research's hand-selected gang of fraudsters gets indicted for fraud, even though he or she has been caught red-handed in the act of taking money under the table from the US government in exchange for research exonerating vaccines from the role they play in the American Autism epidemic, Neurodiversity vociferously denies and vociferously attacks the truth.

There's an investigation of the CDC fraudster going on, is it really the job of neurodiversity to vociferously attack the Danish police when they disclose there is an investigation going on, vociferously attack the Danish press for reporting Danish police disclosed the CDC fraudster is wanted by Danish police for questioning, and vociferously work to hatch the erroneous idea the fraudster's actual Autism research is above reconsideration?

Consider the source and follow the money trail.