Saturday, January 15, 2011

Autism Racketeers: What We Know About What They Know

We all know the US Supreme Court is about to reveal their decision on whether or not victims of vaccine injury should have both human rights and civil rights. Sure the wrong, un-American side of the issue is going to saturate us with whatever they can stuff into the business end of their wide-mouth cannons. Pre-trial publicity like that right now being caused by the drug giants via proxies like Brian Deer and Paul Offit are designed to inappropriately influence decision-makers.

In the old days cattle rustlers used to sneak up on a cattle drive while the ranchers were resting, then on cue, open fire with their six-shooters. With cattle flying around the plain, the cowboys were forced into accepting the fact somebody stampeded their drive in order to steal cattle. The delays rustlers and competing interests caused by creating the stampedes sometimes killed ranch hands and often led to severe losts.

By estimate the present Wakefield media "stampede" is most obvious and the likelihood is the Justices of the Supreme Court aren't unaware of the fact that Brian Deer and Paul Offit are ringleaders in the same old band of rustlers who keep screwing American families over for pleasure.

That's your misfortune and none of my own.

What's amazing is the low regard Deer has for the best legal minds in America. Being a foreign agent, Deer has to convince himself every day he has a master mind and the US Supreme Court can't second guess his prejudice against American families with children adversely affected by childhood vaccines.

If you aren't exact hip, what you may have missed is Brian Deer working over Wakefield all over again for offering pre-teen control subjects a cupcake fiver for some blood samples, not disclosing Royal Free Hospital's fee for services that he says he didn't even know about, and frankly still being alive and breathing.

Not exactly fraud nor sufficient ammo to have Wakefield's Lancet paper withdrawn.

Brian Deer doesn't have the spine to address the wholesale CDC Autism research fraud racket and ringleader Poul Thorsen because it's bad for the drug business.

In fact, when the Thorsen fraud story was about to go BIG TIME Deer, Paul Offit and company threw the three test cases in vaccine court out.

Offit and Deer are well beyond cowards for using three of our children has human shields the way they did.

Sure it effectively smothered the Thorsen fraud story from making national saturation for a while, but come on.

Deer must know he can't out-run the long arm of the law and his duty to himself is a rather low concept of morality for any age.

Deer certainly knows that in the 1980s across America vaccine manufacturing drug companies had carved up states in their scheme to monitor for adverse neurological outcomes which initiated after the vaccine schedule ballooned with the advent of drug companies co-op "Every Child By Two" sales pitch.

Sometimes concepts like Thimerosal-containing placebos used in vaccine trials go right over the heads of people.

Um, oh yeah....

That's right, Deer and Offit knew years and years ago in order to catch all the children adversely affected by Thimerosal-containing vaccines, through governmental "partnerships", major drug companies sunk millions of laundered US tax dollars into "autism" centers where their specialists set up "monitoring" shops to dish out free Autism pills and wait for bad things to happen.

Deer and Offit know in the 1990s one such "center" in a medium-size metropolitan market of around two million Americans consisted of just six "case specialists" and served a catchment of 47 families with at least a child neurologically compromised by infant and toddler Thimerosal-containing shots.

Since being a "case specialist" means nothing more than observing a family try experimental drugs on their kid six "specialists" were more than adequate. Families received personalized in-home visits with decent regularity and as the "case specialists" now say "the data went somewhere".

According to historical fact, Brian Deer and Paul Offit know, in essence with the proliferation caused by the "Every Child By Two" vaccine marketing scheme, the same well-oiled centers became swamped with neurologically compromised children across America. In the noted center 47 families proliferated into over 2,100 families within the boundaries of the same area of catchment at the exact period of Thimerosal-containing vaccine proliferation.

Deer knows this is NOT consistent with the fraudulent claim that autism is always the same and occurs at the same rate levels and Offit knows this was noted before he helped create additional "partnerships" between vaccine manufacturing drug companies, vaccine-related branches of federal government, and major network television production decided to throw "better diagnosis" was causing the increase as if they were releasing a hostage.

In fact, the noted center's staff was completely stunned by the sudden proliferation in case load from 47 families affected to 2,100 families affected. As a result the same six specialists could no longer handle personalized interactions with families. They cleverly adopted a mass Autism orientation strategy using large facilities to seat hundreds at a time.

Deer knows the center of note did that, but he also knows on the executive level these centers were seeing red in ways more than one. The thing to do was to not ask the simple question of why 47 families had become 2,100 families. They saw the racketeering drug companies neck-deep in so called Autism "treatment" drug sales. They knew a lot about the profiteering going on. The center knew the exact cost of each so called "autism pill" being dispensed through their drug factory outlets.

Offit knows instead of blowing the whistle the center and others like it hounded the US Centers for Disease Control to declare the obvious epidemic officially. Offit knows the "autism" centers across the country, having been set up well in advance of the proliferation of infant and toddler vaccines which have Thimerosal in them, are store fronts for his vaccine manufacturing drug company, Merck, and he also knows his company makes billions and billions each year producing the pill which supposedly fixes the "autism" problem his corporation created.

With the initiation of vaccine proliferation including the first time use of untested vaccines in American babies under the age of two, caused by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, the US CDC had the spook-able task to count vaccine-induced averse neurological outcomes post vaccination.

Since they were funded to stay under the radar, the CDC-insurance industry partnership began keeping autism and other negative vaccine-backfire records without notice and were merrily ignoring the increases in negative neurological outcomes when they faced this major policy blow-back. Families were talking to centers. Centers were amazed at the large increases in case load being directed to them by vaccine-policy compliant pediatricians.

Both Deer and Offit know the CDC for over a decade had been seeing the increases in Autism attributable to vaccine policy change and like any serial killer who buries his victims in the back yard will do, were denying they knew anything about what was happening until they literally had their noses rubbed in all the unearthed Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If the US Justice Department weren't so busy funding and staffing the defense team for the large, multi-billion dollar vaccine-manufacturing drug companies they might ask Brian Deer about the years he spent at a house near the US Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. Then they might ask themselves what a spy is and whether or not a spy for a large vaccine manufacturing drug company is the same as a spy representing another geo-political entity.

It is inevitable in an age where sham government reverts back behind closed door to a Soviet-style listening room were Marxists on the receiving end of secret police wire-taps haunt We The People.

It is also inevitable perhaps that one such parent of a vaccine-injured child may have to ask the same question Dutch Reagan did in "King's Row".

"Where is the rest of me?!?!?!"

Friday, January 14, 2011

Anti-American Anti-Litigation Racket Attacking Thimerosal Families By Proxy Again

No surprise by the latest being re-spewed by the socialistic medicine spin doctors. Although it might seem they are just getting their rocks off by kicking Dr. Andrew Wakefield all over again, the same Andrew Wakefield the corporation-sullied media lynch mob tar and feathered to the delight of vaccine-manufacturing drug giants, the most likely subjects of their orientation are the Justices of the US Supreme Court.

The Court is expected to reveal their decision concerning civil rights of vaccine injury victims. This will aid thousands and thousands of American families raise their neurologically-compromised kids or it will provide vaccine-manufacturing drug companies a license to destroy more American infants and toddlers in serial-killer fashion.

This is same band of "article-ists" which seem to have orchestral unison whenever large vaccine-manufacturing drug giants need PR.

Dr. Poul Thorsen, the ring-leader of the US CDC Anti-Litigation Bloc of Autism Research is still on the loose.