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NORTHWEST SOUTHEAST LONDON - Heralded as a champion benefactor of the elderly for one decade or longer, and costing UK tax payers over £110,000,000.00, Pneumonia vaccine(s)are now finding their way back into the mythical hands of the lady in the lake from whence it apparently first came.

According to reports, the UK Department of Health was dropping propaganda leaflets on elderly Brits even though scientific study was un-proving the unsubstantiated claims being made to the public that Pneumonia vaccines work. They don't.


"The jab for older people has been linked to 30 deaths and more than 3,300 reported side effects, including heart disorders and joint and muscle pain, according to official figures from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency." - Daily Mail , May 31st 2011

The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is also known as the agency that saved tens of thousands of American lives when they halted the entire US Flu shot order in 2004. They found the shot was contaminated by Serratia, a Pneumonia-causing lung bacteria.

"To prevent the US FDA from bullying them around they also very publicly pulled the production license of the Liverpool plant effectively preventing them from producing ANY further Influenza vaccine until they cleaned up their germ infested vaccine plant", said one observer.

"It's not that the UK MHRA is anti-vaccine, or it has anything to do with Andrew Wakefield or parents of vaccine-induced Autistic children, the agency just does not believe vaccine manufacturing drug companies should slip in unauthorized Pneumonia-causing lung bacteria then pretend it's an epidemic of say Bird flu or say Swine flu."


Charlotte Linacre, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, claimed the programme should have been reviewed earlier.

She said: ‘The Department of Health shouldn’t just throw money at a project without reviewing its effectiveness.’
- Daily Mail , May 31st 2011


"What Linacre doesn't comprehend is if all vaccine programmes within the UK are reviewed for effectiveness there won't be any vaccine programmes within the UK", said one with knowledge of how vaccines do work.

No word yet about UK or any other health authority also scrapping Thimerosal-containing Influenza vaccines despite the fact that, based on their lack of effectiveness, they have already been fitted for concrete boots as a result of an exhaustive scientific review by the independent Cochrane Collaboration.

"Amazingly, the vaccine manufacturing drug companies continue to get away with murder", said one expert. "Read the literature about Pneumonia vaccines from the makers. From that it is clear the makers suggest the same vaccine scientifically proven completely worthless in adults (and now SCRAPPED in the UK) is the same vaccine they use on children. When in doubt it should be thrown out, but they won't suspend their operations or quit injecting children needlessly with harmful substances until you spend the money to also prove it doesn't work on kids. Old folks are important, but shouldn't kids count, too?"


The expert added, "This has nothing to do with Andrew Wakefield. This has nothing to do with parents of Autistic children. The drug makers are always looking for someone to blame for their own crappy crap not working. Scamdemic after scamdemic. The drug giants shoot themselves in the foot then blame Thimerosal moms and dads who represent....who? Innocent American children harmed by vaccinations. Nice."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

MMR: Three Brain-Eating Viruses In One Vial?

I would like to see Andrew Wakefield's brand of Autism research draw out more concerning the neurological aspects of the actual diseases the MMR three live viruses in one vial are supposed to cover. Aren't these targeted by theoretical mass vaccination because we know that any live Measles, Mumps, and Rubella virus eats human brains?

Before vaccine manufacturing drug companies and their zealot drug reps led the stampede for the useless MMR vaccine, according to inescapable history, doctors knew all about what might happen if a patient contracted another neurologically active virus such as Mumps, German Measles, or Varicella in addition to and/or too soon after a Measles infection. I assure you that the science behind Measles quarantine works both ways and was employed for much more than isolation.

The problem with Andrew Wakefield is his work consistently fails to genuinely consider much more than a narrow focus on aspects of something like Leaky Gut Syndrome in the intestines. That's OK, but these viruses attack vital organs all over the human body, including brain tissue and there is no reason why researchers should ignore the Pancreas, Liver, Spleen, or any other part of the body.

By now, we all know that Andrew Wakefield is no true genius. Geniuses typically don't fall easy prey to the sort of "vial" agnosticism which again and again Andrew faces.

Reportedly, there are many families in the UK that saw their MMR injury compensation claims dissipate in that legal system due to the fact that Andrew Wakefield successfully drew solicitor Richard Barr away from the Urabe strain of Mumps.

Japan killed their MMR vaccine campaign with Urabe strain Mumps in 1988 after linking it to what they called Meningoencephalitis. Canadian authorities suspended the MMR early in 1988 and eventually recalled the product. The UK also introduced MMR in 1988 and failed to pull the vaccine, opting to phase it out in favor of another MMR with a different strain of Mumps in it in 1992 after an "unacceptable risk" level of aseptic meningitis was disclosed.

You can disagree if you want, but somewhere in the back of your mind store the following:

Long before Andrew Wakefield ever came along, doctors knew what putting three live viruses into one syringe and injecting it into humans could mean. They knew how attenuated strains of viruses behave and could tell them apart from wild infections without the benefit of whiz-bang genetics testing like PCR.

Today we know that germ warfare experts have learned how to gene-splice viruses in order to make them undetectable not only to the enemy laboratory, but perhaps, by tricks of molecular mimickry, even to the human immune system.

That research in gene-splicing is profitable and marketable for biologics. It doesn't make any sense that the vaccine manufacturing drug companies, who have insight and know-how, would never turn evil to what they may perceive as good.

We may all see the same research that Andrew Wakefield has seen, but have we seen all the research that Andrew Wakefield has seen?

What's best is to find a weekend and dig deep into the past medical journalism of years prior to mass vaccination ones, and see exactly what gave Andrew Wakefield his ideas. (You can bet you'll be chasing a bunch of pharma bums heavy into redacting)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Autism Speaks: The Satanic Jihad v. American Babies Is On

Well it's summer time! Your fond memories of summer may include recollections that this is time when Vacation Bible Schools start up?

What VBS actually is/was, is kids across the country are invited into the sanctuary of God's House where they are not only safe, but they learn valuable lessons about Our Creator. They learn the Bible, of course. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, etc. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, The Acts...

The reason for VBS is easily understood.

After Peter the Apostle had denied Jesus Christ three times before the rooster crowed shortly before the death and resurrection of the Savior of the world obviously Jesus gave careful detail to insure he had a shot at redemption.

At VBS we learn that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and appeared to His disciples. One of these times was as Peter was back at his old job, fishing. Peter heard a voice tell him "Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find." They did and took in so many fish that they literally had to drag the net between two boats to get the load to shore.

When they got there the disciples looked and saw a fire of coals going, fish already laid out, and some bread. Peter marveled at the number of fish and couldn't understand how on earth the net didn't break.

After they ate Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, ask Peter the Apostle three times in a row, "Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me...?" Each time Peter re-affirmed his faith, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, then commanded him to "Feed My Lambs. Feed my sheep. Feed my sheep."

To some the fact is Jesus Christ gave Peter the chance to redeem himself. While true this was not the take home message. Today, the message to most believers is Jesus stressed to Peter the importance of providing spiritual food for hungry kids, and adults, too.

Important to note is Jesus never told Peter to kill His lambs. When Jesus Christ died on the cross He became the end sacrifice for all the sins in the whole world.

Jesus never told Peter to develop a pre-natal test which would lead to genocide. Jesus never commanded a single soul on earth to pre-screen unborn kids in order to destroy some.

Nope, Jesus said, "Feed my lambs."

At His nativity, we learn that the great secular human crown sought to destroy Jesus Christ, a futile attempt to pre-empt the goodness and mercy of God's redemption of mankind. Wikipedia, in fact, hints that greatness disputes exist about how great this type of Hitler figure, Herod was, as he is described as "a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis."

In VBS we also learned Herod the Great asked visiting wise men of the east, who came to town after they saw the star of Jesus Christ, at what time it first appeared? Based upon their answer, Herod ordered the genocidal destruction of Every Child By Two, not just the boys, either. All children were annihilation.

Does all this mean that "Sponge" Bob Wright, the corporatistic anti-litigationist expert of General Electric fame is possessed by the same butchering devil this old world has seen time and time again?

Possibly. Autism Speaks and their partnerships within certain circles of so called Autism advocacy groups, who have brown-nosed their way into big dollar hush money, have a lot in common. They could not possibly care less about our children and will do anything to protect the vaccine manufacturing drug companies producing Thimerosal-containing vaccines then flooding them into American babies using fear tactics.

He is certainly a major figure in the combination resisting human decency and money-laundering CDC funds to the likes of Dr. Poul Thorsen in exchange for the most favorable research results money can buy. Wright certainly is un-American enough to be recognized as the ring-leader in fighting against the civil and human rights of vaccine-injured children.

So it's fairly obvious that he might secretly throw himself into camp-fires and foam at the mouth rendering enchanting praise to Baal, the false Philistine sham-god.

Now that Autism Speaks has been busted for attempted genocide will the entire legion of Autism NPO piggies just run off a cliff and drown themselves sparing the rest of us pain and suffering?

As we all grow into adults we apparently understand that some kids endured the boon of faith in order to look forward to snack breaks usually consisting of value pak cookies and Kool-aid!

Hypocrisy is the name of the game. The Autism Speaks combination of creeps attacking the Geier's - condemning them for so called chemically castrating kids by using a hormone-lowering drug on some is the same combination of genocidal creeps heralding the triumph of a new option which, by the design at the out-set, will be used to murder unborn children.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vaccine Court: CDC Fraud? What CDC Fraud?

With inside reports funneling in that United States Autism rates continue to decline due to the increased level of public awareness of cold, hard facts, particularly the federal vaccine program products include mind-altering components such as unsafe levels of ethylmercury and neurologically active viruses, how exactly do conspirators in the combination in restraint of justice for America's vaccine-damaged children now act?

Hint. Hint. Look left.

They change the diagnostic criteria of DSM-V to include a mild, often self-diagnosed neurological condition like Asperger's Syndrome in order to jack up declining Autism Spectrum Disorders rates. Amazingly, when news of being wanted by Danish authorities on charges of wholesale fraud and several relating to the CDC's money-laundering scheme most learned Dr. Poul "Fast Fingers" Thorsen was on the lam from police authorities, yet employed at Drexel University in Philadelphia and currently was attempting to pad the DSM-V the same way he padded his Danish study on Thimerosal for the US CDC.

Same Differences Are Not The Same As Different Samenesses

Rates of Autism in Denmark are not now, nor ever have been anything near what they've been in the United States over the past decade and a half. This fact strongly implicates Thimerosal and MMR have certainly played a major role in the advance of Autism in the US over the rest of the world.

Why Denmark?

Dr. Boyd Haley, the former chair of University of Kentucky Chemistry and a former US Army medic in the 1960s said, "It's like doing a study on the effect of mosquitoes on the spread of malaria and doing it in Minnesota instead of Panama."

This may go over the heads of Thimerosal causation denial-ists, but less vaccines + less Autism = different autism rates. More vaccines + more Autism = different Autism rates.

The fact that the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research and Vaccine court strategists ignore this hiding in plain sight proof of harm simply draws glaring attention to the necessity of its' importance. It also reveals why the Thorsen CDC fraud ring sought to fudge their numbers by adding "out-patient" cases of Autism to their study.

Tah Dah! Tah Dah! Tah Dah Eff-ing Dah!

You see, Thorsen and his co-fraudsters following specific directions from the US CDC to fabricate a study exonerating Thimerosal at all costs didn't intentionally add out-patient Autism victims to their study to create the bombastically absurd phenomena of Thimerosal removal leading to a Danish Autism rate increase. This pretzel logic makes no sense other than the possibility that stockpiles of Thimerosal-laced vaccines laying around Denmark were quickly distributed and used on children exhausting however great that volume of ethyl-mercury was ahead of a government ban in 1992.

Most likely the US Centers for Disease Control, reputed to be half mass vaccination propaganda machine and half disease inventors workshop, seized upon what their assay indicated was usable to help win their info war.

Critics claim the Thorsen study claim that Danish Autism rates went up after Thimerosal removal did so with Thorsen's help. The CDC had unbelievable pre-trial publicity in their hands ahead of claims piling up on vaccine court. "The rates went up. The rates went up. See. See."

Would Danish vaccine officials stand by and allow doctors to unload the nation's entire inventory of Thimerosal-containing vaccines on innocent children?

As Dr. Haley has pointed out, "Denmark's response to Thorsen's research has not been to put Thimerosal back in vaccines."

The US, however, has long told Americans Thimerosal was taken out of vaccines in 1999, but each year they continue to expose US kids and adults to unsafe ethyl-mercury multi-doses contained in numerous versions of required seasonal, year round, and specialty or scamdemic flu shots. Reports from inside the vaccine industry all state Thimerosal is still being used in the vaccine maker's back rooms.

The recommendation to add Thimerosal-loaded influenza vaccines to the childhood schedule by the mixture of industry and government officials in the US came at a time when dis-informants acting on behalf of the drug giants were telling Americans in 2002 that the mercury was out. The switch to Thimerosal-containing flu shot as a fresh brain-damaging resource of ethyl-mercury in 2003 over-lapped the disingenuous rhetoric about mercury-free vaccines and continuing efforts to get the mercury-containing vaccine on the American market shipped off to foreign countries.

How necessary medically was it to add Thimerosal-containing flu shots to the infant and toddler tally of already existing mandates, and advise pregnant moms to get the flu shot for the first time in world history?

Consider the correct answer based on history, assured that the so called experts let loose the Influenza vaccines for use as a mercury-poisoning Autism-inducing agent of infants and toddlers and not for any other necessity, as the track record for Influenza vaccines at the time was predictably awful and it never changes:

The 2003 Thimerosal-containing Influenza vaccine was dubbed "The Big Whiff" as so called experts were completely wrong at guessing which strains to put into the shot. Reports noted those vaccinated were the hardest hit by the flu.

The 2004 Influenza vaccine produced at a plant in Liverpool, England was deemed too contaminated with pneumonia-causing Serratia bacteria to allow it out of the UK. The entire US supply was destroyed, but as a top priority American infants weren't spared two doses of government-mandated 25 micrograms of neuro-toxic Thimerosal scavenged from around the world.

The 2005-6 Bird Flu scamdemic officially ended when CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding, now employed by Merck, was asked what happened to Bird Flu two weeks after Congress appropriated $7.1 billion dollars to the vaccine industry. Asked "Is it still a major health concern?" Echoing HHS Secretary Mike Levitt She replied, "Yea, if you're a bird."

Do we need to review the Swine Flu II fiasco? OR does the reader see Denmark really took Thimerosal out of vaccines in 1992 and the US keeps finding new ways to inject it into our children. Autism rates in the US are ten times higher than they are in Denmark.

A Temporary Proliferation of TCVs Causes Danishes To Rise?

When you remove neuro-toxic ethyl-mercury from human exposures adverse neurological outcomes, if any, according to known discipline of chemicals and their with reactions, decrease, specifically in genetically-susceptible individuals. Vaccine analysts know this and that's why vaccine safety studies are known to carefully pit a Thimerosal-containing placebo against a Thimerosal-containing vaccine.

What bothers the researcher attempting to fudge Autism rates in Denmark is whatever way you try to cook the books Denmark always comes out with less Autism per capita than the US. In the futile effort to jack up the over-all levels of Autism in Denmark to match the American Autism epidemic the answer is the same...a far lot less Autism in Denmark as a result. Many suggest you look at the codes Thorsen threw into the pot as a means of padding numbers.

When the attempt to increase Autism rates up to US levels by adding out-patient cases was made by CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen what he arrived was rates similar to what he already had. The study notes something about similarities of in and out patient outcomes, but does not provide data support, and, to a statistical whiz, that means to characterize the Danish study as proving Thimerosal has nothing to do with Autism causation is methodical fraud.

After review time, Thorsen knew his study did not rise meet the expectations of the US CDC, who had recruited him with anti-litigation prejudice toward denying vaccine-injured children compensation claims. After learning what the CDC thought of his study, Thorsen had little choice, but to leave the differences in Denmark and US Autism rates hiding in plain sight and rely on CDC spin doctors to make up for the lack of comparative Autism rate.

"In Collusion, I..."

For Thimerosal-containing vaccines to NOT have a causal relationship to the on-set of Autistic-like disabilities, especially with a so called excellent, large sample number, Denmark's rates must NOT be different than rates in the US. They are different.

For Thimerosal-containing vaccines to NOT have a causal relationship to the on-set of Autistic-like disabilities the Thorsen study needed to demonstrate Danish children received the same number of vaccine doses that have Thimerosal in them as US children did. It did not.

For Thimerosal-containing vaccines to NOT have a causal relationship to the on-set of Autistic-like disabilities the Thorsen study needed to demonstrate Danish children received Thimerosal-containing vaccines at a time of life identical to US children. It did not.

By their withdrawal from his international Autism research organization and removing him from the faculty, Aarhus University has vacated Dr. Poul Thorsen and the research he conducted.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Freedom Lost: UK Corporatism Wins More US Ground

Just days after they rewarded vaccine manufacturing drug giants like United Kingdom-owned Glaxo-SmithKline complete vaccine injury liability for any harm done to America's young future, the apparently most loyal United States Supreme Court was treated to an official state visit by a very prominent member of the British royal family.

My aren't they smarty-like?

A Penny For A Cotton Ball, A Penny For A Needle

Little did most Americans know that long before the Supreme Court stripped away the civil rights of those facing life-long disability as a result of routine vaccination, European-owned vaccine manufacturing drug companies trading goods in the new world for decades - like UK owned Glaxo-SmithKline has under various
nom de plumes - have been trying to manipulate the American market to change liability law to fit their fancy.

The vaccine marketeers have been granted liability immunity in the past without much of a contest. The 1976 Swine Flu Fiasco, for example, after a single Ft. Dix soldier under the weather with flu dropped dead during a forced march, featured a "medicalized" Swine Flu vaccine that had manufacturer's liability indemnification granted by Congress. The campaign ended when Congress became a laughingstock; completely embarrassed by yet another multi-million dollar drug company boondoggle, or what we now refer to as just another drug company "scamdemic".

People were dropping dead in the same building they had just been vaccinated in, but not a single case of Swine Flu materialized. There was NO Swine Flu pandemic, but a thousand or so Americans were left paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome just for stepping up to the long lines and receiving what Tonight Show host Johnny Carson at the time referred to as "the cure for which there is no known disease". A few hundred cases actually came to light.

Most vaccine experts believe that the US Supreme Court has already proven to be just as foolish as Congress was to ever believe the drug giant's propaganda to the point of delivering them anything like permanent liability exemption. Tax payers foot the bill for vaccine maker's folly? Yup.

For this to have happened, the justices erroneously believe in the infallibility of the United States Food and Drug Administration, and also believe in the divine providence of mass vaccination to take as many human sacrifices necessary to keep some safe. All this, though Jesus Christ never vaccinated a single soul.

Not only did the US Supreme Court flaunt their ignorance of just how crazy and deadly biologics are on their way on and off the US market, but they also failed to disclose their huge conflicts of interests. Vaccine manufacturing sales tools in the US consist of payola media and US propaganda machines like the United States Centers for Disease Control and Invention in Atlanta, who use terrorism like disease-mongering fear to the spook the general population into vaccine stampedes throughout the year.

So granting the drug giants vaccine products liability immunity by banning state lawsuits is just another act of the combination in restraint of trade. It is remarkable only in that these drug companies decry government vaccine contracts, which add up to 80-90% of their total vaccine sales volume in the US, as profit-hindering. And the US government infested with drug company lobbyists keep paying more extortion money like some politicians pay their mistresses to make them go away.

The Supreme Court also disclosed a troubling lack of faith in the American justice system at work. They essentially don't believe in the ability of state courts to decide vaccine-injury cases. No one, but the large vaccine manufacturing drug companies grow this idea that a state judge is too stupid to figure out when and what to do about a child or adult methodically neurologically disabled by infant, toddler, or adult vaccines.

Lies, Injustice, And The GSK Way Of Life?

What the Supreme Court did was unnatural according to the history of the United States, and, of course, highly un-Constitutional. While people effected by Vioxx have already had they day in court, those effected by British Petroleum's massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill have a way to be quickly compensated apart from court, America's vaccine-injured are entirely at the mercy of drug giants. The Supreme Court decided based on temporal fears placed upon them by industry specialists and several embedded pharmaceutical industry appointed justices rather than rely on the foundational fundamentals of American justice.

These large mostly foreign-owned multi-billion dollar corporations essentially will never disclose the tens of thousands of young American children they've serial murdered and/or neurologically maimed, and, as we have seen, they exert their extremely powerful and dangerous will upon whoever they choose.

They Call It 'Soft Kill'

The richest man on the face of the earth, Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently spoke under great duress of the importance of mass vaccination campaigns being utilized by vaccine manufacturing drug companies as a viable form of genocide.

Gates wants vaccines employed to kill people around the world to control population growth? While the customary envisioning of 'merchants of death' used to be limited to those mass producing guns, tanks, and bombs, today we think of vaccine makers. Funny, that Gates candid perspective on how vaccines work did not create an unethical or immoral outrage in America. There is no vaccine death genocide tribunal to speak of, nor is genocidal mad men like Gates apparently something even a world court would dare prosecute as a crime against all humanity on the face of the earth.

The Supreme Court decision suspending the rights of American citizens to compensation in an actual court of law has officially sanctioned any foreign interest with the capability of producing biologics a license to kill Americans legally. America's worst enemies might want to look at the vaccine business for a change of pace as there is no legal epidote to counteract any further vaccine-induced death scourge. Killing massive amounts of American citizens with vaccines won't come back to bite you later. Your homicidal actions are officially blessed by the US Supreme Court.

An 'Official' State Visit to a US Courthouse?

What the Supreme Court also knowingly did when they decided to ban vaccine liability lawsuits from entering at a state level was rubber stamp "APPROVED" on the more than 220 untested and certainly unproven safe experimental vaccines that have been waiting in the wings for the high court to sway all vaccine-injury compensation law their way by "thumbing the scales of justice".

The main reason for the US Food and Drug Administration is to evaluate medical thingies in relationship to generalized safety and effectiveness.

The misguided theory of pre-emption, an invention of the pharma-freindly Bush Administration, strongly relates to the erroneously bad suggestion that such an agency as the US FDA has the ability to qualify products or to disqualify products.

Vioxx was FDA-approved. Yet this anti-neovascularization drug killed more Americans than active combat did during the entire duration of the Vietnam War. At least 57,000 Americans took the drug and died from heart attacks. The Supreme Court is supposed to be smart enough to look at something phenomenal like massive deaths caused by a drug and understand the FDA is the least likely government agency to provide reliable information.

For the Supreme Court sliding a decision pharma's way apparently paid off big time. They got to meet a member of the British royal family face to face. Shake the blood-soaked hand that to freedom-loving Americans know represents centuries of murder, oppression, and suppression of human rights that have taken place under the brutal force of the British Crown.

Ten thousand lambs they've led to slaughter, ten thousand more beneath the veil, ten thousand souls to quench the sunset, the British thirst for blood shall never fail.

Not only did the same British Crown burn Washington D.C. to the ground, they attempted to assassinate United States President Andrew Jackson on three separate occasions. British agents envious of good people have for centuries undermined freedom. Socialists within America often flock to such cult of personality figures never minding the loyalty to fellow Americans they forsake until it's too late to change. This innate sense of self-importance in doing so is used against them. Then they betray their fellow countrymen.

These royal media visits have strategically been scheduled before. The Michelle Cedillo case, the first of three so called Autism Omnibus Proceeding hearings, was quickly wiped from the headlines when the Bush Administration arranged for another royal to visit. Imagine that? Just when details of this child's decline into severe Autism finally became available for public edification.

Do yourself and your child a big favor. Skip the vaccinations. If anything bad happens you'll have to face the entire force of the evil universe against you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thorsen: CDC Fraudster Had Lots Of Help

According to the latest from Danish authorities, the United States Justice Department, the same band of corporate trial lawyers who threw 5,000 innocent vaccine-injury victims mercilessly at the feet of the pharmaceutical industry's favorite pet carnivore beast, the United States Supreme Court, now have the distinction of knowingly obstructing international law enforcement officials as they investigate United States Centers for Disease Control anti-litigation bloc of Autism research fraudster Dr. Poul Thorsen.

No Anti-Fraud Joint Task Force Here

According to the Danish press, Aarhus Politi investigated CDC fraudster Thorsen for two years, but faced a stone-wall as US Justice Department personnel refused to cooperate using an
"international law request" to stall the Danes.

It's clear US Justice Department vaccine court specialists working to exonerate vaccine manufacturing drug companies from vaccine injury cases relating to the on-set of Autism after routine vaccinations could not bare to have their star researcher stand accused of wholesale research fraud.

But early in the morning of March 12, 2010 news of Thorsen being wanted for questioning by Danish authorities on charges of fraud did break in the US. Immediately, Dr. Poul Thorsen's entire repertoire of CDC anti-litigation bloc Autism research became tainted.

The big news of the fraud investigation according to estimation would certainly have a positive effect for several thousand families with similar Autism claims filed, so that same day, vaccine court, a branch of the US Department of Health and Human Services, hastily threw out two Autism test cases to smother the emerging Thorsen fraud story.

Not only was the media caught by surprise, the vaccine industry's so called experts where literally desperately behind the web cams of their personal computers muttering aimlessly about the dubious media misdirection of vaccine court.

Amazingly, when Danish authorities contacted the US Department of Justice they learned there was no interest in where US tax dollars were going. News out of Denmark jibes with this notion entirely.

"Our investigation has been about that it apparently was contrary to the truth that there were American research funds on the way, as well as that there allegedly have been made false invoices, which were to pay expenses in the project. But that works, as if the Americans have the information that we have lacked. Our investigation has also been about the money that has been transferred from Aarhus University to an account in The US", said the Danish Police investigator.

We Need A Bigger Boat

Not only was the US Department of Justice fully aware Poul Thorsen was fully paid from the CDC money-laundering operation they all work for the same company.

Incredulously, the United States Department of Justice submitted as evidence the work of a combination conspiring against vaccine-injured individuals to a court of law. Such combinations are tools of rich corporations and are illegal thanks to the Sherman Anti-trust Act.

Further tainting the United States Department of Justice is their full knowledge they submitted CDC fraudster Thorsen's work omitting from vaccine court the fact they fully knew he was wanted for questioning in Denmark on fraud charges specifically implicating evidence they had just used against vaccine-injured American children.

Documents obtained from within the combination's web of deceit show the US Centers for Disease Control committed outright fraud in soliciting internationally co-conspirators willing to fabricate favorable vaccine research to screw vaccine-injured kids and their families.

E-mail exchanges from US CDC personnel show clearly they were on the commercial scientific market for get out of jail research on the fly. This information not only was readily available to the public well before three Autism test cases were ever heard, but is troublesome to the US Department of Justice.

Explicit details of the heavily redacted intra-governmental 2001 communications unequivocally prove the US CDC solicited Dr. Poul Thorsen and not the other way around as the US Department of Justice would like US tax payers to think.

This unjust bias in only acknowledging research which promotes vaccines is the basis of America's lack of faith in the vaccine racket, including US government dictates concerning vaccine recommendations.

So What Are They Afraid Of?

The United States Centers for Disease Control is known for spoiling America's tax treasure protecting vaccine manufacturing drug companies. In 2002, the United States Centers for Disease Control signed a $190,000,000.00 contract to dish off vaccine data relating to Autism to a lobbying firm. This contract put Autism-vaccine data in private hands prohibiting it from being handled independently by the public in accordance with Freedom of Information Act law.

And You Thought They Were Just Good For Disease-mongering Influenza Scamdemics

In fact, secret documents obtained from the "closed door" meeting of the United States Institutes of Medicine long before any evidence on vaccine-induced Autism was reviewed undeniably prove the United States Centers For Disease Control has been the ring-leading anti-litigation bloc Autism research fraudsters.

Dr. McCormick: ...[CDC] wants us to declare, well, these things are pretty safe on a population basis (p. 33).

Dr. Stratton: ...The point of no return, the line we will not cross in public policy is pull the vaccine, change the schedule. We could say it is time to revisit this, but we would never recommend that level. Even recommending research is recommendations for policy. We wouldn't say compensate, we wouldn't say pull the vaccine, we wouldn't say stop the program. (p. 74).

Dr. McCormick: ...we are not ever going to come down that [autism] is a true side effect...(p. 97)

Fearing that Dr. Poul Thorsen will turn against US vaccine marketeers and completely ruin the un-Constitutional tyranny imposed upon vaccine-injury victims by the in-bred high court despotic ruling which for the time bars vaccine lawsuits in state court to be heard because they can't trust state judges to rule in favor of the vaccine manufacturing drug companies , the US Department of Justice apparently is now attempting to extradite him to safe keeping so he doesn't squeal in a Danish prison.