Saturday, June 25, 2011

MMR: Three Brain-Eating Viruses In One Vial?

I would like to see Andrew Wakefield's brand of Autism research draw out more concerning the neurological aspects of the actual diseases the MMR three live viruses in one vial are supposed to cover. Aren't these targeted by theoretical mass vaccination because we know that any live Measles, Mumps, and Rubella virus eats human brains?

Before vaccine manufacturing drug companies and their zealot drug reps led the stampede for the useless MMR vaccine, according to inescapable history, doctors knew all about what might happen if a patient contracted another neurologically active virus such as Mumps, German Measles, or Varicella in addition to and/or too soon after a Measles infection. I assure you that the science behind Measles quarantine works both ways and was employed for much more than isolation.

The problem with Andrew Wakefield is his work consistently fails to genuinely consider much more than a narrow focus on aspects of something like Leaky Gut Syndrome in the intestines. That's OK, but these viruses attack vital organs all over the human body, including brain tissue and there is no reason why researchers should ignore the Pancreas, Liver, Spleen, or any other part of the body.

By now, we all know that Andrew Wakefield is no true genius. Geniuses typically don't fall easy prey to the sort of "vial" agnosticism which again and again Andrew faces.

Reportedly, there are many families in the UK that saw their MMR injury compensation claims dissipate in that legal system due to the fact that Andrew Wakefield successfully drew solicitor Richard Barr away from the Urabe strain of Mumps.

Japan killed their MMR vaccine campaign with Urabe strain Mumps in 1988 after linking it to what they called Meningoencephalitis. Canadian authorities suspended the MMR early in 1988 and eventually recalled the product. The UK also introduced MMR in 1988 and failed to pull the vaccine, opting to phase it out in favor of another MMR with a different strain of Mumps in it in 1992 after an "unacceptable risk" level of aseptic meningitis was disclosed.

You can disagree if you want, but somewhere in the back of your mind store the following:

Long before Andrew Wakefield ever came along, doctors knew what putting three live viruses into one syringe and injecting it into humans could mean. They knew how attenuated strains of viruses behave and could tell them apart from wild infections without the benefit of whiz-bang genetics testing like PCR.

Today we know that germ warfare experts have learned how to gene-splice viruses in order to make them undetectable not only to the enemy laboratory, but perhaps, by tricks of molecular mimickry, even to the human immune system.

That research in gene-splicing is profitable and marketable for biologics. It doesn't make any sense that the vaccine manufacturing drug companies, who have insight and know-how, would never turn evil to what they may perceive as good.

We may all see the same research that Andrew Wakefield has seen, but have we seen all the research that Andrew Wakefield has seen?

What's best is to find a weekend and dig deep into the past medical journalism of years prior to mass vaccination ones, and see exactly what gave Andrew Wakefield his ideas. (You can bet you'll be chasing a bunch of pharma bums heavy into redacting)

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