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Vaccine Court: CDC Fraud? What CDC Fraud?

With inside reports funneling in that United States Autism rates continue to decline due to the increased level of public awareness of cold, hard facts, particularly the federal vaccine program products include mind-altering components such as unsafe levels of ethylmercury and neurologically active viruses, how exactly do conspirators in the combination in restraint of justice for America's vaccine-damaged children now act?

Hint. Hint. Look left.

They change the diagnostic criteria of DSM-V to include a mild, often self-diagnosed neurological condition like Asperger's Syndrome in order to jack up declining Autism Spectrum Disorders rates. Amazingly, when news of being wanted by Danish authorities on charges of wholesale fraud and several relating to the CDC's money-laundering scheme most learned Dr. Poul "Fast Fingers" Thorsen was on the lam from police authorities, yet employed at Drexel University in Philadelphia and currently was attempting to pad the DSM-V the same way he padded his Danish study on Thimerosal for the US CDC.

Same Differences Are Not The Same As Different Samenesses

Rates of Autism in Denmark are not now, nor ever have been anything near what they've been in the United States over the past decade and a half. This fact strongly implicates Thimerosal and MMR have certainly played a major role in the advance of Autism in the US over the rest of the world.

Why Denmark?

Dr. Boyd Haley, the former chair of University of Kentucky Chemistry and a former US Army medic in the 1960s said, "It's like doing a study on the effect of mosquitoes on the spread of malaria and doing it in Minnesota instead of Panama."

This may go over the heads of Thimerosal causation denial-ists, but less vaccines + less Autism = different autism rates. More vaccines + more Autism = different Autism rates.

The fact that the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research and Vaccine court strategists ignore this hiding in plain sight proof of harm simply draws glaring attention to the necessity of its' importance. It also reveals why the Thorsen CDC fraud ring sought to fudge their numbers by adding "out-patient" cases of Autism to their study.

Tah Dah! Tah Dah! Tah Dah Eff-ing Dah!

You see, Thorsen and his co-fraudsters following specific directions from the US CDC to fabricate a study exonerating Thimerosal at all costs didn't intentionally add out-patient Autism victims to their study to create the bombastically absurd phenomena of Thimerosal removal leading to a Danish Autism rate increase. This pretzel logic makes no sense other than the possibility that stockpiles of Thimerosal-laced vaccines laying around Denmark were quickly distributed and used on children exhausting however great that volume of ethyl-mercury was ahead of a government ban in 1992.

Most likely the US Centers for Disease Control, reputed to be half mass vaccination propaganda machine and half disease inventors workshop, seized upon what their assay indicated was usable to help win their info war.

Critics claim the Thorsen study claim that Danish Autism rates went up after Thimerosal removal did so with Thorsen's help. The CDC had unbelievable pre-trial publicity in their hands ahead of claims piling up on vaccine court. "The rates went up. The rates went up. See. See."

Would Danish vaccine officials stand by and allow doctors to unload the nation's entire inventory of Thimerosal-containing vaccines on innocent children?

As Dr. Haley has pointed out, "Denmark's response to Thorsen's research has not been to put Thimerosal back in vaccines."

The US, however, has long told Americans Thimerosal was taken out of vaccines in 1999, but each year they continue to expose US kids and adults to unsafe ethyl-mercury multi-doses contained in numerous versions of required seasonal, year round, and specialty or scamdemic flu shots. Reports from inside the vaccine industry all state Thimerosal is still being used in the vaccine maker's back rooms.

The recommendation to add Thimerosal-loaded influenza vaccines to the childhood schedule by the mixture of industry and government officials in the US came at a time when dis-informants acting on behalf of the drug giants were telling Americans in 2002 that the mercury was out. The switch to Thimerosal-containing flu shot as a fresh brain-damaging resource of ethyl-mercury in 2003 over-lapped the disingenuous rhetoric about mercury-free vaccines and continuing efforts to get the mercury-containing vaccine on the American market shipped off to foreign countries.

How necessary medically was it to add Thimerosal-containing flu shots to the infant and toddler tally of already existing mandates, and advise pregnant moms to get the flu shot for the first time in world history?

Consider the correct answer based on history, assured that the so called experts let loose the Influenza vaccines for use as a mercury-poisoning Autism-inducing agent of infants and toddlers and not for any other necessity, as the track record for Influenza vaccines at the time was predictably awful and it never changes:

The 2003 Thimerosal-containing Influenza vaccine was dubbed "The Big Whiff" as so called experts were completely wrong at guessing which strains to put into the shot. Reports noted those vaccinated were the hardest hit by the flu.

The 2004 Influenza vaccine produced at a plant in Liverpool, England was deemed too contaminated with pneumonia-causing Serratia bacteria to allow it out of the UK. The entire US supply was destroyed, but as a top priority American infants weren't spared two doses of government-mandated 25 micrograms of neuro-toxic Thimerosal scavenged from around the world.

The 2005-6 Bird Flu scamdemic officially ended when CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding, now employed by Merck, was asked what happened to Bird Flu two weeks after Congress appropriated $7.1 billion dollars to the vaccine industry. Asked "Is it still a major health concern?" Echoing HHS Secretary Mike Levitt She replied, "Yea, if you're a bird."

Do we need to review the Swine Flu II fiasco? OR does the reader see Denmark really took Thimerosal out of vaccines in 1992 and the US keeps finding new ways to inject it into our children. Autism rates in the US are ten times higher than they are in Denmark.

A Temporary Proliferation of TCVs Causes Danishes To Rise?

When you remove neuro-toxic ethyl-mercury from human exposures adverse neurological outcomes, if any, according to known discipline of chemicals and their with reactions, decrease, specifically in genetically-susceptible individuals. Vaccine analysts know this and that's why vaccine safety studies are known to carefully pit a Thimerosal-containing placebo against a Thimerosal-containing vaccine.

What bothers the researcher attempting to fudge Autism rates in Denmark is whatever way you try to cook the books Denmark always comes out with less Autism per capita than the US. In the futile effort to jack up the over-all levels of Autism in Denmark to match the American Autism epidemic the answer is the same...a far lot less Autism in Denmark as a result. Many suggest you look at the codes Thorsen threw into the pot as a means of padding numbers.

When the attempt to increase Autism rates up to US levels by adding out-patient cases was made by CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen what he arrived was rates similar to what he already had. The study notes something about similarities of in and out patient outcomes, but does not provide data support, and, to a statistical whiz, that means to characterize the Danish study as proving Thimerosal has nothing to do with Autism causation is methodical fraud.

After review time, Thorsen knew his study did not rise meet the expectations of the US CDC, who had recruited him with anti-litigation prejudice toward denying vaccine-injured children compensation claims. After learning what the CDC thought of his study, Thorsen had little choice, but to leave the differences in Denmark and US Autism rates hiding in plain sight and rely on CDC spin doctors to make up for the lack of comparative Autism rate.

"In Collusion, I..."

For Thimerosal-containing vaccines to NOT have a causal relationship to the on-set of Autistic-like disabilities, especially with a so called excellent, large sample number, Denmark's rates must NOT be different than rates in the US. They are different.

For Thimerosal-containing vaccines to NOT have a causal relationship to the on-set of Autistic-like disabilities the Thorsen study needed to demonstrate Danish children received the same number of vaccine doses that have Thimerosal in them as US children did. It did not.

For Thimerosal-containing vaccines to NOT have a causal relationship to the on-set of Autistic-like disabilities the Thorsen study needed to demonstrate Danish children received Thimerosal-containing vaccines at a time of life identical to US children. It did not.

By their withdrawal from his international Autism research organization and removing him from the faculty, Aarhus University has vacated Dr. Poul Thorsen and the research he conducted.

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