Wednesday, June 29, 2011


NORTHWEST SOUTHEAST LONDON - Heralded as a champion benefactor of the elderly for one decade or longer, and costing UK tax payers over £110,000,000.00, Pneumonia vaccine(s)are now finding their way back into the mythical hands of the lady in the lake from whence it apparently first came.

According to reports, the UK Department of Health was dropping propaganda leaflets on elderly Brits even though scientific study was un-proving the unsubstantiated claims being made to the public that Pneumonia vaccines work. They don't.


"The jab for older people has been linked to 30 deaths and more than 3,300 reported side effects, including heart disorders and joint and muscle pain, according to official figures from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency." - Daily Mail , May 31st 2011

The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is also known as the agency that saved tens of thousands of American lives when they halted the entire US Flu shot order in 2004. They found the shot was contaminated by Serratia, a Pneumonia-causing lung bacteria.

"To prevent the US FDA from bullying them around they also very publicly pulled the production license of the Liverpool plant effectively preventing them from producing ANY further Influenza vaccine until they cleaned up their germ infested vaccine plant", said one observer.

"It's not that the UK MHRA is anti-vaccine, or it has anything to do with Andrew Wakefield or parents of vaccine-induced Autistic children, the agency just does not believe vaccine manufacturing drug companies should slip in unauthorized Pneumonia-causing lung bacteria then pretend it's an epidemic of say Bird flu or say Swine flu."


Charlotte Linacre, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, claimed the programme should have been reviewed earlier.

She said: ‘The Department of Health shouldn’t just throw money at a project without reviewing its effectiveness.’
- Daily Mail , May 31st 2011


"What Linacre doesn't comprehend is if all vaccine programmes within the UK are reviewed for effectiveness there won't be any vaccine programmes within the UK", said one with knowledge of how vaccines do work.

No word yet about UK or any other health authority also scrapping Thimerosal-containing Influenza vaccines despite the fact that, based on their lack of effectiveness, they have already been fitted for concrete boots as a result of an exhaustive scientific review by the independent Cochrane Collaboration.

"Amazingly, the vaccine manufacturing drug companies continue to get away with murder", said one expert. "Read the literature about Pneumonia vaccines from the makers. From that it is clear the makers suggest the same vaccine scientifically proven completely worthless in adults (and now SCRAPPED in the UK) is the same vaccine they use on children. When in doubt it should be thrown out, but they won't suspend their operations or quit injecting children needlessly with harmful substances until you spend the money to also prove it doesn't work on kids. Old folks are important, but shouldn't kids count, too?"


The expert added, "This has nothing to do with Andrew Wakefield. This has nothing to do with parents of Autistic children. The drug makers are always looking for someone to blame for their own crappy crap not working. Scamdemic after scamdemic. The drug giants shoot themselves in the foot then blame Thimerosal moms and dads who represent....who? Innocent American children harmed by vaccinations. Nice."

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