Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Fade From Fab To Deersay

Once upon a time he was 'untouchable'. The no apparent strings attached rock-star inquisitor of once numerous Autism researchers. Now, as UK political authorities scrap over who is who in their comical spy v. spy media shoot-out diversionary tactic, Deer is faded from F-A-B to fodder.

Brian Deer - the one trick pony in a UK stable of over-aggressive Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine-defending anti-litigation studs.

Brian Deer - a bloody-back jack boot so cold he backhandedly set Autism research back ten years just for looking at the MMR live virus vaccine.

"Bob Stewart (Beckenham): To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, if she will assess the adequacy of the police investigation into the activities commissioned by The Sunday Times of the freelance journalist Mr Brian Deer in relation to the acquisition of children's medical records and information from (a) the Royal Free Hospital and (b) other sources between 2003 and 2005." - MP Bob Stewart of Beckenham, written request

Say it ain't so, Joe.
What? Brian Deer? A patsy henchman for the quid deal between vaccine manufacturing drug companies and England's mass vaccinating 'commit to genocide' media mogul Rupert Murdoch?

Many are correctly linking James Murdoch (seen left), an influential appointed executive/director of both the Sunday Times and UK drug Giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)up to his eyeballs in spy lies, and the way the Wakefield saga was reported.

But Deer's power was incredibly bombastic for an odd-ball man UK media is hoping to convince was little more than a stringer. Deer's toxic articles ran ahead of Murdoch's son being appointed pivot man in the UK anti-litigation racket.

"Life is too short to get involved in litigation. I do not want to spend the next five years paying lawyers. Instead what I'm going to do is move the MMR debate from the high court to Lambeth court where it will be played out in full." - Brian Deer

"One of the misconceptions of a free-lance or stringer is they are newspaper staff. They are not. Outside. Stringers are mystery men, who might not ever be seen by the staff in the newsroom. All an editor knows is a superior plops down paper on his desk and he is told when he is to run it. It could be social. It could be political. It could be corporate. No questions asked," said a former newspaper veteran. "There are markers on every page the public doesn't necessarily know about that tell the true story. The deal-makers doing the newspaper's actual business are always low key."

In 2000, Deer's web site was registered at an Atlanta, Georgia residential address less than five miles away from US Centers For Disease Control headquarters and the Emory University campus where accused CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen M.D., indicted by Danish authorities for money-laundering CDC tax dollars, used to hang out.

While the domain and other pieces of evidence linking Deer to Atlanta may be a matter for US intelligence officials, the sudden disclosures that UK media are highly trained in spy tactics indicate the elaborate cover up for Brian Deer forming in the UK media is an elaborate cover up forming in the UK media for Brian Deer.

Yet, Deer has become more deranged. Tucked away for safe keeping in a Guardian blog, he is currently lashing out at doctors for not joining him in is his blood lusts for destroying the lives of innocent kids and those tending them based on his deersay approach to medical journal blather against Wakefield, a guy OK with Autism parents and most noted benefactor of his study controls.(Wafefield gave some neuro-typical kids five pounds each once for donating some blood for his study and this made Brian Deer all fussy-wussy)

But not a single word from the self-perceived expert gladiator on medical ethics about an ethics changes proposal that will assure foreign drug company jack corruption will be returning with whopping force. Just another legible proof Citizen Deer is head and shoulders above the UK media crowd in low-low-low undertakings.

But not a single word from the self-perceived expert gladiator on medical ethics about the Boston Globe busting a drug giant caught in the act of political corruption.

He once commanded a whole posse of science bloggers all assigned to attack families of Autism injured kids, but when the US CDC conceded that vaccines caused little red head Hannah Poling to get Autism they rode off respectful of the truth yet he, like Custer at Little Big Horn, wasn't having anything of it.

Now he's hoping that his spy pals can paint him as a champion of public interests and not a tyrannical socialistic totalitarian McCarthyism steam bucket.

Did I leave mud-slinging out? Sorry.

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