Sunday, July 24, 2011

Folly Forecast: The Spaceball Ricochet

While most parents of Autism injured children agree that Jenny McCarthy is the worst possible thing to happen to us since government brains gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict created 'Every Child By Two' it remains cogent that there are those virtues the gal possesses, chiefly, the ability to draw out the enemies of our children and our cause.

Her latest self-promoting scheme involved posting what she claims is a photo of herself, apparently after swallowing something bigger than a bread box. Completely off message now as she is, it did lead to a discovery apparently unknown to her, ignored by her, or one she is incapable of re-dressing.

Useful idiots with adulterous relationships with US Centers for Disease Control and Invention propaganda personnel embedded in the entertainment industry often, unaware or neglecting the fact they are brain-washed, try to find something useful to do with their acquired idiocy.

A person formerly close to the center of the CDC propaganda machine stated, "The CDC recognizes the power of popular entertainment in shaping the perceptions and practices of its viewers."

The level of propaganda saturation isn't limited to TV news.

"Television shows, movies, and music not only command the attention of their audiences, but also reinforce existing behavior, demonstrate new behavior, and affect audience emotions," the expert added. "The CDC often partners with Hollywood executives and academic, public health, and advocacy organizations to share information with writers and producers."

In other words, the CDC propaganda machine is likely to have heavy influence over a person self-described as a post production supervisor/producer of various television programs.

The immediate discrediting of this poor 'body count' effort designed to dramatically convince the public Jenny McCarthy is, under government advisory, a crackpot, or there is a lack of vaccine something or another going on is a piece of cake.

During the Swine Flu II scamdemic popularized by propaganda outlets to scare Americans and thus create polarity against Autism injured children, CBS News attempted to verify the credibility of US Centers for Disease Control statistics. The report that followed their investigation leaves this poor fool with little more than his typical weaponry of mono-filament string, a couple disposable pie pans, and a camera. Not exactly effective tools against the perplexing truth.

The vaccine adverse events reporting system [VAERS], the same data which official authorities use to determine when to pull a particularly deadly vaccine off the market, is known to be under-reported by 90% due to the fact doctors believe they have supernatural powers, x-ray vision, etc. and therefore they don't need to rely upon scientific proof the vaccine they just injected didn't cause their patient to croak.

It's possible there's a misunderstanding. However, Lenin said "a single death is a tragedy and a million deaths statistics", not the other way around.

"A Cochrane Database Systematic Review found only one old trial with data from 35 participants aged 12-28 months"

Using the same dates as the opponent of Autism injured children did, but refraining from use of scientifically unsubstantiated CDC mortality data, were found 909 vaccine related adverse events where the patient died from 06-01-2007 to 07-24-2011. This included all vaccines on the market by drug makers using the severely under-reported VAERS data.

Accounting that another ninety percent of vaccine related adverse events have been systematically obfuscated cleverly by not using science-based approaches vaccine program death mortality over four years could be as high as 9000 to 10,000, with a statistical hitch suggesting over 50% were age of three or less.

But the 'body count' also claims to know how many vaccine preventable illnesses there have been since 2007. But when overwhelming science-based evidence was overwhelmingly implicating officials for their roles in scamdemic fraud the CDC told states to stop dissecting their scamdemic fraud.

But. But. But. But.

"If the federal government tells you you've got Swine Flu lay down and be sick with Swine Flu."

What exactly is a "vaccine preventable illness"? Is it a bird? Is it a piece of toast? A very small rock? A Peter Doshi article in the British Medical Journal? Is it bigger than a bread box? Is it a level of shameful sickness persisting in a highly vaccinated first world nation in which vaccines are used to vaccinate lots and lots of vaccinated people with vaccines?

This extremely maudlin approach clear-basted with ignorance butter does not really deserve attention.

Vaccine rates are pretty high, yet the 'body count' conveniently shoots vaccines in the foot by candidly alleging massive levels of illness which have zero to do with Jenny McCarthy, Basketball Jones, Andrew Wakefield, Korean geese, UFO conspiracy, suspending pie pans fixed together, Orson Welles, or movie-induced sickness for that matter.

One need only to look at the 2006 Iowa Mumps epidemic and the 92-7% vaccine failure rate. 92-7% of the Iowa colleges kids sickened with a strain of Mumps had Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine [MMR] history and it did zero to keep them from getting sick.

Unlike this "informed" entertainment industry executive, Kerboblog readers know only silly rabbits believe in "vaccine preventable illnesses". Illnesses for which there are vaccines are only those which science-based evidence proves are either avoidable or un-avoidable.

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