Thursday, July 21, 2011

From The Editor

Greetings to you Kerboblog readers peering into your liquid crystal displays! I hope your peepers aren't too tired or you're not reading this because you're fighting sleep.

Oooo. I'm sooooooo excited to be .... Oh no! I almost spilled all of my martini onto the keyboard. Martini Syndrome. Somebody help me...there. I use bold to indicate when I yell. It's soooo much more pleasant than yelling in all caps. DON'T YA THINK?

I don't think it's advisable to drink from the keyboard, but it seems possible.

-Please Stand By-

Ah, good to the last drop. Oh, I hope I don't zap myself. I'll avoid that one. It looks like a doo-y. Well aren't they all still a little moist to the touch. My fingers are so sensitive, ya know?

Please stand by. Please stand by. Now where did that come from?

Oh well...As I was say...Now I wonder if anybody actually gets up, walks to the television and stands by the set and waits until the crew at the broadcast facilities fix the technical difficulties? We all know it's just the perfect time for a water break and a fresh bucket of icy rocks.

Just a minute.

Now were did you go you little devil? I see you. There. Now look. You're all fuzzy....zzzzzzzz...well, that's settled....ZZZZZZ...very nice, it was a dry martini, after all...what was I saying...Ahh. You're all fuzzy and what happened to the cute little pimento in your belly button? He's all by himself in the jungle down there. All alone and no firm olive, plump and ripe to tuck into for a nice doze.

Aaaahhh, so I was saying there's nothing like the heat of summer to bring out sizzling flesh. Mmmmmm. Summer winds carry such nice, refreshing. I'm not partial to venison. Too gamey for me.

Today's poem is entitled:..........

What? (I just typed gamy wrong in the last paragraph and the little squiggly red lines that prompt editing is needed have appeared below it. It's hurtful to my eyes to look upon it. Now who can fix it? Oh, sorry. What I meant is this is most perplexing; a situation requiring the...well... just was who edits the editors? )I'll fix it later.

Today's poem for Kerboblog readers....

Well, I am just, just tickled with fuzzy felt the mean people have finally been caught spying on you. Oooo, they make me angry. Don't you agree?

That Brian Deer is a spy. He's such a mean bully. If I was Brian Lawerence, I'd give him a piece of my mind.

And that leads us to today's poem, entitled: Ode To The Sheriff of Knucklehead

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