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Hep B Vaccine Adverse Events Tracking: More CDC-Sanctioned Fraud

Now that the American media has had to swallow their pride, rightly see vaccine court, indeed, as no cousin of the American way, but rather 'the House That Merck Built', and acknowledge that the fraudulent CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research used against vaccine-injured children is about to come under wholesale fraud indictment, let's go back to the Simpsonwood Transcripts and read the following revelation from the secret meeting held way back in June 7-8, 2000:

Dr. Frank DeStefano - Hepatitis B tends to be a bit low, and I think that primarily is because of capturing the birth dose. The hospital's HMO birth dose some times didn't tend to get into the data bases as well in the early years.

Duh. Was this guy was code talking because somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that you would be sitting here at this very hour reading this... discovering that the Hep B vaccine program is full of CDC anti-litigation fraudsters, who do anything to keep their dirty vaccine secrets quiet?

If you please, it wasn't in the data bases because it was erased from the medical records.

In other words, by 2000, to those in attendance at the Simpsonwood United Methodist Retreat Center CDC meeting, and certainly after a just a few years' of Hep B vaccine birth dose experience, doctors knew the shot was causing adverse events leading to cases of Autism later on and nobody was noticing.

How could anybody notice when the medical records were being cleaned up to expunge Hep B vaccine uptakes in cases of adverse events?

Unfavorable litigation experience had forced the CDC to use the medically unnecessary Hep B vaccine on American children beginning at birth, something sly yet unthinkably evil by human standards.

Some believe this was a decision based on the poor track record of Hep B vaccine birth dose outcomes from other parts of the world, others directly as a result of domestic liability knowledge relating to the fact infants harmed at birth by the Hep B vaccine given at eleven hours will not yet be old enough to diagnose developmental delays like Autism Spectrum Disorder until vaccine injury statute of limitations run out.

Instead of responsibly stopping the demented birth dose policy, the CDC Hep B program cleverly kept feeding helpless babies to the cottage industry drug companies had created to treat such novel on-set negative neurological outcomes.

Said one medical expert, "Doctors involved in creating demand for the Hep B program were anxious to see the jack flow in. Profits brought about as a result of the expensive Hep B vaccine program created fortunes and made investments into for profit hospitals enticing, but in order to keep Hep B profits flowing in, hospitals commanded neonatal units to obfuscate the causal relationship between the Hep B birth dose and vaccine-induced brain damage.

Fear tactics included heavy reprisals to any whistle-blowers. Educational material laced with drug company propaganda was employed. If you killed or permanently harmed a new-born baby with a Hep B vaccine you don't feel very good to begin with. Then comes the supportive corporation to tell you "it happens". Hypnosis. Counseling. Re-assignment, etc.

Even if a nurse in the maternity ward was strong enough to fight off the temptation to falsify attempted to enter honest information into the birth records of adversely affected children he or she knew it faced enormous redaction by the hospital legal department. Not only did this created a horribly stressful working environment full of personalized legal intimidation, in many cases it would likely cost them their job maybe and haunt them their entire career."

"Nurses across America were eye-witnesses to vaccine-induced negative neurological outcomes being created by the Hep B vaccine campaign. They also witnessed the cover up, including a host of vaccine-induced developmental delay buried by falsified vaccine administration records, followed up by thorough redaction", said a former nurse.

"Telling parents their child was "born that way" worked effectively like stabbing a person to death with an icicle."

"There is chilling evidence medical records of children harmed by the Thimerosal-containing Hep B vaccine birth dose were worked over. Lawyers from the hospital staff and those operating black ops for vaccine manufacturing drug companies look to erase all traces of harm work with doctors leaving less than a small hint the culprit in the proliferation of Autism Spectrum Disorders began with the Hep B vaccine birth dosing", said one lawyer.

One vaccine market watchdog said, "Most all new parents were told nothing at the time. Many having been betrayed still have no idea, once given the birth dose of Hep B, their child stopped breathing, turned blue, then developed jaundice, etc. Many babies die this way and it's considered rare. Masking the adverse events by forward pushing the Hep B to eleven hours effectively screws victims out of vaccine injury claims because Autism, for example, is strategically diagnosed until after a statute of limitations has passed. Doctors stare parents searching for answers in the form of an ASD diagnosis in the face every day keeping the vaccine schedule and the vaccine injury statute of limitations in mind."

The HMO Hep B birth doses were still able to be clandestinely tracked, but if the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) study, the primary focus of the secret Simpsonwood meeting, attempted to link together actual chart review to CDC computer data it would disclose that doctors had been covering up cases of negative neurological outcomes caused by the Hep B birth dose.

Vaccine Court is sitting on such cases among the remaining 5,000 attempting throw them out on statute of limitations without admitting the causal factors associated with the Hep B vaccine birth dose. Many observers know the special masters have an understanding the medical records in their hands are heavily redacted by hospital and vaccine industry lawyers, and they also know, despite the attempt to cover up adverse events, the records contain plenty of proof the Hep B program's continuation has heavily depended upon repetitive illegal activities such as fraud and falsification of medical records.

What do you think former Senator Bill Frist, M.D. was so involved in the Thimerosal issue went it was a huge conflict of interests? The Frist family fortune is Columbia Healthcare, a very large chain of hospitals. These hospitals are among those which use Hep B birth doses in their neonatal units because they make money the same way McDonald's franchises ask every customer if they want a Hot Apple Pie to go with their order.

Sometimes you don't need smoke to tell there's a fire. You just need to look at the flame burning things to the ground.

"It didn't tend to get into the data bases as well in the early years."

Now you know why.

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