Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kerboblog WEEKEND: Media Myth-Making Magic

Remember what short time ago it was when the media set fire to vaccine injury expert and cutting edge Autism researcher Andrew Wakefield?

That was based solely on a report by a British tabloid writer with the ethical integrity and factual credibility of well,....a British tabloid writer.

Within hours of publishing, US Justice Department attorneys ran around their office space excitedly flapping the fraudulent British Medical Journal accusation by the British tabloid reporter as if it was somehow credible science because it was written and published by people with most distinguished accents.

Now it is learned there is grammatical evidence the same may have expanded his flair for the role of ubiquitous inquisitor to that of sole executioner as insiders recently noted vaccine court special masters suddenly became un-compassionate, yet quite emotional jerks in their writings directly a part of the three Autism test case decisions.

The suggestion is the decisions have the remarkable similarity to style of British tabloid reporter writing, and with thousands of printed copies of the decisions safely in the hands of American citizens it seems hardly possible to revert back to a genre of civility.

"This was a situation where cooperative justice turned into psychotic, alter-ego, redneck, slave ship captain style, idiopathic, smack down", said one observer. "The level of insensitivity and lack of objective honesty carries a whiff something foul and unconscionable for all Americans. These families saw their children melt away into a neurological disability as a result of inflexible government mass vaccination policy and the special masters ignored the fact most fought with a disabled child under one arm. The court called them liars."

Certain logistical figures also strongly suggest a sincere lack of attention was given to the families pleas for justice. "The Omnibus Autism Proceeding featured over 211,000 pages of evidence" another expert stated.

"Do the math and that's close to three years worth of intense, individual scholarly examination based on a consumption rate of 200 pages per day including Saturdays and Sundays."

Now that wiring taps, shady espionage of foreign entities, and the nasty attitudes of those foreign entities fighting against Autism injuries related to vaccines are on the march for another Cowpens visit, it appears the 'house that Merck built' is vociferously attempting to clear the decks ahead of a reversal of fortunes for Autism injured children.

A spark has lit something in Congress. Investigators there following the Poul Thorsen autism research fraud proceedings - implicating the US Centers for Disease Control as a money-laundering front for the drug lobby - also now have a keen eye on vaccine court, aware a mole from a foreign, socialist government vaccine manufacturing drug company no only infiltrated an official US federal court, manipulated the American press with fabricated false information, publicly assassinated expert witnesses minding their own business defending Autism injured children, puppeteer-ed US Justice Department attorneys unfettered, but is likely to have made his own decisions the very decisions offered to the American people.

"The guy must have eight arms like an octopus", said a person.

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