Friday, July 15, 2011

Neurodiversity: Is Dead

Never trust the guy in a tunic, eh? Er, well...we've found a witch! May we burn her...him...uh. I'd rather be dead than red on the...

Let's just say when a so called independent journalist ends up with the private medical records of children suffering bowel problems tied to their reception of the still infamous and still deadly MMR vaccine ...well... the said records didn't just fall out of a Bible inside a local book store.

One would be foolish and remiss to believe that a media bogart could just out of the blue tender private medical records without them being handed down from government spooks.

According to a 2003 Sunday Times report, Andrew Wakefield has disclosed the phone line to his former London house was tapped in 2000. While there, he routinely conducted "sweeps" to check for bugs.

Speaking of sham government, what exactly is neurodiversity, the combination working with vaccine-manufacturing drug companies to wrongly delineate what's been attacking the brains of so many American youngsters?

Is it an advocacy group dedicated to being a voice for those inflicted with Autism?

No, from all angles, neurodiversity is nothing more than a clandestine pharmaceutical company front going out of the way to screw over the legal claims of vaccine-injured children - attacking little vaccine-injured children by proxy.

Are they Autism advocates?

Ya, sort of advocates, but based on evidence, not for Autistic folks. They are what Sherman Anti-Trust defines as a combination in restraint of trade.

Let's tell the truth.

To be neurodiverse you: a) astroturf on behalf of vaccine-manufacturing drug companies all over the internet: b) attack comments made by parents of vaccine-injured children, c) distribute fabricated falsehoods to specifically defend pharmaceutical companies, d) avoid the "CDC settled the Hannah Poling case because her vaccinations caused her Autism" issue like it's the plague, e) pretend to have scientific backing while ignoring textbook chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, pathology, and f)hide the fact that you take pleasure in knifing vaccine-injured kids in the back.

Let's tell the truth.

Neurodiversity, like a roaring lion, celebrates collectively their hatred of Thimerosal moms and dads for claiming, based on all available medical evidence, vaccines caused their children life-long brain injuries.

Neurodiversity is avowed to have no idea that vaccines cause negative neurological outcomes to happen and vaccines cause Autism specifically.

Neurodiversity believes that doctors and government vaccine industry specialists who kill babies or cause babies to become autistic and/or autistic-like never try to cover up the fact they've killed babies or caused babies to become autistic and/or autistic-like by redacting medical records, quashing information discovery, and by fabricating fraudulent, non-contemporaneous research.

Neurodiversity vociferously desires to conceal the fact that less than ten percent of vaccine injury cases are self-reported to the vaccine program by re-directing attention to false claims that Autism is genetic.

Neurodiversity is avowed to not let the American public know vaccines contain live, neurologically-active viruses that can eat away at brain tissue.

Neurodiversity means business whenever there's a news story relating to a connection between Autism and vaccines - going out of the way to work in combination with numerous vaccine manufacturing drug companies black ops to bury the truth.

Neurodiversity goes out of the way to write what are best described and publicly perceived as coaxing letters to courts, vociferously attempting to interdict the due process of vaccine-injury victims. Once again, blindly defending large vaccine-manufacturing drug companies against all legal claims. Is that respectful of the rights of vaccine-injured children? Going out of their way to vindictively throw themselves at the court? Do the ring-leaders of the neurodiversity front have Hannah Poling voo-doo dolls that we don't know about?

When a member of the US Centers For Disease Control anti-litigation bloc of Autism research's hand-selected gang of fraudsters gets indicted for fraud, even though he or she has been caught red-handed in the act of taking money under the table from the US government in exchange for research exonerating vaccines from the role they play in the American Autism epidemic, Neurodiversity vociferously denies and vociferously attacks the truth.

There's an investigation of the CDC fraudster going on, is it really the job of neurodiversity to vociferously attack the Danish police when they disclose there is an investigation going on, vociferously attack the Danish press for reporting Danish police disclosed the CDC fraudster is wanted by Danish police for questioning, and vociferously work to hatch the erroneous idea the fraudster's actual Autism research is above reconsideration?

Consider the source and follow the money trail.

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