Monday, July 11, 2011

Pediatrics: Let's All Satanically Haze The Amish Into Vaccinating!

Behind a PEDIATRICS pay-wall sits the latest seeing-eye vaccine study designed to not look out of the ordinary, not examine the unsafe nature of vaccines, but privily provide relatively stupid vaccine industry flaks something to throw into the air while standing down-wind inside a Jet Propulsion Lab wind tunnel switched to full blast.

This study actually deserved the inappropriate attention given to it by world leaders in scamdemic fraud like Reuters' Health, but really it has nothing to do with Autism, declining Autism rates, the fact that vaccinations singly or insanely grouped together based on their propensity to be neurologically-active infections which can cause Autism.

According to slippery Rueters' Health article at least one of the authors frankly suggests, without a shred of scientific evidence, people living close to the earth in out of the way America are disease-loaded slime and will spread killer Measles and Mumps to millions of vaccinated people.

"Understanding separatist groups such as the Amish is crucial for prevention of disease epidemics, because underimmunized populations are proven reservoirs of serious infections." - Olivia K. Wenger, MD

Of course, the young doctor will be hard-pressed to explain why her rather disgraceful opinion of the Amish as a bunch of dirty birds has no legs. The Amish community has been around a long time and, in fact, it's the other way around.

Avoidance is scientifically-proven to prevent disease spread.

A feeble study were nearly two-thirds refuse to respond, and the authors and/or their publisher are evasive with the facts of those that do, deserves out of whack attention from feeble mass media outlets like Reuters' Health.

Satanic forces have been assaulting the Amish in America for years.

While some may cringe for the inhumanity of religious desecration of it all, as if "Josephus" Wiznitzer has struck antiquity gold pointing out something awry with the simple-living sheep-nation of American Amish people, take a hard look at the study highlights.

►We are told Holmes County, Ohio, one of the largest Amish communities in the world, has persistently low immunization rates.

►We are told four years ago, way back in 2007, questionnaires for assessing attitudes regarding immunizations were mailed to a random sampling of 1000 Amish parents in Holmes County.

►We are NOT told 641 questionnaires or 64.1% did not respond.

►We are erroneously told 37% responded when 359 responses is actually 35.9% of 1000 questionnaires, which throws all the math out of whack.

►We are NOT told if any of the 359 respondents actually qualify as Amish based on generally recognized criteria. (no fossil-fuel transportation or farm machinery, electromagnetic field emission-free housing, faith-based vaccine exempt, use early 17th century pronouns)

►We are NOT told a single detail about Autism rates among the qualified Amish population of Holmes County, Ohio.

Said one familiar with the Pediatrics study, "These vaccine zealot pediatricians resemble hypnotized cult members because they are hypnotized cult members. They've been fixating on the Amish for several years now. This study was produced for no other sound reason than because they feel jilted by the simple wisdom of followers of God. These studies are produced and published even though each year they fail to produce necessary science-based evidence. The inflated egos and college-trained piety personalities converge into a train-wreck supporting their desire to condescend upon these Godly people as if this sanctifies their role in marketing medical products for drug companies. The authors need to check their god."

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