Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: MMR Hack Is Paid By Drug Giants

Hey riddle riddle. The cat in the middle. That deer drives by light of the moon. The dirty dog laughed to see such a tort. And our rights disappeared before noon .

We marvel at the fact that reality conflicts with the political will of government vaccine advisers. That research full of evidence is rejected before it is seen declares prejudice.

And who puts these notions inside the heads of IOM committee members? The US Centers For Disease Control? Hardly.

The peculiar pride that walks hand in hand with those who can not possibly admire themselves as they obfuscate, yet privily they knowingly scheme in doing just that, expresses well a higher order. Government is simply a redoubt clever and implacably placed ahead of those walled up in yonder castle.

Whence cometh thou wave after wave after wave of minions on the march to enforce the political will of those who can not allow the public to think independently, to speak publicly, or to experience redemption? Censorship seconds ulterior defiance of good faith, good intentions, and the unpleasant, less than wholesome goodness of three live, neurologically-active viruses let loose inside immature little bodies; a foolish act somehow attested to as dead wrong, yet inexplicably and vociferously defended as necessary.

To those, we suggest your axe belongs to a dying nation, yea rather, the consolidation of a shrinking, elitist empire ignoble and rawly equipped to comprehend that freedom is no excuse to hide behind. Freedom does not deem anything less than compliance to be ignorance. Oppression is uncanny by way of protecting ignorance and unjustly punishing the wise. Freedom reproves ignorance and cherishes the wise. Freedom breaks down the walls of defense, tears through the holy veil, so that all can admire the truth so important to us all.

For it is impossible to not arrive at the contemplation that this wicked game of twists and turns, mutating rules, blind sight, and evil undertaking was hatched not from innocence, but rather in prejudice against the innocents their premeditated offense would create. And to suggest that they take musing the unfortunate victims of their pretentious wheel of misfortune is itself the unraveling diabolical motives.

The delights of these merry men taking pleasure at their injustices are those of they with no solemn distinction for their hollow and meaningless victories in this wicked, treasonous game of theirs.

Ps 10:13 Wherefore doth the wicked contemn God? he hath said in his heart, Thou wilt not require it.

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