Monday, August 22, 2011

No Middle Ground For The Media

Well? It seems those too willing to oblige US HHS Secretary Kathleen Silly-bus in her efforts to provide censorship to the savage debauchery taking place presently in 'the House That Merck Built', based primarily on the British Press Spy Award winning tabloid hacker Brian Deer, could use some common sense guidance about how to cover something else up.

It stands to reason those who could not restrain themselves from taking cold hard drug company cheer in exchange for a smear campaign against Andrew Wakefield, a man devoted to unraveling just how vaccines cause Autism precisely (and anybody who dares to speak up about vaccine-induced Autism injury; Don Imus, John McCain, David Kirby, Jenny McCarthy, etc.) have strange hind-sight.

It is insane obvious this is fact. The media has severe problems with addressing powerful individuals with fists full of cash to broker PR deals, much less fight quid ones the ├╝ber boss holding the keys to the front door of these cudzoo media tabloid empires has up his sleeve.

Now that Britain's Parliament is window-dressing British newspaper spy ring habits, complete with the sympathy-raking pie victim trick, we are fortunate enough to now learn some of the facts behind the UK-led media smear campaign of Andrew Wakefield.

In short, Brian Deer spied on everybody. His motives are well spelled out. Through his own words he is exposed as a man who planted one on Andrew Wakefield.

He entered the home of at least one sick kid, providing the unsuspecting mum and dad false credentials. He then drilled them quite mercilessly and relentlessly for up to six hours at a time. Every foggy response was considered a discrepancy. He was wearing a wire without them knowing it. He kept running to the loo. He was communicating with someone. Someone else was secretly recording the mum of an Autistic child.

He kept flipping the same cassette tape over and over to fool the parent into thinking he was alone, but there were others listening, and the poor mother of an Autistic child didn't even have an attorney present.

Brian Deer entrapped them. He used a fake name. Did he also use false statements? Did he lie to her so that he could get his story?

Using false pretense. Preying upon the hospitality of an honest mum seeking to help her poor vaccine-injured child.

None of the Wakefield families would curse the man.

Like Balaam, Deer got angry, threw a hissy fit, and then fabricated a complaint with the UK GMC, something a highway man hired by vaccine manufacturers does to plant one on a good man endeared world-wide by families of Autistic children, victims of vaccine injury.

Brian Deer is a low creature. He is a beast. Though we would that all flesh shall see it, he is the servant of vaccine makers.

And the media is eating a big fat plate of crow.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. The British Medical Journal, which fired the loudest shot parroted around the world, is now in a mess of trouble. BMJ editors claim that it didn't occur to them that they should declare "competing interests" when they publicly accused Wakefield of "Piltdown" science fraud.

Now that the media, which did the dirty dirty deed to the name and reputation of Andrew Wakefield is busy spoon feeding us a steady diet of some gal with a drug giant sized trailing edge, the BMJ has issued a indirectly-linked correction to the BMJ-commissioned Brian Deer pre-fab attack on Andrew Wakefield. It seems BMJ have a little trouble with competing interests. Yes, I have it right. C-O-M-P-E-T-I-N-G interests, and not conflicts of interests.

The British Medical Journal takes millions and millions of dollars in from the monopolizing vaccine manufacturers, one which court records in Australia hold actually distributed a "hit list" of doctors to destroy in place to combat the truth, and editors routinely place drug company favorable studies into medical publication. So while their attempted assassination piece on Andrew Wakefield gained maudlin success in the not-so-perceptive mainstream media, this fact can not be over-looked as it clearly has polluted their credibility.

The British Medical Journal has admitted they are competing against Andrew Wakefield deliberately relating to money. They offered a correction because they are receiving mercenary payments from drug companies.

Why is that? The answer is "that's the media".

What exactly is the media? The media is the entity the general public confuses with the free press.

I decided to figure it out. So I took one of those Latin translator web sites and fed in "media". And guess what? Accordingly the result came back...interventus.

Ordinarily, it's pretty clear this word is an early cousin of intervention and that would mean a third party to separate the two sides and fill in the facts.

In the case of Autism injury relating back to vaccines, the intervention is the vaccine-manufacturing drug companies using black-ops, embedded operatives in government, elected officials, etc. that produce the media such as influenza scamdemic attacks followed by really big butts who are really paid shills.

So from now on when you hear the word media, think ten-in-one Freak Show and not Lou Grant.

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