Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Open Letter To Dan Olmsted

The following open letter was written as a response to Age of Autism editor Dan Olmsted, who recently wrote, The Awful Truth About Autism Speaks.

Dear Dan,

A leech? Come on. How about calling Autism Speaks one of those spaceman black holes? The kind that sucks in entire universes?

I recently transferred browser favorites from one program to another. I culled through all the old URL links just to see which ones are still active (worth keeping).

It's amazing how so many Autism activists suddenly vaporized. They're all gone.

Probably the most obvious was autismfacts.com. The extremely well-produced Thimerosal time line, which has a beginning in the late 1800s, stops like 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' at:

December 11, 2006

* President Bush is presented with the passed Combating Autism Act and it awaits his signature to put the Bill into law.

Take a look at the old Evidence of Harm yahoo list. Now at EOH? All the Autism activists/posters are vaporized. They're all gone.

I was excited, recently, to look at the in-box and once again see that I was part of one of those "undisclosed recipients" E-mails, the kind where fifty Autism parent/activists are sharing their thoughts about the best way to move forward. It was just a computer virus.

The E-mails from fellow parents of vaccine-injured kids have vaporized. They're all gone.

I guess there are two ways to look at this. People are brown-nosers and have a sixth sense for smelling money or Autism Speaks spread like cancer making formerly fearless folks simple little cyber-marxists re-educated into drug company rock-breakers.

Autism Speaks was designed to enable the United States Centers for Disease Control to money launder excessive amounts of tax dollars to CDC anti-litigation bloc Autism researchers.

Autism Speaks chummed millions and millions of dollars looking for the best expert witnesses money could buy to testify against innocent children harmed by vaccines.

Autism Speaks was designed to divide and conquer all opposition to mainstream ideals and encourage lots and lots of covert experimental research by vaccine/drug companies.

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