Friday, September 30, 2011

Katie Wright: You Think Rick Perry Is Bad?

It would be remiss to not include in Rick Perry saga the outlandish position of the media and how drug lobbyists are a throbbing, festering cancer to democracy and the democratic process.

Here is a video from a Texas "pharma partner" who decided to "expose" legisators who vote by proxy.

What the "story" doesn't tell is legislators were "caught" voting to over-ride Texas governor Rick Perry's forced HPV vaccine order.

What the "story" doesn't tell is how many Texas legislators voting by proxy did so because they were "tied up" by pharma lobbyists working hand in hand with those who control and manipulate the legislative scheduling process in our land.

Was the vote scheduled to take place figuring not enough legislators would be present vote? Americans credit the Texans for defying big pharma puppet decrees, yet the media got it wrong and decried the legislators by writing, editing, producing, and airing this and other media assassination pieces.

In another masterpiece of self-incrimination, Autism Speaks owner Bob Wright's daughter Katie Wright filed another whopper on Age of Autism:

"In China the government freely and fully decides when and how many children a woman may have. China also decides when and what type of birth control young women should take. If women and girls do not comply the will likely lose their job or access to education. You know what? If I wanted to live in China I would, but I don’t and neither do 99.99% of Americans. So I would like to see these “big government out of our lives” all American Republicans butt out of our families. Let’s get crony capitalism out of children’s health care and trust American families to make appropriate vaccination decisions for their daughters."

It's one thing to harp on and on about pharma bad guy Rick Perry, but the same can be said about any of the Autism Speaks celebrities who stampeded parents into believing that the the Combating Autism Act was anything other than in part a huge entitlement for white collar welfare recipients, who abuse power and trust just as badly as Rick Perry. All to create personal wealth by robbing the poor and needy.

By creaming Texas Rep Joe Barton, who knew the CAA bill was a CDC money-laundering plan to pay the likes of CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen for the best non-contemporaneous anti-litigation Autism research money could buy, this large, well-heeled mutual admiration society deliberately has inflicted unnecessary pain and suffering on our children, our families, and funds those who attack the very essence of the problem.

‘My husband has been persecuted by extremely powerful forces for asking questions that his research findings made it morally and ethically essential for him to ask,’.......... ‘I used to believe that this country was a bastion of academic integrity and intellectual freedom. So this whole sad process of attrition, isolation and vilification, on a very personal level, has sickened and disillusioned me. - Carmel Wakefield

Wait until she finds out it was Katie Wright and Autism Speaks behind it all.

Vaccines cause Autism

Autism Speaks was founded in part as the US Centers for Disease Control vaccine injury anti-litigation non-government agency. It is known to be developing the gene database that will be used by those who inject needles into the womb to suck out DNA of unborn children. If the unborn child has DNA that will conflict with government-mandated vaccinations the child will be aborted rather than eventually become a vaccine injury victim.

"Free Flu Shots"

To understand the true purpose of Autism Speaks you really need to dig deep into things prior to when GE industrialist and anti-litigationist "Sponge" Bob Wright was forced to bring clandestine autism research to an emergency surface after his own grandson was diagnosed.

Autism was introduced as a "soft kill" method of population control. The key ingredient is vaccines, which kill instantly, disable permanently, and sterilize without detection. Because global planners are behind the American Autism epidemic, the president, the high courts, and Congress have conspired to look the other way.

America is generally inexperienced with the legislative process. Hitler is alive and well in the heart of America. America is totally defenseless against foreign drug companies. They terrorize us all the time and Congress asks no questions at all. They simply sign the blank check which appropriates billions and billions of dollars to produce toxic vaccines that don't work, nobody wants, get stockpiled until expiration date, and then face environmental regulations which prohibit disposal in public landfills.

$300,000,000.00 US tax dollars where spent to lock Vaccine Safety Datalink data into a private vault. Vaccine court records are sealed, and the media is paid heavy money to seduce the general public.

As vice-chairman of General Electric, Wright was involved in eighty percent of the world vaccine marketplace long before anybody ever noticed his involvement with handling the Autism issue. Wright and fellow vaccine zealot Bill Gates make machines that replace people.

So it all goes back to the discussions we had thirty years ago in our social studies classrooms across the country. Remember when we were asked what we thought about the idea that one day man would create machines capable of doing all the work for us?

In my class there were only two of us that ever asked back what happens to all the people?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Age of Polio-olio: A Vaccine Strategist Angles Are Off The Mark?

The Age of Autism is currently involved in presenting a new series called 'The Age of Polio' in which two authors endeavor to clarify the origins of modern myth that Polio vaccine wiped out Polio, destroying the tall tale vaccine industry shills inside government and outside in "non-profits" use to propagate mass vaccine campaigns.

Oddly this series kicked off with the following:

" probably solves, for the first time, the enduring riddle of why Franklin D. Roosevelt was afflicted 90 years ago this summer on Campobello Island..."

The claim that something more is known about FDR and the connection to Polio isn't odd or new, but with Mark Blaxill, a vaccine industry strategist by trade, involved in writing the articles, it's hardly a wonder that the aim is going to be off target.

Let's first be mindful of what the other Roosevelt had said in 1906.

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day". Theodore Roosevelt 1906

TR dealt with lobbyists every day. He dealt with the various merchants of death, such as vaccine makers, every day. TR saw it coming.

Yet, if we avoid the false notion that TR was a John the Baptist voice of one that crieth into the wilderness, a lone wolf howling at the sad moon, or even a last beacon of restraint against money-grubbing corporations looking to free ride their way to success by capitalizing US tax dollars, we do well in understanding that TR was a politician.

And what do we all know about the politicians? They say what they say to scratch the 'itching ears' of citizens. No better way to get elected than to say what you think people want to hear.

In that speech, in order to appeal to lots of like-minded Americans, TR affirmed the generally accepted belief that corporations drain the US of tax dollars and screw Americans individually as well as by and large.

What TR referred to was, that while you and I, as Americans, have our heads down to the grindstone working to make everything in our nation work, behind our backs, there is a bunch of free-loading lobbyists from rich-rich corporations bandying about the nation's courtyard in D.C., representatives of those inventing new ways to rip off our federal treasury.

It's crazy to see the white collars sowing seeds against the poor and needy. Yet it is common in our nation's history for them to trash people in need. Through books, mass media PR campaigns, PACs, think tanks, lobbyists, powerful law firms, and political bribes white collar America can easily be described as the most un-American people there are in our day.

This kind of stuff is nothing new. In the 1870s, President U.S. Grant used to slip out of the White House secretly to the Willard Hotel in order to avoid the creepy people pushing their corporate agendas. Grant used to refer those who approached him in the lobby of the hotel as “those damn lobbyists.”

After the Great War (WWI) ended, with the Paris Peace Conference, a new intergovernmental organization resulted in the founding of the League of Nations in 1919.

According to Wikipedia:

"...The League's health organization had three bodies: the Health Bureau, containing permanent officials of the League; an executive section, the General Advisory Council or Conference, consisting of medical experts; and the Health Committee. The Committee's purpose was to conduct inquiries, oversee the operation of the League's health work, and prepare work to be presented to the Council. ..."

From this first so called "world health organization" came clear agenda of goal-oriented criteria for global mass vaccination policy. To the surprise of some history students, the United States was never a member of the League of Nations.

What does this have to do with Franklin D. Roosevelt you ask?

Dan and Mark are certainly right about Campobello Island. The island was a Roosevelt family vacation spot, not in the US of A, but rather across the border in Canada. Roosevelt was walking when he took the family up there, but he never walked again when he finally left.

Let's make a point to state that what's known about disease spread isn't new. Dating back in history, disease avoidance has been the scientifically-proven method of disease prevention.

Mentioning cruise ships may still send shivers up the spine years after there was a illness trend among ocean liners, yet positive changes made in the last century such as running water and sanitary sewer systems have done more to knock out diseases than injecting the disease into the body in hopes of preventing the disease could hold claim to.

Travel advisories and restrictions are not new either. Health officials have been issuing them for a very long time.

Neither are vaccines mandates. In fact, the League of Nations' League Health Organization promoted vaccination campaigns almost from its start. In the past, travels outside the United States required vaccinations. Certainly the military requires shots for the very reason of travel to different parts of the world.

While the industry may have changed the composition of vaccines slightly from bad experiences in the past, the probability here is there were numerous ones available to use around the time FDR decided to head north from the US to Campobello Island in Canada.

While the shot requirements to travel from the United States to Canada at that date in time may or may not be known to us now without further research, one this is clear.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt did not catch Polio there on Campabello Island.

A team of physicians extensively examined the late president's medical records, and in 2003, revealed the starling discovery that FDR never had Polio, he had Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

"..Summary:In 1921, when he was 39 years of age, Franklin Delano Roosevelt contracted an illness characterized by: fever; protracted symmetric, ascending paralysis; facial paralysis; bladder and bowel dysfunction; numbness; and dysaesthesia. The symptoms gradually resolved except for paralysis of the lower extremities. The diagnosis at the onset of the illness and thereafter was paralytic poliomyelitis. Yet his age and many features of the illness are more consistent with a diagnosis of Guillain–Barre´ syndrome, an autoimmune polyneuritis. The likelihoods (posterior probabilities) of poliomyelitis and Guillain–Barre´ syndrome were investigated by Bayesian analysis. Posterior probabilities were calculated by multiplying the prior probability (disease incidence in Roosevelt’s age group) by the symptom probability (likelihood of a symptom occurring in a disease). Six of eight posterior probabilities strongly favoured Guillain–Barre´ syndrome. ..."

And what triggers Guillain-Barre Syndrome? Vaccines do.

Let's see if the Age of Polio series brings this knowledge out, or not.