Friday, September 30, 2011

Katie Wright: You Think Rick Perry Is Bad?

It would be remiss to not include in Rick Perry saga the outlandish position of the media and how drug lobbyists are a throbbing, festering cancer to democracy and the democratic process.

Here is a video from a Texas "pharma partner" who decided to "expose" legisators who vote by proxy.

What the "story" doesn't tell is legislators were "caught" voting to over-ride Texas governor Rick Perry's forced HPV vaccine order.

What the "story" doesn't tell is how many Texas legislators voting by proxy did so because they were "tied up" by pharma lobbyists working hand in hand with those who control and manipulate the legislative scheduling process in our land.

Was the vote scheduled to take place figuring not enough legislators would be present vote? Americans credit the Texans for defying big pharma puppet decrees, yet the media got it wrong and decried the legislators by writing, editing, producing, and airing this and other media assassination pieces.

In another masterpiece of self-incrimination, Autism Speaks owner Bob Wright's daughter Katie Wright filed another whopper on Age of Autism:

"In China the government freely and fully decides when and how many children a woman may have. China also decides when and what type of birth control young women should take. If women and girls do not comply the will likely lose their job or access to education. You know what? If I wanted to live in China I would, but I don’t and neither do 99.99% of Americans. So I would like to see these “big government out of our lives” all American Republicans butt out of our families. Let’s get crony capitalism out of children’s health care and trust American families to make appropriate vaccination decisions for their daughters."

It's one thing to harp on and on about pharma bad guy Rick Perry, but the same can be said about any of the Autism Speaks celebrities who stampeded parents into believing that the the Combating Autism Act was anything other than in part a huge entitlement for white collar welfare recipients, who abuse power and trust just as badly as Rick Perry. All to create personal wealth by robbing the poor and needy.

By creaming Texas Rep Joe Barton, who knew the CAA bill was a CDC money-laundering plan to pay the likes of CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen for the best non-contemporaneous anti-litigation Autism research money could buy, this large, well-heeled mutual admiration society deliberately has inflicted unnecessary pain and suffering on our children, our families, and funds those who attack the very essence of the problem.

‘My husband has been persecuted by extremely powerful forces for asking questions that his research findings made it morally and ethically essential for him to ask,’.......... ‘I used to believe that this country was a bastion of academic integrity and intellectual freedom. So this whole sad process of attrition, isolation and vilification, on a very personal level, has sickened and disillusioned me. - Carmel Wakefield

Wait until she finds out it was Katie Wright and Autism Speaks behind it all.

Vaccines cause Autism

Autism Speaks was founded in part as the US Centers for Disease Control vaccine injury anti-litigation non-government agency. It is known to be developing the gene database that will be used by those who inject needles into the womb to suck out DNA of unborn children. If the unborn child has DNA that will conflict with government-mandated vaccinations the child will be aborted rather than eventually become a vaccine injury victim.

"Free Flu Shots"

To understand the true purpose of Autism Speaks you really need to dig deep into things prior to when GE industrialist and anti-litigationist "Sponge" Bob Wright was forced to bring clandestine autism research to an emergency surface after his own grandson was diagnosed.

Autism was introduced as a "soft kill" method of population control. The key ingredient is vaccines, which kill instantly, disable permanently, and sterilize without detection. Because global planners are behind the American Autism epidemic, the president, the high courts, and Congress have conspired to look the other way.

America is generally inexperienced with the legislative process. Hitler is alive and well in the heart of America. America is totally defenseless against foreign drug companies. They terrorize us all the time and Congress asks no questions at all. They simply sign the blank check which appropriates billions and billions of dollars to produce toxic vaccines that don't work, nobody wants, get stockpiled until expiration date, and then face environmental regulations which prohibit disposal in public landfills.

$300,000,000.00 US tax dollars where spent to lock Vaccine Safety Datalink data into a private vault. Vaccine court records are sealed, and the media is paid heavy money to seduce the general public.

As vice-chairman of General Electric, Wright was involved in eighty percent of the world vaccine marketplace long before anybody ever noticed his involvement with handling the Autism issue. Wright and fellow vaccine zealot Bill Gates make machines that replace people.

So it all goes back to the discussions we had thirty years ago in our social studies classrooms across the country. Remember when we were asked what we thought about the idea that one day man would create machines capable of doing all the work for us?

In my class there were only two of us that ever asked back what happens to all the people?

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