Friday, October 7, 2011

Across America: Liability-Free Vaccines Becoming Tough To Sell

As the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are pointing their crooked finger at vaccine-injury victims for causing what is being described by their media partners as a dramatic down-surge in vaccine uptake, America is finally getting a true sense of just how wide-spread and problematic the vaccine industry is.

In the world of vaccine injury, victims are always falsely portrayed by vaccine industry trial lawyers as public enemy number one. If claims that can't be painted as something else arise things like wire taps, splining computer communications, hacking are run in order to sift vaccine injury victims for anything usable against them. You can imagine all the tools at the disposal of unoffical vaccine court minions like British government spy Brian Deer and drug company cyber villian Kathleen Siedel.

Vaccine Industry Hostile Take-Overs

Americans are smart enough to know that Merck and Glaxo-SmithKline have swallowed up the vaccine marketplace. Americans are also smart enough to know that's why the US Constitution has been axed at its' root. Justices of the Supreme Court ignored facts and invented a thousand ingratiating reasons to bar vaccine injury lawsuits. State courts simply can't be trusted to maintain the federal government's poker bluff.

Any American can see for themselves now that, just as parents of vaccine-injured children have been claiming all along, the civil rights of American children don't exist any more. Kids hurt permanently with developmental disabilities, crippling conditions, and a host of other not yet revealed vaccine-side effects have no course of action because the federal legal system has a agreed to ban compensation justice. American children have become cattle in the eyes of the federal government who care more about disease invention and marketing than the very citizens of this land.

Americans fully know that the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are not much more than scammers. Americans are keen-eyed enough to understand the vaccine manufacturing drug company lawsuit shield is not much more than a cloak of maliciousness.

While the rest of the world is free to investigate drug company hatched "scamdemics" like Bird Flu and Swine Flu II and decry them at out-right fraud, US government health authorities are all boxed up by mass vaccination policy, and American media keeps their heads in the sand fearing contradiction of their mass media efforts to appease drug company advertisers.

The average American is now seeing millions and millions of dollars, a lot of which is US tax dollars, being spent frivolously in a slithering public relations campaign designed to demon-ize anybody who opposes mass vaccination. Yet Americans, despite the best efforts to filter out voices of reason, aren't buying any of it.

Americans find it increasingly evil that the vaccine manufacturing drug companies have too much power. Billionaires like Bill Gates and Ruppert Murdoch are all over vaccines. They believe in the full-scale usage of vaccines primarily for their ability to de-populate the United States.

A generation ago, Americans could easily identify Gates and Murdoch as maniacal mad men bent on taking over the world for themselves. Stuff straight out of comic book lore, but with drug companies having money to burn, they've infested every aspect of American media. Leaning on the know-how of social engineering planners, somehow super-rich maniacal mad men have all gone away.

What About The Children?

Launching a counter-act through the usual PR outlets, vaccine gurus are claiming all sorts of things in their futile effort to propagandize vaccines are worthy of human rights. They want Americans to blindly trust the industry has only the best interests at heart when this country can plainly see for themselves that kids across America, once harmed by vaccines, are screwed for their entire lives.

Using a host of cyber-marxist rock-breakers from all sorts of different places, including foreign spy organizations such as the British Council, the goal is to repair the great wall of silence. That means brain-wash Americans to forget what they see is real. Swaying them into their way of thinking, namely characterize victims of vaccine injury as some sort of enemy, the industry will be right back vaccinating.

Wrong. Liability-free vaccines are the kiss of death for the vaccine industry. Since the federal government has played mickey mouse with American rights, vaccines are increasingly tougher to sell. Legal loopholes created for vaccine makers by corrupt political officials makes mass vaccination an unacceptable risk. Americans know that as long as the federal government has their thumb on the scales preventing the sheer weight of vaccine injury victims from tipping things, the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are licensed to kill.

"When ye proffer the pigge, open the poke". Many a market faire person thought the wiggly item in their poke sack was a squiggly piglet. But when they got home and opened the sack, they let the cat out of the bag.