Friday, February 24, 2012

Crazy Media Caught Acting Crazy?

Remember how the whole world was being terrorized by the CRAZY media? Which time, you ask? Think panic virus...Yeah, which one...there as so many, ya know?

OK...remember when the panic virus pros launched the Bird Flu scamdemic? World media outlets partnered with World Health Organization experts claimed that half the world was gonna die as Bird Flu was poised to kill us all.

As it turns out the CRAZY media was just being the CRAZY media lending itself to pure falsification relating to a multi-billion dollar Influenza scam pay off. Public interests, my eye.

Why in America alone, the media-led panic virus H5N1 Bird Flu scamdemic flipped to become a $7.1 billion dollar pay day for the vaccine manufacturing drug companies, as CRAZY Congress and the CRAZY Bush White House rapidly approved a CRAZY Bird Flu scamdemic bill spending billions of tax payer dough to pay for CRAZY research and development leading to production of a Bird Flu vaccine that was already developed and being bottled prior to research funding approval.

"Geneva, we have a problem..."

The findings, which used data from 20 previously published studies, suggest that many more people have been infected with H5N1 flu viruses than the 586 officially confirmed by the WHO as of Wednesday; if so, the fatality rate could be lower than the 59% reported by the global health agency.

"The World Health Organization criteria that are currently being used for confirmation of H5N1 infections are good for the identification of very severe cases, but they do not pick up the cases that are mild or asymptomatic" because such patients are less likely to seek treatment in a hospital, said postdoctoral researcher Taia Wang, who led the study.

Flu experts have speculated before that the WHO's surveillance system is patchy and misses an unknown number of cases. There is no scientific consensus about what the true fatality rate is.

Paging Mr. Moonbird. Paging Mr. Moonbird.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pilt Down Disease Strikes Polio-Olio-ologists

Vaccine policy is strictly goal-oriented. There is no regard or concern for the fact that vaccines don't save lives and may cause the very medical predicament they are suppose to efficaciously address.

We do well to recall the little Amish child in Minnesota so many years ago. She was diagnosed with Polio after she visited a Polio-infested hospital. Several children around her were also tested and found to be infected with Polio, all traced to the Polio-infested hospital.

The Polio infecting her came from Polio vaccine. The state lab in Minnesota declared they were 98% positive the infecting Polio virus was vaccine-strain. Rather than take "yes" as an answer, the sample was sent from Minnesota to the US Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta, which had little choice, but to agree the state lab slam-dunked them in their faces.

Dr. Harry Hull, a so called Polio expert retired from the World Health Organization and managing the Minnesota vaccine marketplace, decried those who do not vaccinate, urgently insisting that all children and adults get Polio vaccine as soon as possible hinting that this "outbreak" was sure to spread.

As the resident vaccine-wielding germ freak in Minnesota coincidentally dubbed as an expert of Polio, Hull apparently had "epidemic" on his mind, despite the fact that the last naturally-occurring case of Polio in the United States happened in 1979.

It's really hard to ignore the fact that Hull feared an epidemic of Polio with immune-system resistant, vaccine-strain Polio leading the way was in the future. The obvious paranoia is striking to say the least.

He glaringly ignored the fact that his baby, Polio vaccine strain Polio, was infesting the body of this "unvaccinated" subject and her immediate friends.

To directly quote a New York Times article:

"Regardless, the girl is now a wellspring for polio, a modern-day Typhoid Mary who can pass it along to others. Anyone who has not been vaccinated is vulnerable."

"...the live polio vaccine can change to a paralytic form without being passed to anyone else, since such people can nurse a mutating virus for years"..."they can live for years, with a few of them shedding polio viruses all the while..."

"I would be surprised if we don't get a paralytic case someplace," Dr. Hull said.

So there you have it. An "unvaccinated" little Amish girl was infected by Polio vaccine, but authorities can't take yes for an answer. Maybe all that anti-litigation training has something to do with fudging on honesty, eh?

To declare this vaccine-tainted Amish child as "unvaccinated" is gross negligence and disgustingly untrue. According to authorities, she's brewing and shedding vaccine-strain Polio all over the place - likely to cause an "epidemic". Yet the idea that she spreads Polio vaccine strain Polio further without proper regard to the fact that she is spreading the vaccine-strain of Polio is folly.

The last naturally-occurring case of Polio in the United States happened in 1979. This does not take into account that cases of paralytic paralysis have been tucked away under another diagnosis since the mid-1950s in order to suggest that Polio vaccine has been eradicating something bad. Vaccine marketing goals are often met by PR tactics like indirection, which is taking one thing and calling it something else...just like "Pre-Sliced, Rustproff, Easy-To-Handle, Low Calorie Simpson's Individual Emperor Stringettes, Free From Artificial Coloring, As Used In Hospitals!" might be a useful way of describing "only string".

As experts say, "if you decline Polio vaccine then get Polio, it's called Polio. If you get the Polio vaccine then get Polio it's called Meningitis".

The fact that there is no Polio to combat and that's why we must vaccinate against Polio because we're vaccinating against Polio is in tune to the idea that a junior chemistry buff actually turns water into red wine using one of those Mr. Wizard Chemistry lab kits. It may look like science is capable of replicating one of many miracles performed by Jesus, but it's something else happening. You don't drink the stuff, for sure.

Essentially, the same so called experts that claim vaccines are a victim of their own success fail to understand elementary facts...people are generally the victims of vaccine success and, if the so called experts are right, their over-zeal will quite efficaciously reintroduce many former dormant diseases through injection followed by internal mutation.

The so called Minnesota Amish Polio "outbreak" is just one isolated example that came to light. Across the country every possible effort imaginable is made to keep others from rising to the surface.

Is it any wonder why the vaccine manufacturing drug company jack-boots desire to kick in the doors and smash the presses?