Friday, February 24, 2012

Crazy Media Caught Acting Crazy?

Remember how the whole world was being terrorized by the CRAZY media? Which time, you ask? Think panic virus...Yeah, which one...there as so many, ya know?

OK...remember when the panic virus pros launched the Bird Flu scamdemic? World media outlets partnered with World Health Organization experts claimed that half the world was gonna die as Bird Flu was poised to kill us all.

As it turns out the CRAZY media was just being the CRAZY media lending itself to pure falsification relating to a multi-billion dollar Influenza scam pay off. Public interests, my eye.

Why in America alone, the media-led panic virus H5N1 Bird Flu scamdemic flipped to become a $7.1 billion dollar pay day for the vaccine manufacturing drug companies, as CRAZY Congress and the CRAZY Bush White House rapidly approved a CRAZY Bird Flu scamdemic bill spending billions of tax payer dough to pay for CRAZY research and development leading to production of a Bird Flu vaccine that was already developed and being bottled prior to research funding approval.

"Geneva, we have a problem..."

The findings, which used data from 20 previously published studies, suggest that many more people have been infected with H5N1 flu viruses than the 586 officially confirmed by the WHO as of Wednesday; if so, the fatality rate could be lower than the 59% reported by the global health agency.

"The World Health Organization criteria that are currently being used for confirmation of H5N1 infections are good for the identification of very severe cases, but they do not pick up the cases that are mild or asymptomatic" because such patients are less likely to seek treatment in a hospital, said postdoctoral researcher Taia Wang, who led the study.

Flu experts have speculated before that the WHO's surveillance system is patchy and misses an unknown number of cases. There is no scientific consensus about what the true fatality rate is.

Paging Mr. Moonbird. Paging Mr. Moonbird.

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