Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mercury Matters: No Mercury Matters More

Thimerosal is 49.6% mercury.

In solution, Thimerosal rapidly breaks down to ethyl-mercury, a organic form of mercury, and sodium thiosalicylate. One half milliliter dose of a Thimerosal-containing vaccine hypothetically carries a concentration of mercury at a level of 55 parts per million into the bodies of infants and toddlers, as well as the unborn children still inside their mommy's tummy.

Organic mercury itself is not what causes neurological problems. Neurotoxicity problems arise when the organic form of mercury compound decomposes into to the inorganic mercuric mercury form. Ethyl-mercury, the organic form of vaccine mercury, crosses the blood-brain barrier where it decomposes into inorganic, mercuric mercury.

In terms of ranking mercury compounds by neuro-toxicity, ethyl-mercury is at the top of the list. It is noted in the literature that as ethyl-mercury was found to be decomposing to inorganic in the brains of children this was not part of the detoxification process.

Methyl-mercury, the organic form of tuna mercury, also crosses the blood-brain barrier, but it does not appear to decompose into the neurologically damaging inorganic, mercuric mercury as much as the organic form of vaccine mercury does.

This wide difference in organic mercury compound volatility suggests that the criminal decision of twelve plus years ago to not establish a FDA safe exposure level for internal injection of Thimerosal was a criminal decision to not establish a FDA safe exposure level for internal injection of Thimerosal twelve plus years ago.

American infants and toddlers do not come with full chem suits as the US Environmental Protection Agency suggests lab workers don prior to laboratory Thimerosal exposure, and they do not typically munch tuna sandwiches prior to an age of having teeth to munch them with.

Also as Dan Olmsted indirectly points out, doctors do not use syringes to directly inject tuna salad into the bodies of America's infants and toddlers, but they do inject ethyl-mercury laced vaccines into them still. Incidentally, the 2005 study mentioned by Olmsted, Burbacher et al (2005), was seized upon by both sides of the Autism-Mercury debate.

One side saw the greater levels of inorganic mercury in the vaccine mercury brain tissue specimens.

The other side took the blood results to their mass media outlets prior to the meeting, and then flapped them around in the air at the 2004 Institutes of Medicine Autism-Mercury meeting as if they were Neville Chamberlain waving his "peace in our time" contract with Adolf Hitler claiming "it all gets pooped out". This was very careless to do since either fecal mercury samples of monkey dropping were not taken at all as part of the 2005 study, or they were taken and the authors of the study decided to not publish them.

So whether or not the 2005 study adds up to a hill of beans, at all, relates to accuracy and relevant methodology. Demonstrating Autism as a result of micro-mecurialism or macro-mecurialism in very small subjects can be affected by whether or not the actual specimens are representative of portions of brains associated with cognitive skills, or tissue results came by scrambling lots and lots of monkey brains in a blender and separating the liquid mercury results from the solid mercury results and calling them organic or inorganic.

Friday, November 2, 2012


TODAY is full of total BS. This handling of the Thorsen fraud ring is a total white wash. They are allowing the US federal government to totally slip through the US federal government dragnet.

It took Congressional authority to divert millions of tax payer dollars to the CDC money-laundering scheme. The sole purpose of Congress was never Autism research. It was pre-conceived to divert money to pay academics willing to provide something to dampen the contemporaneous research gleeming in the sunlight that indicates vaccines do knowingly have a causal relationship with developmental disabilities including Autism, our living vaccine-injured children.

The CDC E-mail trail provides direct evidence that they were fishing for academics willing to provide them non-contemporaneously-composed research with the specific order to exonerate vaccines as a causal role of Autism. Thorsen was able to make it look like Autism rates went up with the Danish phase-out of Thimerosal-containing vaccines.

Thorsen was a chess piece for the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism Research. They knowingly paid him and nothing...nothing...nothing ever came up about anything resembling fraud - ever - before Aarhus University blew the whistle on him to Danish Police officials.

The fact that Aarhus University vacated the research and withdrew from Thorsen and the rest of the anti-litigation bloc of Autism research all stars' group is suffice proof that they revoked support due to his violations of research code of ethics thus invalidating all of the anti-litigation research that Autism Speaks, another US CDC money-laundering operation, seized upon to use against families with claims petitions in US Vaccine Court.

TODAY can put this in their pipe and smoke it, too. CDC STONE WALLED Danish Police. Danish Police investigators relied to the Copenhagen Post they were being stone-walled by CDC authorities in their requests for information aiding them in the original fraud case investigation - which forced the US authorities to reluctantly launch their own investigation, not within the US Department of Justice, but within the same US government agency which represents vaccine-manufacturing drug companies.

This failure to cooperate strongly suggests foul play.

The report and the OIG investigation are a white wash carefully designed to avoid implicating....drum roll....the United States Federal Government.

The CDC had been laundering anti-litigation funds to Thorsen, writing blank checks with no questions asked. They even passed a Combating Autism Act to establish the Autism Speaks vaccine protection unit, which paid millions and millions of US tax dollars for the best anti-litigation research the CDC could buy. It also told the US CDC to stop keeping track of Autism rates, a very dubious thing to do in the middle of a Autism epidemic.

Ask the TODAY people why Poul Thorsen has a CDC.Gov domain on the end of his e-mails. He wasn't bouncing his Internet Presence half way around the world through relays in order to hack into CDC funds. His requests touched plenty of hands at the agency. Emory University is just across the street from CDC HQ in Druid Hills, Georgia.

Contemporaneous E-mail traffic in and out of CDC is pretty clear that they were in the spotlight for too much mercury in vaccines and they had the green light to "spend it was money".

The key fact is the government had to do something about the Danish Police and do something to quiet down the Thorsen manhunt, after all they are failing to protect the American people not just by protecting unsafe vaccines, but also because it's the federal government paying the "risk management" price, laundering to the anti-litigation bloc of Autism research.

For TODAY to erroneously attempt to paint Thorsen as just another health care fraud guy is a terrible miscarriage of journalistic propriety. He was a CDC hero. He was an academic willing to fabricate erroneous research to exonerate the government vaccine cartel and paid handsomely no questions asked.

It's clear the dollar figures don't add up.

It has all the appearances that Thorsen is now being framed for lots and lots of Congressionally authorized money that the CDC has been laundering for them. It is also absolutely impossible that the money laundered by the CDC was not officially unauthorized.

Google map the CDC HQ in Atlanta and you can't help, but notice Emory University, one of the many places Thorsen worked, is right across the street.