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GE's Bob Wright: Scummier Than That Scumbag Thorsen


GE Healthcare Thimerosal MSDS
While some marvel at the latest dog and pony show masked as the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Autism Research hearings, perhaps the most crazy thing those zany coconuts in Congress did wrong in the first place was pass a $875 million dollar Combating Autism Act in 2006 and then put all that money into the hands of GE vice chairman "Sponge" Bob Wright, a US Centers For Disease Control Foundation alumni with a keen eye for putting things where they shouldn't go.

"Autism" families with vaccine-injured children have returned to Congress for not much more than Indiana Rep. Dan Burton's swan song appearance at perhaps the last meeting of the Vaccine-Mercury Muddling Society. Many parents with or without such claims were gory eyewitnesses to the merciless attack on vaccine injury Autism claims in the vastly Un-American Vaccine Maker Cream Puff deal of Congress called unidirectionally "vaccine court".

What was lost in the misguided euphoria demonstrated ignobly in relationship to this muddle huddle is Congress is the sham-god creating all the kills. They consider their victory in vaccine court - in large part accomplished with $875 million dollars in taxes money-laundered through "Sponge" Bob - the best money that money can buy. It may be a surprise to some, yet when Congress witnessed families smitten by Thimerosal-laced vaccines sinking in a cesspool of iatrogenically-induced pariahism they overwhelmingly, Dan Burton included, chucked in a lead block.

So, Congress led by a clearly intimidated California Rep. Darrell Edward Issa now creates a novel way to deal with those sheepishly disgusted over the fact that the Autism Speaks combination created by the Combating Autism Act of 2006 just can't seem to be able to fund Thimerosal and vaccine research, but they can put just about every single researcher that produced piles of junked up papers used to testify against vaccine-injured children on payroll.


Firstly, they invite him to meet up, then when Congressional insiders leak details of what he intends to testify about out to their associates minding the Autism community like Marxists do, they exclude Brian Hooker from testifying about his chain of evidence directly implicating CDC involvement in the Sponge Bob combination, and call upon those totally irrelevant Autism superstar beakers, including a senior vice president vaccine strategist from Boston Consulting Group to noddle away from the hard stuff, and into the fluffy never mind us if it keeps the vaccines flowing kind of crap. How Un-American can you get?  It pleases the British Council.

A vaccine strategist from BCG?
The so called Autism rock stars aren't really that much different than the Danish Autism research rock stars, who, fueled with CDC funds, routinely pulled up to meetings in stretch-limos and rented out castles across the European landscape to rest their tired heads.

These Autism parents were flown into New York for a private meeting in 2005 just prior to NBC Universal's "Better Diagnosis Week", which was a week-long affair legally chopped to bits by chop-shop media lawyers. They really didn't step back to examine their scissorhands kraftwork cuz it ended up oddly claiming that Autism was rising due to better diagnosis, yet humorously consisted lots and lots of bogus "no show" research and lots of enigmatic ways designed to teach how to better diagnose Autism.

Let's be clear, "Sponge" Bob Wright managed to fund all sorts of "Autism Speaks" research in the Congress-to-CDC money-laundering scheme. Yes, "Sponge" Bob was the only step-on stone to walk over between the independent nations of Isle of Congress and the Isle of CDC, but more like he agreed to accept $875 million from Congress and agree to pay those hand-selected by CDC to find creative ways to make it look like vaccines didn't just do what they did do.

At a 2007 Combating Autism Act re-authorization meeting, He sat side by side with then CDC director Julie Gerberding, famous for her "yeah, if you're a bird" remark after being asked if Avian Flu was still a critical crisis days after Congress authorized $7.1 billion dollars to pay large pharmaceutical companies to develop a Bird Flu vaccine. He listened to Sen. Tom Harken inquire fiendishly in code about the state of research. She declared that together the CDC and CDC Foundation off-shoot Autism Speaks would produce quality research that would slam the door for good on these crazy parents with vaccine-injured children in code.

Kicking back Congressional Autism money to NBC Universal, eh?
Not talking about how "Sponge" Bob did manage to hijack the neurotic Ad Council using them to repetitively tell Americans "we don't know what causes Autism" over and over and over and over and over and over again. He put some of his CDC  "awareness" money to work aiding his NBC Universal NASCAR television contract. The Autism Speaks 400 is slowly being diluted away and "Sponge" Bob's CDC fuel-injected Autism money painted a NASCAR racing team or two competing in a sport which teaches children of all ages that "if you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'!".

With so many children vaccine-injured in America being labeled as "Autistic" their families were sure to increase ratings for the NBC-televised races, right? They tuned in for a while to see how many NASCAR drivers, if any, had vaccine-injured kids, but one look at the uncomfortable, creepy expressions on the faces of NASCAR drivers incredulously trying to figure out how taking prize money from a Congressionally-sanctioned faux charity screwing over Autistic children made them red-blooded American men turned them off.


Not only does "Sponge" Bob have a corporate web site, he has a corporate web site with a Thimerosal material safety data sheet with his GE logo on it, which makes the heavy metal man a really big conflicts of interest kind of guy and the act of Congress that gave him $875 million dollars worth or taxes hypocritical.

When the CDC needed to shop for researchers willing to play the 'one for you, three for for you, five for me' bean game, their "no show agenda" found the GE Thimerosal-pusher "Sponge" Bob already on the CDC Foundation apex, and he put Poul Thorsen, the CDC fraudster indicted by both the US and Denmark for research fraud on payroll along with every single so called researcher in the crackpot, 'vaccines don't cause Autism' business to be found and formed the CDC Anti-litigation Bloc of Autism Research.

The GE logo is right there on the left.
“This guy is a humongous scum bag and one of the most wanted men on earth," said US Representative Bill Posey. While he was speaking of Thorsen, many were thinking he meant the guy who hired him to produce specific research so good that it made negative neurological outcomes appear to go up with Thimerosal's absence.

One thing for sure, if Poul Thorsen is a scumbag, that should have been enough to make Bob Wright pucker right up. How on earth could a guy with a Thimerosal MSDS be in charge of research connected to Thimerosal.

With GE involved in about eighty percent of the world's vaccine business it's pretty clear that Congress has been fighting a battle their own size and happy to be winning each and every round.

Their fighting against American babies.

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