Tuesday, December 18, 2012

School Shooter Provides Proof DSM-V Is A Farce

And you wonder why the Autism epidemic is still going on after all these years and the billion dollars in taxes spent to combat vaccine-injury petitions?

After watching a brief round table discussion embedded on a Autism web site, it was amazing to see how conditioned leading Autism advocates are, and how detached they are from the Autism reality they claim to face each day.

1. Labeling or inferring the non-spontaneous, well calculated, methodical, heartless, mindless killing spree as a Autistic "meltdown" is ridiculous. The shooter wasn't having an infantile-minded, temperamental fit when he first killed his own mother then traveled to a local elementary school and started killing innocent adults and children. Doubtless this didn't happen because he didn't get his thirty minutes of Judge Wapner for the day, or his mom got him Haines 32 instead of boxers with his name written on the label indelibly.

2. The security for the Autistic individual is not the happiness of a warm gun. Loud sounds such as firing arms are actually incredibly repulsive to Autistic children. 

3.Autism is characterized as a monotonous cycle of sameness. Autism to a veteran parent is relative to providing their Autistic child a very familiar world to live in filled with things like trusty objects for clutching, favorite DVDs (and plenty of copies), repeating the same song fifty times, pushing remote control buttons over and over, dancing side to side, jumping on a mini trampoline, GF-CF food, etc.

Once upon a time the trench coat mafia was everywhere.
Slam dances and antidepressant abuse were, too.
4. Parents with Autistic children scoff at the idea that this obviously numbed up school shooter could be labeled as Autistic. There are literally zero common traits, behaviors, characteristics, between Autistic children and the full-functioning, yet allopathic psychotic child.

5. There's no pill to cure Autism. The fact that these school shooters are on SSRIs means something definitive and certainly dissimilar to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Strange that the DSM-V desires to pile all their allopathic by-products onto a spectrum typically reserved for genuinely developmentally-disabled subjects.

6. Autism isn't caused by a deficiency of Ritalin, Risperdal, Paxil, Prozac or any SSRI-class pharmaceutical drug. Something other than Autism Spectrum Disorders is involved. The type of drug most likely associated with each, and most probably this latest act of iatrogenic mass violence, is also a pill used for shyness, to improve sociability, low self-esteem, and a variety of neurotic manifestations in non-mentally disabled individuals with equally-tragic deleterious results. 

7. The drug in question was banned in the UK for use in children under 18 in 2003 due to the inability to control the substance leading to infrequent or missed doses, or sudden discontinuation of it which appears to be the period most critical in the development of suicidal or homicidal events.

8. On the other hand, when faced with a decision to ban or not ban SSRIs, the United States Food and Drug Administration, which is noted for their epic failure to correctly answer the Citizen's Petition to ban Thimerosal-containing vaccines, shrugged off the evidence of SSRI withdrawal violence, and merely expressed a desire to add a black box warning to SSRIs allowing drug giants to continue profit-taking on this class of drugs.

9. This same class of drug raised the ire of women who said their shrinks were prescribing it on purpose to turn them into "nookie queens".

10. Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that the shooter's father, GE tax guru,  Peter Lanza, focuses most of his attention creating innovative methods to avoid paying corporate taxes, including concentrating most of GE's profits offshore, out of the hands of the US tax man. Under his guidance the multi-billion dollar profit organization even produces a meek $3 billion in tax benefits. What that three billion dollars in lost US tax revenue could have done to help families with Autistic children is fairly obvious. Maybe even his ex-family.

Pigeons come home to roost, too.

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