Monday, December 17, 2012

SSRIs: The Prescription For Mass Deaths

The recent tragedy in Connecticut where a misguided young man armed with firearms took the lives of over two dozen innocent people comes as little surprise to those who have been tracking violence associated with the usage of Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs).

As typical is the case, the sad, but predictable response is a war of words between anti-gun versus pro-gun factions. Yet the voices of those who track SSRI-related violence are actually the ones that need to be heard.

"It appears from an independent analysis that drug manufacturers have concealed the nature of the suicidal / homicidal risk by describing children's intense emotional distress and violent behavior as "emotional lability"— a disingenuous euphemism that should have but didn't raise questions from regulators." - 2003 UK SSRI ban article

Simply put, when it comes to school shooters and mall shooters Big Pharma is batting 1.000; meaning the anti-depressant drugs trigger the violence, and the drug companies escape suspicion.

In a world where large pharmaceutical companies cleverly assert we all need to "take personal responsibility for our actions" whenever their products backfire, as always, there is no indication whatsoever that they are one inch closer to doing just that themselves.

Could the sacrifice of so many innocent children finally raise national doubts about the sincerity of the SSRI class of drugs and those pushing them?

That depends upon whether or not average Americans are hip to SSRIs. With so many American families able to produce their own SSRI horror stories the time to ban the SSRIs once and for all may finally be right.

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